A4u Magnum Bounces and Brings Hope to Hip Hop Culture

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Thousands of artists express their craft and creativity through the lyrics they write, the tune they compose, and even the videos they produce. For some, the music industry is a place to showcase one’s gifts and skills, but other artists treat the music industry as another shot at life, a redemptive moment. This case is undoubtedly true for the artist known to many as A4U Magnum.

Hector Ramos, also known as A4U Magnum, grew up in Brooklyn, East New York. The artist was already into music at a very young age but did not get to create his own until later in life. His masterpiece “Are We Blind” is a song that best describes the situation and context in which people live now. In an interview, A4U Magnum says, “You can say that it is “the song of the times.”

A4U Magnum is a very hands-on professional when it comes to creating his music. He wants to be detailed and thorough with the music and videos he produces. For the song Are We Blind, he intentionally used many news clippings to show everybody what the world went through in the last four years.

Hector did not have it easy in life. However, he is one of those artists who used their craft to tell their story with the hope of inspiring others and becoming a voice of change in the world. Before Hector became A4U Magnum, he had gone through some of the most difficult challenges, including being incarcerated in the maximum security for seven to 15 years for manslaughter. The prison became the incubator for rap artist to develop their music.

When the rap artist attained his freedom, he swore to his family, kids and society that he would dedicate his life to meaningful pursuits. In an interview, the inspiring rap artist said, “I will become a force of change, a voice for a reason, and a symbol of hope in a world of chaos.”

A4U Magnum aims to create a kind of music that tells his childhood stories up to when he spent many years in prison. His journey is painted with his personal experience of losing his freedom and family and gaining his sanity. The comeback rapper said in an interview, “My quest now is to get it all back. This is my story.” What makes A4U Magnum’s music stand out from other artists is the uniqueness of his approach, outlook, style and wordplay, not to mention the journey he went through while in prison. All these factors combined gave birth to his one-of-a-kind music.

A4U Magnum’s motivation for the craft is not just the challenges he has gone through in life but also the rappers he listened to. He observed that most rappers focus on the number of “bullets” they have, deeply burdened with the idea that rap music, hip hop culture and the voice of the ghetto are being used as a weapon directed toward the youth.

Today, the inspiring artist, bothered by what he sees in the next generation, has decided to create a kind of rap music that gives and speaks life to people.

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