A Piece of Americana: The Marketing Services Redefining the Field

James Broyhill, a Winston Salem, North Carolina native and founder of JB by James Broyhill, knows a thing or two about moving forward while remaining true to his roots. And now, he’s taking what he’s learned and using it to help other companies do the same. 

Several years ago, Broyhill started repurposing whiskey barrels at Heritage Handcrafted, his furniture business. He took the woodworking skills taught to him by his maternal grandfather to build beautiful furniture and materials from old whiskey and wine barrels. And now, he’s applying his skills to move away from furniture manufacturing into something else.

When Broyhill connected with companies like Jack Daniels and Pappy van Winkle, who were interested in purchasing his products because their liquor had been in the barrels, he realized the importance of having a brand spokesperson who can create a community around your company.

“I see myself and what I’ve done with Heritage Handcrafted as leveraging the unique product we have, but also as the story of authenticity,” James said. “It’s worked well with a lot of the editorial coverage that we’ve had in the past, and we want to lend the same to other brands that might require the same.” 

That’s what led him to his newest venture: marketing. Inspired by the unique Broyhill Legacy, he is leveraging his knowledge to handle marketing, branding, and public relations, helping other brands expand and find success as well.

Broyhill specializes in helping brands find their authentic voice and uses a “marketing made easy” approach to put small Americana brands on par with the industry giants by generating qualified leads for his clients. He’s passionate about working with rising companies and may need help defining what exactly that voice should sound like. He knows the importance of finding a spokesperson that feels connected to a brand and can truly speak for them while also delivering an ROI in valuable leads—and that’s what he does for his clients, as a storyteller.

“Most companies are so interested in sharing their products that they forget the value a strong, united brand message and story brings to the table,” he said. For James, the ideal client is a small business who’s interested in prioritizing product categories with a certain aesthetic — companies who take the same Americana approach (think pickup trucks and cowboy boots) that he does. 

Services offered start with strategy, beginning with a discovery call and Broyhill so each client candevelop a growth plan that takes into account each company’s business objectives, audience, tactics, and profitability. Next that growth plan is transformed into a unique process with a timeline of deliverables to ensure goals are met. Finally, Broyhill and his team will execute this process through marketing methods including websites; Facebook lead ads; Google search ads; email newsletters; press releases; blog posts; influencer marketing; social media pages; and analytics and reporting. 

Broyhill’s goal is to help brands be bold enough to move forward, while still retaining the best parts of their Americana legacy — which is exactly what he is doing for himself.

“The true spirit of the American Dream is making yourself a success,” Broyhill stated. And with JB by James Broyhill by their side, that’s exactly what brands can do.

About James Broyhill

James Broyhill is a brand spokesman and marketer who, after working with companies like Jack Daniels and Pappy van Winkle, is bringing his approach of authentic storytelling to the table to help companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations to showcase their stories and successes. Going beyond marketing, James brings your brand to life. Find out more at https://www.jbbyjamesbroyhill.com/ 

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