A New Era for Brows: How NeeziieBabiie is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

NeeziieBabiie is one of those people who’s an all-round delight to talk to. A level-headed woman, and a remarkable entrepreneur, she tells us how what started out as an early passion for brows turned into a successful career and an Instagram viral sensation.

She pioneered a unique brow tattooing method that yields realistic results and makes it almost impossible for anyone to tell you’ve had work done on your brows. Technique that she employs in her salons, and which she has also taught to several brow technicians across the United States, thus paving the way for a brow revolution.

“The brow work that I do can be very soft and natural to the point no one even knows you have anything done,” says NeeziieBabiie. “Having your brows tattooed on, to your desired shape can save you so much time in getting ready and allows you to have such beautiful brows 24/7.”

Her brand, NeeziieBabiie Beauty also specializes in other permanent beauty solutions (such as microblading, ombre powder brows, or lip blushing), hyaluronic pen, as well as body sculpting practices. They’ve also dedicated themselves heavily to charity work, offering discounts for cancer survivors, in honor of Breast Awareness Month. The business also focuses heavily on empowering women, being as it is, a salon run mainly by minority women, and showcasing the talent of these wonderful ladies.

However, NeeziieBabiie has also had her share of woes and difficulties. Though she adores her industry, she admits there are plenty of misconceptions around it.

“One thing I wish I could change about my industry is the stigma behind thinking that you have to be an artist or have skills you are just born with to have a career in the beauty industry,” Neeziie told us. “I was told when I was young that I wouldn’t become anything or have a career doing brows, but now look at me! One of the elite in my field and my income is more than a plastic surgeon. I want men and women to know they can be very successful in the beauty industry making others feel amazing and beautiful.”

But mostly, working in beauty is ideal for Neeziie, who loves meeting new people, and helping others achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of. She offers a highly personalized service, tailored to the needs of any individual who comes into her salon.

To date, NeeziieBabiie has worked in the beauty and brow industry for nearly two decades. She has helped many special people, including some famous ones (like LeBron James’s wife) look and feel their best, and looks forward to doing so for many more.

We asked, of course, what her advice to young entrepreneurs and people looking to make it in the beauty world would be, and she pointed to determination, and hard work.

“There is nothing you can’t do if you really make your goals a priority and have tunnel vision on your end goal. I also make sure to write everything down. Writing my short term and long-term goals down keeps me accountable and strengthens my vision. It’s so utterly satisfying to see my progress.”

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