A Multi-faceted Personality, Kareem Thomas Makes His Mark As Entrepreneur, Athlete & Actor

Blending his passion for basketball and acting with his Real Estate business, Kareem Thomas has made his imprint in the entrepreneurial world at an early age of just 29. 

The owner of Luxor Properties, based out of Queens, NY, Kareem is currently in corporate housing in which he aims to provide classy-cozy homes away from home to the business professionals and their families.

He is enabling them to fulfill this desire by making such luxury homes quite affordable. Such accommodations for short-stay will be far cheaper than the regular hotels thus costing them less for spending vacations or short stays single or with families.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Kareem is also a athlete having excelled at a professional level in basketball, something that he began in his college days and perfected subsequently.

He is quite well known for his time on Temptation Island Season 2. Kareem showed his versatility as he excelled equally in the world of fashion as a male model in Meg, The Stallion’s “Captain Hook” music video.

Asked how Kareem rates himself, he candidly says: I am ambitious. Being a sportsman, I would always like to be actively blending my profession with my actions. Naturally, I want to make my mark both in the entrepreneurial world as well as in the realm of entertainment.

Attributing his time as a athlete to his business success, Kareem says in sports, one has to be competitive and reach to success facing different odds. The world of business also is the same, more or less. Here, one has to be competitive. In fact, being a athlete greatly helped him to achieve success in his entrepreneurial ventures.

When Kareem faced downturns in his professional career, he took it like he would in basketball, one flops at times and regains his or her position with patience and determination. In basketball, one often changes his or her positions.

He did the same in his career also. As a financial analyst with Goldman Sachs for about 2 years, he realized it is not the dream career he had been dreaming so far. He is meant for something different.

And he proved it most successfully.  

Kareem followed the footsteps of entrepreneur Gary Vee. He started reading his books on self-help and self-development. He embarked upon it. He launched, at the first leg of his entrepreneurial career, several companies but they all failed. Then he entered into the real estate business and succeeded.  

As far as Kareem’s passion for the entertainment industry is concerned, here also he shone. Today, he is into acting and a sought after model.

The key to the success of Kareem in different fields – sports, acting and entrepreneurship – is flexibility. He feels, all youth should be flexible in their approach to gain success.

If one is rigid, one may not achieve success as his rigid attitude may not allow him to move on purposefully with a multi-pronged success strategy. Flexibility is key to versatility.

The world is very competitive, after all.

Kareem is inclined to help the people to add smiles in their faces and bring happiness to them. He is currently doing it by helping the corporate people enjoy their short stay singly or with family in luxury homes during vacations or holidaying. 

Kareem thanks God, the Almighty, for having blessed him with good health, and a heart of kindness. He has immense faith in the Almighty and always prays to Him for the greater welfare of the greater number of people.

And he is striving for that, thus walking in the path of God!

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