A Luxe Experience with Lab Testing? Gather Labs in Beverly Hills is Leading the Way!

The rise of sexually transmitted diseases in Los Angeles County and the state of California are at an all time high. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the rates of congenital syphilis cases were up 279% from 2015 to 2019 nationally and 232% in California. With other rising STDs and STIs, such as gonorrhea, testing is crucial for preventing the spread of these infectious diseases. Early detection and prompt treatment can help avoid serious consequences for people’s health, including infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even death in some cases.

Los Angeles is a city known for its love of luxury, and when it comes to lab testing, Gather Labs in Beverly Hills is opening its doors to all of Los Angeles and leading the way. With its mission to reimagine the experience of getting lab work done, the CEO and founder, Rachael McCrary, is hopeful she can eliminate the tedious and impersonal experience of getting lab tests done. Prior to opening Gather labs last year, she had the brilliant idea to replace the often impersonal experience with the same luxurious hospitality and care you’d receive at a day spa. This was her vision. But she knows fast turnaround, when it comes to testing, is significant in order for individuals to take appropriate action in managing their health and prevent the spread of infection.

“There are multiple contributing factors causing STDs to continue to rise each year.

For one, a spike in dating app usage is correlated to this ongoing health issue. The pandemic made it almost impossible for people to meet each other easily or organically – which, in turn, caused them to yearn for that human touch. This, coupled with the loneliness and feelings of isolation that people experienced over the last few years, made dating apps highly appealing. As a result, frequent sexual encounters have become more normalized while underserved and underinsured populations have less access to quality, affordable healthcare, which can make proper screening feel out of reach for many of those who may need it the most,” said McCrary.

Good sexual health is truly dependent upon getting quick test results, something many hospitals, urgent care facilities and others don’t have the ability to do yet. The lack of immediate test results is where Gather Labs comes in, reducing the average wait time for lab results from 2–10 days to 24 hours or less. The company is working with clinics and gynecologists around Los Angeles to make this a reality and provide a more efficient way to detect and treat STDs.

Because early detection and treatment can improve treatment success and reduce the likelihood of complications, by increasing awareness of the importance of testing and the need for fast turnaround times, people can take control of their sexual health and reduce the spread of STDs and STIs.

Gather Labs officially opened its Beverly Hills location on January 2nd, 2022, offering Los Angeles residents a high-end and convenient option for their lab work. McCrary, a seasoned entrepreneur and innovator in technology and fashion, is passionate about creating practical products and solutions to fill the gaps in consumer experiences. With Gather Labs, she is doing just that.

The lab offers over 100 diagnostic tests with same-day results, allowing Los Angeles residents the ability to get the answers they need quickly and comfortably. The company’s commitment to luxurious hospitality and care means that every step of the process is a top-notch experience.

With its high-end atmosphere and commitment to providing rapid results, McCrary and her team are hoping to change the game for lab testing in Los Angeles. No longer should residents find the experience of getting lab work done impersonal and dull. Gather Labs works with healthcare providers who have to send their patients to get lab work done to have  a luxury experience, making lab testing a convenient and stress-free process for the patient and their healthcare provider ordering the tests.

The company is changing the way people think about getting lab work done. Whether you’re a Los Angeles resident or just visiting, Gather Labs is making themselves the best experience to get tested and take control of your health.

The founder of the company is dedicated to solving the problem of slow testing times and late lab results by offering a more efficient and hospitable experience.

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