A Look into the Incredible Accomplishments of Top Producer Josh Wilson

The power of representation cannot be overstated. For many years, the media industry suffered from nepotism and lack of diversity that crippled and killed many talents. As a child growing up in South London in the UK, Josh Wilson didn’t see many people with his skin tone on the TV. Years later, Josh faced the same issues- belonging to the minority, as he tried to make his way as a young actor in the industry. Determined to make a change, Josh took a leap of faith and started his company, Wilson Worldwide. Josh’s mission was to level the playing field, giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in the media industry regardless of their background.

Josh’s journey to achieving his dream was met with twists that almost derailed the plan. After graduating from high school, Josh didn’t go to college but ventured into the sales industry. He traveled with the company to different cities, starting out in London and then Manchester. After one year, Josh went to Toronto, Canada, where he lived for three years. During his stay in Toronto, he learned about the TV and film business. He quit his job, and with no experience or education to support his dream, he looked into being an actor.

Josh had a natural knack for acting, so it didn’t take long to grow in his new career in Toronto. However, he soon had to go back home to London, where the competition was stiffer. Unlike Toronto, London didn’t have many opportunities for Josh, paid or unpaid. Determined to succeed no matter what, Josh started his own production company. The plan was to create an idea and cast himself into his production, but the journey didn’t get any easier. Josh kicked off with brand content, where he started an online publication.

After lots of challenges and discouragement, Josh got another job at KFTV and The Knowledge. Despite working in the film and TV publications arm, his income couldn’t cover his bills. The following year, Josh took another job as an industry journalist to improve his chances of success. That move affected not just his income; it allowed Josh to network with more people in the industry, learn, write, and get a good grasp of the industry as a whole.

A year later, Josh applied all he’d learned from top producers to his company. In a bid to do this, he faced challenges; however, with perseverance, he received investment in the company, and things started looking up. Wilson Worldwide produced a six-part series on Sky called Mission Mudder, funded through Jeep’s agency, and it became a commercial success. It was aired in over 150 countries, and Wilson Worldwide received a tidy commission.

As the company expanded, Josh established a charity called Genisys and gave talks in schools to encourage young students. His astounding success also gained recognition from industry leaders, amounting to several awards, such as the Forbes 30 under 30. His charity also won awards from the government and impacted the lives of students and young people. Wilson Worldwide’s internship program has allowed many talented people to get their feet into the industry, which took some of the most talented actors years to achieve.

As with most businesses during the pandemic, Josh Wilson made a few changes to his company, including downsizing some departments to save the rest. The company now focuses on a specific niche in TV and further growth. Josh looks forward to expanding in the Middle East, where he is currently based.

LA Weekly