A Look Into Media Agency, Public House Creatives: LA’s Best-Kept Secret

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Today, social media is one of the tools for success for online creators and business owners. Unless you have a strong social media presence and a solid brand name, it is difficult to become an authority. It is also quite hard to grow your brand, boost your SEO score, and increase engagement. But developing your social following and maintaining a great image online can be highly challenging.

With thousands trying to monetize their accounts and get people to interact with their content, you need to stand out to get noticed. This means having strategies that align with your goals and still staying ahead of market trends. Public House Creatives uses this to help clients build their personal brands with their unique and diverse approach, making them one of the top and fastest-growing social media agencies in LA.

Public House Creatives leverages the latest technology to help clients tell their stories best on social media and engage with their target audience. They have invested in the latest tools that help them monitor results and improve on lacking strategies.

The team’s vast knowledge, creative approach, and experience also give them an upper hand. Public House Creative is led by creative director Dominick Verrette and Zee McKnight, who is the strategic partner and CFO.

Verrette primarily credit’s his creative approach to his upbringing. Verette was born in South Central LA’s Crenshaw District. He grew up as a mixed-race kid in the 90s, listening to hip-hop, watching LA sports teams, and understanding the pulse of black and brown culture throughout the streets of Los Angeles. He is borrowing from this to create winning strategies for clients in the entertainment, sports, and even music industries.

Zee McKnight, on the other hand, is an entrepreneur. McKnight owns 3 businesses throughout Southern California and has multiple partnerships. McKnight has not only been effective in business but also is one of the most innovative minds in strategic planning and is working with the rest of the team to bring great ideas to life.

Public House Creative team includes some of the top creators in California – Felisha Carrasco, Christian Galvan, Lester Ware, Charlie Trujillo, Gabe Rangel, and Levi Halloway. They have over 15 years of experience and have worked with clients such as the Clippers, Netflix, and People Magazine.

Public House Creatives has organized successful brand campaigns for apparel companies, political campaigns, and music festivals. Last year, Public House Creatives team covered 49ers Draft Pick Drake Jackson’s pre-combine training and draft day experience.

They also covered former A’s pitcher Dave Stewart’s roast and jersey retirement ceremony in Oakland. Additionally, Public House Creatives worked with notable names in the sports and entertainment worlds, from NFL players to MLB and NBA players.

As social media become extremely important for business, Public House Creatives is helping brands and personalities become authorities in the digital space while providing media and branding to collaborative clients. In 2023, they will open up a new studio, which will be a place for creatives to come and showcase their talents and serve as a hub for creative empowerment. Public House Creatives will also be adding an apparel line and podcast in the spring. Both will launch on Feb 1.

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