A Look Inside The Future of Mental Health Care at TMS & Brain Health Facilities

If you don’t suffer from a mental health disorder, you likely know someone who does.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association Of America, Major Depressive Disorder or MDD affects more than 16.1 million American adults. The statistics for anxiety are even higher than that, affecting 40 million adults. What’s more startling is that only 36.9 percent of those diagnosed with anxiety receive treatment.

At the same time, it’s easy to understand why these numbers are so startling. The standard “one size fits all” approach to treating depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses simply don’t work for everyone. Furthermore, typical treatments can take a long time to start working. But when someone is suffering from depression, days can feel like weeks and weeks can feel like months. Fortunately, one clinic, TMS & Brain

Health, which has locations in Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles, as well as in

Las Vegas and Sedona, is changing lives through a unique approach to treating depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, and other mental health disorders.

A Customized Approach To Mental Healthcare

While the typical approach to treating most mental health disorders is therapy and medication, that doesn’t work for everyone and some people need a higher level of care. This is exactly why this TMS & Brain Health created their intensive outpatient program (IOP). Clinicians combine psychotherapy, group therapy, medication, and other standard modalities along with alternative treatments including ketamine, TMS, and biofeedback. The providers also work with patients to integrate treatment into their schedules, which is essential for most busy Angelinos who have work and family obligations and may or may not have a typical nine-to schedule.

It is the ideal program for those who have tried everything else without much progress. “People who have tried other forms of treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD have typically lightly researched the modalities that we offer and reach out when they feel ready to commit to trying something different than standard treatments.” says Program Director, Julia Baschiera, M.A. “We honor that treatment is a supplement to our patients’ existing lifestyles. We ensure our clinicians have availability to show up in a way that’s the most supportive and stress-free to the clients from both a time management and energy management standpoint.”

In addition to the IOP, patients who need longer-term but less intensive care can continue working with their psychiatrist and therapist in person as well as through telemedicine.

Ketamine Treatments

TMS & Brain Health also offers Ketamine, which is one of the most innovative mental health treatments to become available in recent years. “Originally used as a pediatric anesthetic, ketamine has shown to be an effective drug for fighting depression,” says Ben Spielberg, M.S., Neuroscientist, Founder and Chief Executive Offer of TMS & Brain Health. “Ketamine works differently in your brain than other antidepressant medications. Conventional antidepressants such as SSRIs have to build up in your system to change your brain chemistry. Ketamine almost immediately alters the neurotransmitter activity in your brain”.

Belonging to a class of treatments called dissociative or anesthetics, this alternative treatment has had many studies behind it that have concluded it to be an effective treatment for depression. It’s also a treatment that the severely depressed are in dire need of. While traditional treatments for depression can take between four and twelve weeks to work, the effects of Ketamine can be felt immediately.

For some people, especially those with TRD (treatment-resistant depression) it is truly the “magic pill,” they’ve been looking for. Studies have shown that Ketamine helps with other conditions including, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideation, and even chronic pain.

Patients are thoroughly evaluated for eligibility prior to their session. The drug is then administered either through IV infusion or nasal spray. While many patients have reported feeling better even after the first treatment, most people need a series of infusions.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS is an alternative drug-free treatment that works for depression, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, bipolar depression, and other mental disorders. According to research conducted by TMS & Brain Health, this procedure has a success rate of 92.5 percent. Better yet, it is covered by many insurance plans.

During each session, the patient wears a cap that has magnets designed to stimulate different parts of the brain. Most people who do TMS typically do 36 sessions over a period of eight weeks. It can start working in the first week or two of treatment.

Patients at TMS & Brain Health have reported life-changing results. One person shared, “I have suffered from severe depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety for over 20 years.

I’ve tried every medication on the market, none of which had any positive impact on my symptoms due to my extreme resistance to psychiatric medications. I saw no symptom improvement in addition to suffering from the side effects that came with increasing the amount of medication I was taking. The depression and anxiety greatly interfered with every aspect of my life. It defined who I was. After only three weeks into my TMS treatment, I feel better than I have in years. I’ve started feeling joy and motivation and have stopped isolating myself from my friends and loved ones. I’m able to fall asleep naturally and sleep soundly all night without sleep medication.”

TMS & Brain Health Is Pioneering Postpartum Treatments

One of the most interesting offerings at TMS & Brain Health is a postpartum depression called Zurelsso. Recently introduced, it has become available at a much-needed time. According to a recent study, one in seven women may experience postpartum depression in the year after giving birth.

Despite this startling statistic, many women struggling with postpartum depression do not receive any treatment. That’s because psychotherapy is time-consuming and new moms are busy enough already. Many new moms also try to avoid taking medications because there are zero long-term safety studies on the effect of antidepressants on babies.

“Zulresso will revolutionize the way we treat postpartum depression because it is lightyears ahead of today’s standard protocol of long-term antidepressant use and psychotherapy. It treats the problem quickly, safely, and conveniently,” says Spielberg, “With approximately ten to twenty percent of new moms reporting some type of clinical depression, Zulresso is desperately needed. At TMS & Brain Health, we are excited to be the only clinic in the area offering this treatment in a family-friendly, hotel-like setting.”

Studies show Zulresso cures postpartum depression in just 60 hours. While this IV treatment drug was designed to be administered in a hospital setting, a hospital is the last place anyone, especially new moms want to be right now.

Patients check into TMS & Brain Health on a Friday night and leave Monday morning. The space has comfortable accommodations, including television with streaming services, and even a SNOO bassinet to help the little ones sleep soundly. Mothers are welcome to have their babies and families with them. The nurse stays on-premises throughout the weekend to ensure the treatment is properly administered and the mother is doing well.

The Importance Of Self Care

The pandemic has truly shined a light and self-care is now more important than it has ever been. TMS & Brain Health will continue to meet patients where they are and provide the best and most innovative treatments possible. “Taking care of your mental health is essential for a happy, productive life. When you don’t take care of your mental health, relationships, work, and physical health fall to the wayside,” says Spielberg. “The pandemic has only brought this to the surface, making life more challenging for those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other common diagnoses. With two offices in Southern California, TMS & Brain Health can offer the community proven, cutting edge treatments in a way that works for their schedule and lifestyle.” For more information go to tmsbrainhealth.com

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