A lesson in business success – An Interview with Lala Inuti Ahari

She is a veteran spiritual practitioner. She is a compassionate spiritual coach. She hosts online spiritual sessions that attract more than 20,000 members. She is the owner of The Conjure, the world’s most prominent spiritual candle company. She is none other than one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation, Lala Inuti Ahari.

Mrs. Ahari started The Conjure back in 2019, and it became an instant hit among her target audience. Her surge to the top was made possible by her brand’s unique ability to free people from their emotional, mental, and financial blockages. Today, it’s an honor for us to talk to Mrs. Ahari.

Q: Mrs. Ahari, thank you for making time to talk to us today. Can you tell us a little about your childhood?

A: Thank you for inviting me. Springfield, Ohio, is my hometown. It’s the place where I was born and raised, until I was 13. In the summer of 1990, I moved with my dad to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I come from a Baptist family on my mother’s side and a more spiritual in tuned path on my dad’ side. My childhood wasn’t bad, I just didn’t fit in. My mom and family did the best they could to make sure I had everything I needed vs what I wanted. I went from small town and country to the suburbs of a major city. It was a culture shock, by I adjusted quickly to new speed.

Q: As fans of your work, we would first like to know whether it was a difficult journey to start The Conjure.

A: It was never smooth. There was always something new I had to learn. It was hard work, and the way it exploded didn’t give me much time learn and catch up. I practice what I teach so anytime I was faced with adversity I knew how to handle it. I developed a system of combining energies and spirits to use in rough times, and that helped. I remember my first black Friday sale I had a record 850 orders and we were blown away. What I did not know is very soon that number would reach over 2,000 orders. Then the pandemic hit, and that number hit over 4,000 with one-million-dollar months ahead. The way The Conjure continues to grow is amazing. Especially because most of the revenue are repeat customers. I have people that have ordered from me over 20,30,40, 50+ times. If ever there was any doubt in my product or abilities, my numbers negate it. I love what I do and love who I do it for, and as long as that remains the goal everything else tends to fall into place.

Q: What is The Conjure best at? How is it different from its competitors?

A: Spiritual alchemy and making spiritual products that actually work (and fast) is what The Conjure is good at. As a root worker in 2018 I had so many people asking me when I was going to start making candles. Apparently at the time there were a few other spiritual workers selling pre-poured fixed candles (candles with herbs placed on the top). They would have plastic wrap and a rubber band placed over the top of the candle to prevent the herbs from falling out, then wrap it in bubble wrap to ship. I wasn’t interested in doing that, so I passed on it. Towards the end of 2018, I decided I would start The Conjure, but it had to be different, classy, clean and something nobody has every done or seen. I went with the standard black matte glass with lids that I put in candle boxes, I included oils, and crystal bracelets with my candles. I also put together a full instruction booklet, that helps teach the customer more about the process. I created an online forum for my customers with over 20,000 members. The Conjure has reached over 2.5 million views on YouTube from my reality show I produced. It’s not just about being the best at what I do, I wanted to spread awareness to people who need the help and want the change. My passion, and talent to work with spirit is what makes me different, so much so that I created a lane of my own with The Conjure.

Q: Who played the most significant role in your career to become a conjurer?

A: I must thank my ancestors, who not only encouraged me to follow this path but also guided me at every step. In addition to my ancestors, my spiritual team that I am devoted to (Damballah Wedo, Legba and Erzulie Freda to name a few but not all) and lastly my family has always been my most significant support throughout. My mother knows the struggles I have had to face to become a conjurer, and I think I wouldn’t have been half of what I am today if not for her and the rest of my family.

Q: Now that you are one of the most established businesswomen in the world, how do you define success?

A: Success to me isn’t all about the revenue my business makes. Sure, it makes me happy at some level, but I think freedom is more important. I want to lead a happy life and spend enough time with my children, grandchildren, and family. Does that mean money isn’t insignificant for me? Not at all. Money gives you the time and time gives you freedom. In my opinion that’s the true meaning of financial freedom. To be free from the rat race means you can live the way your heart desires. You are happier, you are less stressed and have time to work on yourself.  That’s success to me. To be in love with yourself and have the freedom to live out your dreams and passions, so you can be a blessing to others.

Q: That’s a beautiful way of defining success. Mrs. Ahari, can you tell us some of your business’s most significant achievements?

A: There are quite a few, actually, and I consider myself fortunate to be the central figure around it. The Conjure is now the world’s largest spiritual candle company. The Conjure also just won the Stevie Silver Award for one of the fastest-growing businesses. As we are approaching the end of 2021 The Conjure now has an eight-figure annual revenue, as it approaches only three years of business and continues to grow at record speed.

Q: Do you think people often misunderstand conjurers or hoodoo practitioners?

A:  I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me yes, all the time unfortunately. I can’t be in a successful relationship without someone thinking I performed a spell on my significant other. As ugly as it is, judgment does come with the territory. Because I am I a devotee to Vodou spirits, some people assume I don’t believe in God or that I’ll immediately curse them when upset. Unfortunately, there are people that are irresponsible and radical with every religion or spiritual practice. I pride myself on being responsible with what I know. I understand people and mistakes, and anger and overly emotional people. I don’t believe in using conjure for everything. People still need to live, and you must let them learn. I believe the more you know the more you are held accountable to your own spiritual court. There is also a huge witchy trend when it comes to spirituality. Wearing the crystal jewelry, head wraps, black dresses, etc. The thought that you should be broke to be woke. I don’t follow trends or my competitors. I walk my own walk and don’t worry about what others are saying or doing. One minute I’m dressed in Louis Vuitton from head to toe and the next in jogging pants and a t-shirt. I do and wear what feels good to my spirit, not what a trend says I should look or act like. I want people to understand that you are the powerful when you are true to yourself. Stop putting spiritual workers in a box so you can classify and create another religion. We are here to be free from the control and conquer method society likes to place on people.

Q: What is your big mission for the future?

A: I want to keep improving my spiritual work and help more people come out of their closets so that they don’t face emotional or financial blockages. Leading them to their ancestors and helping them grow spiritually. Watching people freely express themselves without any burden makes me happy. I’m confident that that will eventually lead me to expand my business, and I hope to keep helping people around the globe to take more control of their own reality.

Mrs. Ahari, we can’t thank you enough for talking to us today. We wish you and The Conjure the very best for your future endeavors.

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