A Lack of Transparency Harms the CBD Industry

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Real Tested CBD is focused on bringing transparency to the CBD industry. It’s a passion of ours, because of the lack of transparency that we have already seen, and how that lack of transparency can negatively impact consumers. We want every individual who decides to implement CBD into their diet to know what is in the products that they are buying. Every single product that is listed on Real Tested CBD has been independently-tested by our 3rd-party lab. We publish the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the lab, analyze the results, and provide our expert CBD review on the CBD product page.

A couple months ago, our team purchased some products with the intent to test them at our 3rd-party lab, as well as give our expert CBD review on the products. We sent the CBD products to our lab, got the test results back, published them on our site, and left our expert CBD reviews for both products. Every CBD product that we review on our site is held to the same standards. We look for transparency, and for the test results to align with the way in which the product is advertised (as well as no pesticides/residual solvents).

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The two products that we tested claimed to be broad-spectrum CBD products. When we see that a CBD product is advertised to be broad-spectrum, we assume that our test results are going to show cannabinoids other than CBD in the product (with the exception of d9-THC, which is reserved for full-spectrum CBD products). At a minimum, we look for broad-spectrum CBD products to contain CBD, CBG, CBC, & CBN. Our test results found that both products that we tested contained little to no cannabinoids other than CBD, and we scored the products accordingly.

The first time that we were contacted by the manufacturer about the reviews that we left on our site was with a cease and desist letter from the manufacturer’s legal counsel. At that time, our team decided to simply remove the CBD products from our site. This is alarming for various reasons.

Now, this isn’t the first time that we have published a review on a product from a CBD brand that was less than satisfactory in our eyes, and presumably, the CBD company’s eyes as well. However, this is the first time that we have been contacted by a CBD company with the immediate threat of legal action. In many cases, a CBD company finds the review that we have left on their product, reaches out to us to discuss and work together to improve their products (and review scores).

In one instance, we tested several products from a large CBD company. Our 3rd-party lab found a pesticide in one of the products, which the company had missed in their testing. As a side note, different states have different tests. Being that our partner lab is located in California, we use one of the more strict tests, which tests for pesticides that a state like Colorado may not test for.

We published this review, and this company reached out to us. They proceeded to work with our 3rd-party lab to test their base products so that they could narrow down what contained the pesticide and reformulated their product. This is exactly what we love to see because the focus of this company is obviously to provide the best product possible.

Just like a rising tide lifts all boats, a falling tide lowers all boats. When companies exist that are focused on a lack of transparency, every CBD company suffers. It only takes an individual buying a product that isn’t what they assumed it to be one time for that person to be much more skeptical about CBD and the CBD industry. Be transparent, and make sure consumers know what is in the products that they are buying.

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