A Korean BBQ Oasis: How Gangnam Station Breaks the Mold and Captures the Hearts of Foodies Everywhere

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In the heart of California, nestled between the bustling streets of Buena Park and Los Angeles, a Korean BBQ oasis has emerged, capturing the hearts and taste buds of foodies everywhere. Gangnam Station Korean BBQ, owned by the charismatic Kyungsuk Park (better known as Ken), is an innovative dining experience that transcends cultural barriers, bringing the best of Korean culture and cuisine to the Golden State. Read on to find out why Gangnam Station’s locations have emerged as two of Koreatown’s best restaurants.

Ken’s journey began with small, intimate restaurants in Cerritos, LA, Tustin, and San Diego called Songhak Korean Barbecue that quickly gained a reputation for their delectable intestine BBQ (곱창). People from all over the state flocked to this culinary haven, even enduring two-hour waits for a taste of the mouthwatering fare. Despite their modest size, the Cerritos location generated nearly one million dollars in revenue during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ken’s vision of creating a Korean BBQ restaurant that would cater to a diverse clientele prompted the decision to expand beyond the initial Songhak intestine BBQ concept and into a wider variety of Korean food.

With the newfound inspiration to make Korean BBQ more inclusive and customizable, Ken faced various challenges as he planned to open a new, unique business. Balancing the management and marketing of multiple locations proved to be difficult, but Ken’s determination led him to a marketing specialist and a veteran head chef at a traditional Korean restaurant in Korea. Together, this dream team tackled the marketing issues and elevated the food’s taste and quality, allowing Ken to focus on his expansion plans.

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While selecting the perfect location for the new Korean BBQ hotspot, Ken encountered concerns about parking difficulties and the failure of other businesses in the area. However, his unwavering confidence in his team’s skills and his own vision propelled the successful opening of Gangnam Station in Buena Park and Los Angeles. These groundbreaking restaurants have since become cultural landmarks, especially with Buena Park making history in a location previously thought to be impossible.

Gangnam Station’s unique approach to Korean BBQ focuses on inclusivity, allowing customers to choose their preferred ingredients and spices. The restaurant also champions healthy and clean eating by utilizing high-quality ingredients, and the dining experience is further enhanced by its stylish and modern interior design. These factors set Gangnam Station apart from traditional Korean BBQ joints.

In a mere six months, Gangnam Station has gone viral on social media, becoming a popular name in late-night food and setting top sales records in California. The Buena Park location, in particular, has become a fan favorite due to its extensive menu options, including an All You Can Eat (AYCE) premium meat section. Ken’s dedication to providing top-quality meat without compromising on affordability has shattered the misconception that AYCE restaurants only serve lower-quality meats.

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Ken’s vision for Gangnam Station extends far beyond California’s borders. He dreams of a nationwide network of Gangnam Stations, each connecting different cities and bringing the magic of Korean BBQ to all Americans. So, if you’re searching for the best Korean BBQ in Los Angeles and Buena Park, look no further than Gangnam Station, where an unforgettable culinary adventure awaits.

From its inception as a humble BBQ joint in Cerritos to its status as a cultural phenomenon, Gangnam Station has remained true to its mission of providing an innovative, one-of-a-kind dining experience that celebrates the beauty of Korean culture, food, and hospitality. As Ken’s journey continues to unfold, food lovers from all walks of life can look forward to many more mouthwatering chapters in the delicious tale of Gangnam Station.

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