A Humanitarian Hurricane – How Houston Goodwin Leads People Forward

A good business becomes great when its leader has the compassion and patience to truly understand its clients’ needs, challenges, hurdles, and pains. Houston Goodwin, CEO of 97 Display, exemplifies this concept with his leadership by bringing a humanitarian element to everything he does in his work. It has allowed him to create a network of loyal clients that trust him and his team to take care of them and their small businesses.

The company, 97 Display, connects local fitness businesses with their communities through their proprietary lead-generating website platform.

“We’ve served martial arts studios for over 12 years, and now we are branching out into other fitness spaces,” said Goodwin. “The passion that martial arts and fitness studio owners have deserves to be shared, but the bigger chain gyms tend to drown out the little guys. My job is to help trainers and owners get found by the people that really need them.”

Putting Others First

Goodwin is known for his tendency towards sudden and enthusiastic storms of ideas, affectionately known as a ‘Houston Hurricane’ around the workplace. A “brainstorm” of sorts, this hurricane of ideation has an energy that is so strong and so convincing it can’t help but sweep his teammates up in its wake.

And each of these hurricanes has one thing in common: Goodwin’s propensity for helping others; be it his clients, his team members, or his community.

“The type of business owners we work with help change lives, teach discipline, and make the world a better place,” he explained. “I want to help lift some of the burden that comes with running a business and getting people in their doors, so they can focus on serving their community through their love of what they do.”

Goodwin learned to be a good neighbor through his Christian faith, something that grounds him and his decision making every single day. He follows a ‘people first’ approach, from actually listening to his clients’ needs to even helping some employees pay off student loan debts.

A humble man, Goodwin gets his job satisfaction from being authentic and helping his fellow people in whatever capacity he can. Profits are a secondary priority.

Expanding and Experiencing the Care

Helping clients globally, 97 Display continues to add to its library of lead-generation and conversion tools. Upon coming into his current position, Goodwin himself purchased a martial arts studio on the sole basis of wanting to understand his clientele base and their needs.

“I share the passion for martial arts that our clients have,” Goodwin said. “And I also care about the individual, their goals and their challenges. So, being able to understand the exact needs of someone who would hire me to help is a huge advantage. I saw the other side of the coin for three years before selling the business, and the knowledge I gained was invaluable.”

Being able to understand the hurdles his clients face is what makes this Houston Hurricane the ideal CEO because he has a true fascination with how every aspect of business works. It is certainly inspiring to many of us that hope to be successful in our own right — we can’t wait to see where 97 Display goes next and how it expands into the fitness business sector as a whole.

What 97 Display Offers

Taking an industry-leading spin to its platform, 97 Display builds upon more than a dozen years of data to optimize websites so they rank high on search engines. In other words, Goodwin and his team get businesses to page one of Google, which brings in a much-needed volume of leads. They also provide a suite of tools to turn those leads into new customers.

What struck us the most about Goodwin is his respectful and matter-of-fact attitude. He values a work-to-live philosophy, believing that enjoyment from one’s hard work is crucial for human development and a prosperous life.

“If you aren’t getting paid enough, or you aren’t getting the enjoyment that comes from feeling like your job is worthwhile, you can’t be the great mother, daughter, father, son, wife, or husband that you ought to be,” he said about the company’s employee-focused environment. “We work for a life, we don’t live to work.”

His life book boldly displays this beautiful sentiment, and it’s one that most leaders should take a page from.

About Houston Goodwin and 97 Display

97 Display, led by CEO Houston Goodwin, connects local businesses with their communities through their proprietary lead-generating website platform and suite of tools and resources for lead conversion. Having worked primarily in the martial arts and fitness industries for its entire 12-year history, the company’s exponential knowledge for generating growth has helped thousands of businesses own the space in their local markets. For more information, please visit https://www.97display.com/

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