Have you been thinking about setting up a dropshipping business but are confused about which products to choose? Well, you are probably not alone. Thousands of other e-commerce entrepreneurs like you probably do not understand anything about dropshipping. Choosing the right products for your dropshipping business has dramatically changed compared to a few years ago. Initially, entrepreneurs would choose what was selling at the time and still make huge profits.

Christian Green, a modern-day dropshipper, observes changes in the way products are chosen today. You can’t just choose the highest selling product today and expect to make a profit. Competition has increased, and every entrepreneur is scrambling for a few fast-moving products.

Christian is one of the most successful dropshipping entrepreneurs having ventured into the business two years ago. He established his first-ever dropshipping brand in early March 2019 and has scaled it to higher levels. In the first month of operation, Christian made sales worth about $120k, scaling it to over one million dollars by the end of the year.

With hard work, creativity, and persistence, he has maintained a high sales volume of over one million dollars in the two years he has been in the business. He opened a new brand last year in October and launched a fulfillment center in California.

Throughout the few years he has been in the industry, Christian has observed that one common challenge that new entrepreneurs face while trying to set up a dropshipping business is the choice of products to sell. It is a challenging phase for any entrepreneur.

Christian believes the success or failure of your dropshipping brand lies in the products you choose. If you get it right, then you stand a high chance of scaling faster. He warns against leaning on trends as they come and go within a short time. However, the trends are essential to introduce your brand. Still, you have to lay down strategies or blend them with products to ensure consistency in sales. Trends will give high sales but only for a limited time, thus picking other random unrelated products based on the trend is essential.

Conducting product research is paramount; you need to examine which products are fast-moving and which ones are not. You may also choose to uncover a slow-moving product with a higher profit margin for you as a middleman. Go for a good product niche and stick to a strategy that works best for you.

Though it may sound technical, going for products that solve everyday problems is the best option. It will sell more if they are unique and eye-catching while offering a standard service.

Emotions or personal interests should never be part of your criteria when selecting the product to sell. Christian says it should never be about what you like but what the customers like and want. Price is also another vital aspect to consider. Most of the dropshipper products are affordable and less costly. No one is likely to splash out with a huge budget to purchase a product online, and that’s why you should never choose high-end products in terms of price. In other words, dropshipping customers are mainly impulse buyers.

You can learn more from Christian from his Instagram @christiangreen.jpg

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