A Dream Proposal With An Eco-Friendly Twist

John and Tierney met on a beach during Tierney’s first year in college. After spending seven years with each other, John got on his knees holding an engagement ring bought at Friendly Diamonds asking Tierney for her hand in marriage.

“I couldn’t have been happier when he got down and popped the question! I was so thrilled to be marrying my best friend and got to celebrate with family and friends all weekend.”, says Tierney with a smile on her face.  

Image : John Holloway & Tierney

“I was stunned at how gorgeous my ring was. I love how my ring turned out, and I will never want to stop staring at it! John was skeptical about purchasing an engagement ring online but was impressed with the quality and design. He had an amazing experience with Friendly Diamonds, and they were always quick to respond and accommodating with our purchase.”, she reiterates. 

Located in New York, Friendly Diamonds is a customer-driven online jewelry brand with a steadfast resolve to create a sustainable, transparent and eco-friendly jewelry industry. With over 200+ designs to browse through, the brand also gives you the opportunity to create your engagement ring. You get to choose your ring setting, select an eco-friendly lab-grown diamond, and fulfill your engagement ring desires precisely the way you like. And if doubtful, you get the choice of booking a virtual appointment with a well-qualified gemologist to guide you with your ring design for absolutely no charge.  


Friendly Diamonds offers GIA and IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds that are naturally conflict-free and sustainable. All gems offered at Friendly Diamonds are created in laboratories that follow the most stringent ecological measures. You can’t say the same about mined stones considering the amount of pollution and environmental problems the mining industry has caused. And if you consider lab grown diamonds unreal, then we ask you to consider them again as they have the same sparkle and shine as mined stones but come at a much more affordable price without harming the environment.  


The brand also offers diamond jewelry at prices that are competitive because it believes that budgets should not be a constraint when buying an engagement ring. With diamonds priced 20 to 40 percent less than their competitors, you are sure to find a budget-friendly diamond engagement ring. They also offer a price match if you find a similar gem on a competitor’s list that costs more when specific criterias are met. 

Image : Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Our Share Of Care 

The Friendly Diamonds organization is also committed to the social cause of educating underprivileged children. They run a “Our Share of Care” program that tackles the problem of child illiteracy by donating a portion of every 5000 dollar sale to provide books, shelter, and education for children in rural and urban India. 

New From Friendly Diamonds 

Friendly Diamonds recently showcased their newest collection of trending eternity rings popular with many of their existing customers. These desirable rings crafted with diamonds and metal color of choice symbolize infinite love and make a classic wedding band that matches well with an engagement ring. One glance at this collection, and you’ll see the expert and unique craftsmanship used to create excellent quality rings. 

Image : Lab Grown Diamond EternityRing

With many styles, settings and diamond options to choose from at Friendly Diamonds, the sky’s the limit when creating your engagement or anniversary ring and putting a smile on your loved one’s face.

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