A Creative Approach to Transform People’s Opinions

Opinions and perspectives are formed over time and are not easily altered. Changing people’s points of view on a particular subject requires skill, an exceptional choice of words, and accurate timing. There are reasons why people with great convincing power are called ‘influencers.’ The ability to alter one’s thoughts and making them think about something different than the usual is an art. One personality who has seamlessly transformed people’s opinion on the American economy is Jarl Jensen.

The author of the best-seller Optimizing America and the CEO of Inventagon, Jarl Jensen is an avid thinker and author. Being an active citizen, he felt the need to highlight the serious issue of America’s declining economy. Jensen has an inventor’s background, which gives him the edge of sharing his unique and raw opinions about the economy. In addition, to his book, his efforts to improve his nation’s economic outcome can also be seen through his bio-medical company, Inventagon.

Thinking about the communal good at large, Jensen can be labeled as a thought leader. He has used the old-school method of writing a book to reach the collective mind of the world. He is aware of the changing world that is moving towards digitalization, automation and hyperconnectivity.  Life has become transactional, autonomous, and impersonal.  As a thought leader, the concerns that he has for society are serious and deserve to be addressed.  Humanity needs to be preserved. Jensen’s way of shedding light on this topic differs greatly from others. Typically, national issues, political and economic matters are discussed in a serious and straight tone, whereas he has a creative approach to it.

The 50-year-old individual has addressed the rising issue of America’s declining society through a captivating and intriguing story. It is called The Wolfe Trilogy and revolves around the character ‘Justin Wolfe’ and his venture into politics. Jensen very intricately defines the character’s journey, and perceptions that he creates as the real face of America’s economy is exposed to him and the reader. Being an inventor has given him the benefit of thinking about the solutions differently than the economists and experts in this field usually suggest. Instead of stating his opinions directly, he tells a story through his book. Featured on Forbes Books, ‘The Big Solution’ is far different from a typical book on the economy. Jarl, who contributed to patent at the age of sixteen, has given this book an interesting twist and has written it in a way that keeps the reader hooked.

Apart from being a thoughtful author, Jensen is actively contributing to his nation’s economy through his company Inventagon. The multipurpose company aims to make America the leader in biomedical technologies and helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop their ideas. Led by an innovator, the company has been awarded the ‘Medical Device Design Award’ by MD&M. To date, Jensen’s entrepreneurial venture has been a success and continues to make strides in the bio-medical industry. With its cutting-edge designs of futuristic pieces of equipment and instruments, Jarl Jensen is paving the way for his nation to rank high in this field.

Jensen’s sound-thinking serves as the foundation of Inventagon and allows him to experience the business world and subsequently study the economy closely. Leading a firm has enabled him to understand that the economy is not controlled by the government. According to him, money is only created for the banks and the loans. It is out of the reach of the layman, which is evident in the increasing unemployment rates and inflation.

Jarl Jensen is a people’s person and has dedicated his life to working for the greater good. This all-round personality has used his knowledge about the economy in a wise manner. Through his book, he has provided the people with effective and practical solutions to help tackle the increasing monetary problems of the country. Through Inventagon, he is determined to not only make America innovate again but also help boost its economy by helping people bring their ideas to life. His firm ensures the skills and capabilities to bring revolutionary idea’s to the world.

This Boston University graduate has already set a high bar for engineers, businessmen, and authors. His fresh ideas that change people’s perspectives about the economy are truly commendable. Jarl Jensen has a progressive mindset that allows him to see and think beyond limitations, enabling him to have more great ideas in the future.

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