Menace to Society

If anything is guaranteed to make our collective blood boil, it's a child molester. What could be worse? OK, what if, as in Hillel Aron's story last week, a molester gets out of prison after serving just one day of a 15-year sentence — and then begins a campaign of terror against local businesses (“Wheelchair King's Child Abuser Past“)?

Readers were grateful for Aron's reporting. “Thank you very much for your diligent and thorough article,” Emmanuel Han writes. “As I have many family and friends engaged in business in Koreatown that have been extorted by Carpenter and his filthy team of lawyers, it is greatly appreciated that a major media source has finally exposed them for what they are. I have forwarded your article to everyone I know. Again, thank you very much for your thorough investigative article and please keep it up!”

Alien Dreams

Why do otherwise rational people become convinced that they've been abducted by aliens? Gendy Alimurung explored that question in a two-part series, culminating with last week's exploration of a hypnotherapist who specializes in such clients (“Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind,” Dec. 6).

Kevin Moore writes, “I think it is fascinating that people will believe almost anything to make their 9-to-5 corporate jobs bearable, while failing to grasp how much they have lost to the companies that have helped to create an alienating political system that embraces the more controlling aspects of technology.

As for reader h.kingsley, he isn't buying the hypnotherapist's story, writing, “As soon as I read that her mentor was Bud Hopkins, I immediately had huge doubts about her credibility. Hopkins is notorious for asking leading questions during hypnosis. Just listen to any full session from one of these hucksters, and pay attention to the amount of leading questions that are thrown around by the 'therapist.' 

Then there's Neil Gieleghem, who writes, “Thank you for your article. It is very important that L.A. Weekly continue to promote the sort of scientific illiteracy that this article advances. Ignoring well-established scientific and logical principles — here, that the proponent of a theory bears the burden of proof — is a vital part of fostering the ignorant demographic that will continue to ignore actual issues such as global warming.

“I could go on and on, but I don't want to ruin your good work with further examples of just how far your piece deviated from scientific principles and the fundamentals of logical reasoning. Instead, allow me to thank you, L.A. Weekly, for helping to make more scientifically ignorant sheep!


The credit on last week's photo of Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk (“Funked Up“) gave the wrong name for the photographer. It was taken by Amanda Lopez, who also shot the cover photo. We regret the error.

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