From the same folks who brought us the Golden Girls Kitchen, Saved by the Max, Good Burger and The Peach Pit, the Bucket Listers and New Gold Empire are at it again. On Saturday, Nov. 19, they’ll open the Blockbuster Speakeasy on Melrose Avenue. Everyone’s favorite childhood video chain turns into a one-of-a-kind themed drinking experience.

A throwback to the early aughts, in the Blockbuster Speakeasy, you can roam around the store with a classic membership card (drink ticket) in hand where genre aisles will be sectioned off by ingredients (different cocktails, spirits, and beers). Instead of grainy VHS tapes, guests will choose from themed beverages inspired by only the best ‘90s and 2000s movie releases. Check out each recipe “synopsis” on the back before bringing any selection to the checkout counter where a Blockbuster bartender will whip up the libation. The full bar menu also will include nostalgic throwbacks like Gusher- and Yoo Hoo-based cocktails, Zima, Vodka & Tab, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Orbitz, and other nostalgic drinks. 

To upgrade the classic Blockbuster experience, expect a food menu that includes a Grown-up Lunchable, Blockbuster Burger (also available in vegan version) with Please Rewind Truffle Fries, New Release Flatbread & Dips (vegetarian), and the Late Fee Risotto Parmesan Cheese Balls. A nod to the video chain’s sweets section, there will be  a Dunkaroo Ice Cream Sundae, Movie Style Popcorn (with butter and togarashi seasoning), tableside Toast Your Own Smores, and a Friday Night Rice Krispie Fudge Brownie. 

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