8 Top Career Coaches to Follow in 2023  

Ready to finally land your dream job or accelerate your career to new heights in 2023? Working with a top career coach can give you the guidance and support you need to achieve your professional goals. From clarifying your career vision to improving your job search skills, a top career coach can help you take your career to the next level. They can also enhance your professional skills, such as communication, leadership, and time management, and introduce you to valuable resources and contacts in your industry. We’ve identified 8 top career coaches that you should check out and follow to unlock your full potential in 2023 and beyond.

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Will Rippetoe AKA The Interview Beast, Career Coach + Job Search Expert

When Will Rippetoe graduated from college, he applied to over 100 jobs and didn’t get a single phone interview. After years of trial and error, Will developed his own unique process for job searching. This approach ultimately landed him over 20 offers from some of the best companies in the world, including Amazon (where he worked as a Senior Marketing Manager), HP, Oracle,  and Cornell University. He increased his total compensation from $25K/year to over $200K/year in just 5 years. After a decade of research and experiences, Will realized his successful formula for job searching could be used to help others secure their dream roles as well. To date, he’s helped over 300 clients land job offers at companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, and Apple. His average client’s total compensation has increased by $50K/year after working together. More importantly, every single one of his clients has found a role they’re genuinely excited about. Follow Will on LinkedIn. Check out what Will’s clients have to say about working with him here.

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Nicole Bannon, Lead Career Advisor, Negotiations & Strategic Partnerships

Nicole Bannon is a CAL graduate with a degree in Cognitive Science. At college, she discovered a passion for inspiring others to grow beyond their psychological barriers to succeed and achieve their dreams. Within one year of becoming a recruiter, she started coaching on the side, as her favorite part of recruiting was providing top-tier candidate experiences. Nicole worked on strategic accounts like Google, Twitter, and more, and was well-versed in helping her clients in this space, who received offers at the MANGA companies and top consulting firms/start-ups. Realizing that coaching deserved her full attention, she has been a full-time offer negotiations coach at Rora, for the past two years. Nicole has helped clients negotiate huge increases in their offers, returning millions to the pockets of candidates—for example, $220K total compensation to $600K total compensation. Because closing the wage gap is a cause she cares deeply about, she splits her time with hosting negotiation seminars to educate marginalized student groups and D&I organizations on how to advocate for themselves while protecting their interests. Book an introduction chat with Nicole (at no cost!) here.
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Mark Langford, Master Career & Entrepreneur Coach

Mark Langford has helped over 1,000 people to go from feeling stuck in their jobs to landing fulfilling careers and launching profitable entrepreneurial ventures. His Career Reboot system combines innovative strategies with a vast portfolio of Next Generation career development resources to help clients discover their ideal career paths, create personal brands that get noticed, cultivate high-powered professional networks, and interview training to land desirable, high-paying roles. Mark earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School and has worked on Wall Street as an International Management Consultant, as well as for Blue Chip companies like Disney, Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, and Technicolor. He authored the book entitled, “Thank God It’s Wednesday: The Business Professional’s Guide to Realizing Purpose, Passion and Life/Work Balance” available on Amazon, and produced a popular online masterclass on how to “Discover Your Career Path & Land a Job You Love in 12 Weeks” found on Udemy. Mark works 1:1 with business professionals to identify, land, and transition into new roles & industries or start entrepreneurial ventures that better fit their skills, abilities, and interests. Follow Mark on LinkedIn or schedule a complimentary Career Reboot consultation here.
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Erin Thomas, Career + Executive Coach

Erin Thomas has helped hundreds of people get paid more for doing the work they love. She is a former human resources executive with ample experience hiring top talent. She is also a three-times named “Top Career Coach” and has been identified as a “50 Under 50 Changemaker” by Disruptors Magazine. Erin contends that the vast majority of US workers are deeply dissatisfied at work, and since most full-time employees spend about a third of their lives at work, it is worth it for them to find a job that pays well and motivates them. Because of this she is on a mission to help professionals love their careers, get paid what they deserve, and increase their leadership influence. Her work pulls from 20+ years of coaching professionals in and out of the workplace, leading organizational development and talent acquisition/retention, as well as studying behavioral science and positive psychology. She holds a Masters Degree and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. Erin works with clients from all sectors and functions, and her typical client increases their salary by a minimum of $30K while significantly increasing their confidence and job satisfaction. Her signature Career Upgrade Bootcamp is a 12-week, results-focused program to help professionals get clear on their next ideal career move and gives them the tools to land great offers. She also offers private coaching for select clients. If you’re ready to make more money and feel immense satisfaction in your career, schedule a free career upgrade consultation with Erin here, and she’ll build you a road map for you to upgrade your career, ASAP. You can also follow her on Linkedin and Instagram.

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Daisy Swan MA, CPCC, Career & Executive Coach

Daisy Swan, career and executive coach, has worked with thousands of clients over the past 3 decades. Clients come from tech, entertainment, media, sales, education, legal and finance career paths. Acting as their secret weapon in the often-overwhelming process of professional change, with Daisy’s trusted guidance, clients successfully make their next moves or gain clarity with leadership and management decisions. She takes a holistic, whole-person approach as a lifelong mindfulness practitioner and instructor. Certified in various coaching and training modalities, Daisy helps clients develop fuller, more meaningful lives and careers. She also works with clients as they grapple with mid-life questions, divorce, and empty-nest transitions – receiving referrals from attorneys and therapists. Clients often return years later as they evolve into new careers and life phases. With degrees and certifications from the University of Chicago, Stanford University and UCLA, Daisy has also helped hundreds of clients identify educational options to increase career satisfaction and marketability. She is a leadership coach for the MBA students at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, where she also leads annual mindfulness programs. Her book Making Work Work: Secrets from a Career Coach’s Office, was published in 2012. Follow Daisy on LinkedIn and to schedule a free consultation connect here.

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Tiffany Uman, CEO & Career Strategy Coach

Tiffany Uman is a former Fortune 500 Senior Director with 13+ years of experience, where she achieved 7 promotions in under 10 years and was Head of Marketing on multi-million dollar brands. Now, she is a globally recognized Career Strategy Coach and CEO of Tiffany Uman Career Strategy Coach Services Inc. In this position, she empowers ambitious professionals to fast track their career success, get promoted faster, secure 5-6 figure salary raises and land dream job opportunities, without compromising their well-being. In the last 2 years alone, Tiffany’s clients have achieved $1.5M in raises combined. She has served clients from 20+ countries and 30+ functions and industries, including marketing, sales, tech, engineering, consulting, finance, project management, product management, supply chain, data analytics, legal, insurance, healthcare, mental health, education, and more! Tiffany is a global speaker and author, with her newest book, Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier – Living Your Career Potential, published in April 2022. Her notable work and impact have also been featured in major outlets, including Business Insider, BBC, Medium, The Globe And Mail, LinkedIn News and more. She’s grown an impressive following on Instagram and TikTok and, most recently, has become a LinkedIn Learning instructor with her latest nano-course, How To Advocate For Yourself In Your Career. She graduated summa cum laude from McGill University and holds an executive business certification from MIT. Follow Tiffany on LinkedIn and Instagram and book a free career strategy assessment call with her here.

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Brooke Taylor, Transformational Career Coach

Brooke Taylor is a Transformational Career Coach and global speaker supporting female leaders at Goldman Sachs, Coinbase, Google, Salesforce, McKinsey, and more globally. She is also a former Ad Sales and Marketing Lead at Google. Brooke has distinguished herself as the expert in helping transform the lives and careers of over 5,000 high-achieving female leaders through her private coaching practice, group coaching programs, and corporate leadership training programs. As a former in-house executive coach at Google and McKinsey, Brooke has helped diverse and emerging talent to forward their leadership, while increasing talent retention at a time when female and diverse talent typically would leave the workforce. Brooke is revolutionizing the career development space by helping women to decouple their identity from their achievements by healing what she calls their ‘success wounds’. In doing this, this is breaking the archetypal ‘girl boss’ brand of feminism and creating a new paradigm of female success. Her clients have received promotions 200% faster, landed greater raises, and 100% of clients seeking a new job have landed one, whilst gaining inner freedom and healthier narratives in the workplace. The new paradigm of success is available to us all, and Brooke is here to ensure women worldwide believe it. Follow Brooke on LinkedIn and Instagram and book a consultation with her here.

Screenshot 2023 01 25 at 11.29.41 AMCameron Gurr, CPRW – Career Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer

Cameron Gurr is a former Senior Manager at The Walt Disney Company and launched his own Career Coaching and Resume Writing business three years ago. Since then, he has helped over 3,000 professionals across 6 continents and over 50 countries land their dream job at Fortune 500 companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney and more. In a tough market, Cameron understands how important it is for job seekers to advocate for themselves, negotiate equitable compensation and accelerate their career trajectory, starting with their resume. Cameron has worked with entry-level, mid-senior and executives up to the C-suite across a multitude of industries, including technology, financial services, banking, hospitality, education, legal, insurance, consulting, sales, engineering and start-ups as well as entrepreneurs/solopreneurs. Cameron obtained his Certified Professional Resume Writer credential in 2021 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Need help? Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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