7 Top Dating Coaches and Matchmakers –  Give Their Advice For Finding Love in 2023 

As 2023 progresses, many people are thinking about new beginnings and the goals they’ve set for themselves. For some, that includes finding love. But where do you start? Luckily, a few top coaches and matchmakers in the field of dating and relationships have shared their advice for finding love. Whether you’re looking for a first-time relationship or seeking to get back into the dating scene after a break, these experts have an abundance of wisdom to share. From setting intentions to being open to different people, these tips can help you on your journey to finally finding love in 2023.

Megan Weks, Dating & Relationship Coach

Her dating advice: “Finding love is not just about finding the right person, but also about being the right person. It’s about focusing on personal growth, living with purpose and authenticity, and being vulnerable enough to take risks. When we take the time to develop ourselves and become the best version of ourselves, we become more attractive to others, and we attract the kind of love that is meant for us. It’s not always easy, and it requires us to be honest with ourselves and our partners. But the result is a deep and meaningful connection that is worth the effort. To find love, we have to be willing to let go of our fears and insecurities and trust that the right person will love us for who we are.”

Bio: Megan Weks is a celebrated international dating coach known for her unique strategies to help people find love in the modern dating world. She helps people tap into their value and turn insecurities into tools to create an abundance of options. Megan’s signature process, “The Manfunnel,” has been featured in top publications such as; Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and on several TV networks across the US. Many clients have reported successful relationships or engagements after completing her program. Find her on Instagram

Mark Sing, NLP Dating Coach for Men

His dating advice:  “So many dating coaches just teach techniques. Those are great, but unless you work on your belief systems, traumas, and behaviors, your improvement with women will be nominal at best. Women are attracted to BEHAVIOR. That’s why I use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to install attractive belief systems in the heads of my clients, so they behave in an attractive way around women. The improvement we’re getting with this technology is 10X per client on average. It blows my mind that I’m the only men’s dating coach who uses it.”

Bio: Mark Sing is a Dating Coach, NLP expert, and the host of the wildly successful Unapologetic Man Podcast, which has over 2 million downloads and a cult-like following. With over 20 years of coaching experience, Mark specializes in helping men from various backgrounds meet and date more women by reprogramming and replacing negative belief systems in their subconscious mind with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has also created some of the most copied and mimicked dating techniques and strategies on the Internet, boasting client success rates that are amongst the highest in the industry. Follow him on Instagram

Emily Freeman, Dating & Attraction Coach

Her dating advice:  “A high-value woman wants to be chosen, not chased. Pursuing a woman is very different from chasing. Pursuing is leading the dating process with a woman who is reciprocating interest. As such, pursuing feels empowering and builds connection and attraction. Chasing a woman is going after a woman who isn’t reciprocating interest. So, chasing feels frustrating and confusing and hinders polarity. A high-value woman does not play hard to get. She has high self-worth and is emotionally available. If she’s interested, she will enthusiastically respond to texts and make time to see you. If you feel like you’re chasing a woman, it’s time to shift your focus back to you and women who are investing in you.”

Emily Freeman is a highly-regarded dating coach for driven men wanting to attract their dream woman. She is the creator of Masculine in Love™ and has been recognized as a top dating coach in Yahoo Finance. Emily has helped hundreds of CEOs, public figures, physicians, entrepreneurs, and high-performing executives and professionals overcome their dating blocks and step into their most confident selves. She draws on her expertise in subconscious programming, attachment theory, attraction, and communication to help her clients achieve their goals in love. After facing her own struggles in dating, Emily was motivated to help others. She has made it her mission to empower men to realize their full potential and attract high-value women as themselves. Follow her on Instagram 

Lloyd Dixon, Dating Expert for Men

His dating advice: “Hot women don’t care what a ‘great’ guy you are. If your personal branding sucks, no one is going to get to know you. No matter how good you are. You can be the greatest guy in the world and still not even have a chance. The key is to know how to market yourself AND be a great guy. The guys who understand this don’t just get lucky, they also get to choose who they want to date. Those who don’t understand will keep scratching their heads and wonder why they keep getting ghosted or seem invisible to the women they desire.”

Bio: Lloyd helps thousands of men improve their social skills, get more confident and date women they never thought possible. Founder of TheSingleGuy LLC, Lloyd hasn’t always been one of the world’s top dating coaches. Before he helped single men, Lloyd was a self-described nerd who had an easier time dealing with sports and quantum mechanics problems than social interactions. However, after working on his social skills and himself for almost a decade, he was living the dating life he had always dreamed of. Still, achieving this wasn’t easy. Now he helps men achieve the same abundance and happiness with women daily through his C.H.A.S.E system, which gets women to chase men! This way, they don’t have to go through all the pain and suffering it takes to get good at dating. He combines practical and actionable advice for men to date the women they want. And no, you don’t have to be famous, a billionaire or extremely good-looking to get this either. Follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn


Dillon Craig, Dating & Relationship Coach

His dating advice: “Just be yourself”’ it’s more than a cliché. It’s the only way you’ll find someone who loves you, for you. Of course, being your authentic self means not being who other people say you should be, forgetting what society says about who you should be, and living your truth even if others might look down on you for it… But for the right person, being totally confident and comfortable with yourself is like an aphrodisiac that will make them fall in love with you instantly.”

Bio: Dillon Craig has a story most people can relate to: awkward high school years, and a traumatic relationship in their 20s. What he hopes for you is the same happy ending he got, with the woman of his dreams! Known for his “radical authenticity,” he is one of the few dating coaches bringing a structured and systematic method (carried over from his years as a professional consultant) to the sometimes-vague art of “being your best and most authentic self.”  He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve highly fulfilling relationships, by doing inner work that goes beyond *just* dating “tactics” and strategies to fill your calendar (but of course, he’ll teach you some of those, too!) As a result, his 1-to-1 coaching clients go from single to coupled as fast as they’re willing to grow. Follow him on Instagram

Julianne McGowan, Relationship & Dating Coach, Matchmaker

Her dating advice:  “Practicing conscious dating is an approach to dating that focuses on being mindful and intentional about finding a compatible partner. Rather than relying solely on physical attraction and what this person can offer you, conscious dating encourages taking the time to get to know a potential romantic partner on a deeper level, before committing to a relationship. In addition, learning about yourself on a deeper level in the process. What works for you? What did not work for you?

Being mindful of your own actions and how you are being in a relationship puts you in control of your experience. Doesn’t that feel more empowering? When we practice being the person we want to be in a relationship with, your ideal partner is more likely to show up. Conscious dating is often associated with self-awareness, empathy, and understanding, as well as open communication. If your ideal partner showed up right now, ask yourself, would he or she be attracted to me?”

Bio: Julianne McGowan is a certified relationship and dating coach with extensive expertise in helping clients optimize their relationships with themselves and others. She works with successful entrepreneurs, executives, and high-net-worth individuals at Kelleher-International, the largest international matchmaking firm, to help them find love and become their optimal selves. Julianne’s self-discovery process focuses on aligning individuals with their purpose and path to a loving and sustainable partnership. By illuminating what may be hiding or appears dark and fearful, she helps individuals to heal and create space to attract and manifest love. She is also an Amazon #1 International Best Selling Author in Ignite Love, where she collaborated with 33 other authors, sharing their personal love journey. From her own experience, Julianne turned her pain into purpose and now helps single men and women uncover the love, value, self-worth, and confidence necessary to attract a life partner. Follow Julianne on Instagram and LinkedIn

Ruby Le, Dating Coach for Introverted Men & MMFT

Her dating advice: “You already have what it takes to find the right person; it’s just a matter of bringing out your best potential self. Many men believe they have to be macho, alpha, and extroverted to win over a woman, but true attraction comes from being the best version of yourself, having confidence in your qualities, pursuing what you want, and being authentic. Being authentic means accepting yourself for who you are without seeking approval from others. Embrace your strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, and achievements. This is the first step towards understanding dating strategies and women.”

Ruby Le is a dating coach who helps men find and maintain long-lasting love using a customized strategy that allows them to be themselves. She is widely known as the Modern Day “Hitch” and has worked with renowned matchmaking firms like It’s Just Lunch and eH+ by eHarmony, where she served as the lead matchmaker and coach. Ruby has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from USC and extensive experience in mental health, working specifically with couples. She has also given a popular TEDx talk about why people remain single. Currently, Ruby is the co-founder of Vera.Social, a platform that fosters genuine conversations based on people’s true selves. Combining her matchmaking experience and marital counseling training, Ruby provides clients with the most effective and reliable strategies for finding lasting love. She values working collaboratively with her clients and is passionate about helping them regain hope and confidence in love. Ruby particularly enjoys working with men as she grew up with brothers and understood their logical thinking. Her male clients appreciate her insights on women. Helping her clients find and maintain lasting love is Ruby’s greatest joy. Follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn 

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