7 of the Best Cryptos with The Most Potential in 2023

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If the past can teach us anything, it’s that the next crypto bull market is right around the corner, as the next Bitcoin halving event takes place in 2024, which has historically triggered price increases across the board. Bull markets can produce major gains for cryptocurrencies, with many projects increasing by 100-1000x in value.

Crypto investors have started preparing and are looking to uncover some of the most high-potential projects in the space while prices are low during the bear market. With that in mind, this article contains a list of 7 promising cryptocurrencies that have the most potential over the next few years.

#1 Metacade (MCADE) – Best Crypto – A Huge Blockchain Gaming Arcade


Metacade is building an advanced play-to-earn platform that will become the most expansive arcade to be built using blockchain technology. It will offer a vast selection of play-to-earn games and become a central hub for the GameFi community to get together and share the latest information about next-generation, blockchain gaming.

GameFi has a unique value proposition in the gaming industry. Being integrated with blockchain technology, play-to-earn games can deliver automatic earning potential for users as they progress through games and level up their characters. This added ability to earn an income while playing is an extremely attractive feature for gamers across the world and another key reason why so many believe that GameFi could take over the gaming industry itself.

Metacade is able to deliver on its features in a number of exciting ways. Not only can players earn while playing arcade games on the platform, but they can also stake their tokens to gain more, as well as receive rewards for contributing gaming reviews and content. 

The platform’s Metagrants program will allow players to vote on and choose which new projects should be added to the Metacade platform, enabling funding to be provided to the development teams. This gives the Metacade community a real influence over the future of the GameFi industry itself and keeps a supply of fresh, gamer-tested titles in the arcade. 

Why buy MCADE?

MCADE is a brand-new cryptocurrency that offers extensive utility to holders. The token can be used for staking to earn a passive income, as well as being the primary currency that is used to pay rewards to players on Metacade’s advanced play-to-earn platform, as well as access pay-to-play titles. It will also be used for voting and support Metacade’s eventual future transition into a DAO.

With so much value on the horizon for Metacade, it certainly seems as though the token is underpriced at $0.008. Projects in their early stages often see 10-100x gains, if not more, and Metacade easily displays that kind of potential. That’s why it’s the number 1 crypto with the most potential in 2023.

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#2 Aptos (APT) – Next-Generation Layer 1


Aptos is a decentralised Layer 1 blockchain that enables the creation of smart contracts and dApp (decentralised app) development. Smart contracts on Aptos use a unique programming language that was created specifically for use on the Aptos blockchain. This language is called Move and it is based on the older programming language, Rust, which is used to create smart contracts on other blockchain networks.

Why buy APT?

Aptos looks set to become a major blockchain in the wider crypto ecosystem, so it is the crypto with the second most potential on this list. It is new and delivers an advanced technology that can process a high number of transactions, while still delivering advanced smart contract compatibility so that programmers can build dApps.

It is unclear exactly just how high the price of APT could become because the token has yet to enter price discovery during a bull run. With that in mind, it may rival chains such as Avalanche, Cardano, and Ethereum in the future.

#3 VeChain (VET) – Decentralising the Supply Chain


VeChain is a blockchain platform that is designed to improve supply chain management. The VeChain platform uses RFID technology to track items throughout the supply chain, from production to delivery. This information is stored on the VeChain blockchain, which allows businesses to track their products and ensure that they are genuine.

VeChain also provides a marketplace where businesses can buy and sell products and services. The VeChain token (VET) is used to power the platform and is used to pay transaction fees, which are used as a reward for validators as they secure the chain and verify transactions. Its unique value places it number three on the list of cryptos with the most potential for 2023.

Why buy VET?

VeChain serves an important function for businesses across the world. Through improving transparency on the supply side of the global economy, businesses can deliver a higher quality of service. The network has formed partnerships with some major companies, including PwC and BMW.

The blockchain looks set to be around for a long time and looks likely to grow in value. With current prices sitting at just $0.012, it has the potential to increase by over 25x by 2025 as it aims to reclaim its previous all-time high.

#4 Metafluence (METO) – Metaverse for Influencers


Metafluence is an advanced virtual reality metaverse that connects fans to their favourite social media influencers in new and exciting ways. Influencers can easily monetise their audience, and host special events for their community to enjoy in an immersive metaverse world.

Why buy METO?

METO looks set to become a major name in the metaverse world, representing a project that can deliver virtual reality experiences beyond open-world gaming. Since the metaverse can be used for all kinds of purposes, Metafluence is an example of a project that can deliver advanced virtual reality utility for a broad number of people across the world, so it is number 4 in the list of cryptos with the most potential for 2023.

#5 Avalanche (AVAX) – High Speed, Low-Cost Blockchain


Avalanche has the fifth most potential in 2023. It is a cryptocurrency and layer 1 blockchain that was created in 2018. The network uses a unique consensus mechanism that was specially designed to deliver high transaction throughput and a more scalable alternative to older blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Developers can create dApps on the Avalanche blockchain. It is commonly used for DeFi services with a wide selection of staking and farming protocols that can deliver a high annual percentage yield (APY). AVAX is the platform’s native token and it is used to secure the network by providing transaction fees as a reward to validators.

Why buy AVAX?

Avalanche is one of the biggest ecosystems in the world of Web3, and while its recent price action has suffered due to an overall decline in prices across the crypto space, it is likely to recapture its previous all-time high and increase beyond. If AVAX achieves this in the next bull run, it will have increased over 10x from its current price.

#6 Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Meme Utility


Shiba Inu is a meme coin that was created as a fork of Ethereum. It is one of the cryptos with most potential for 2023. The project was built to ‘flip’ Dogecoin as the number 1 meme coin in the crypto space and has since become a top 20 cryptocurrency by market cap. The token is a fun and inclusive method of introducing users to the Web3 ecosystem as it enables peer-to-peer financial transactions across the blockchain.

The Shiba Inu project has been introducing more utility into the ecosystem. SHIB holders can access NFT art galleries on the project’s website and there are plans to build a virtual reality metaverse world where users can purchase digital real estate in exchange for either SHIB or ETH tokens. While most meme coins on the blockchain offer no utility value, Shiba Inu plans to grow and provide several new services to its enthusiastic user base.

Why buy SHIB?

Shiba Inu users can find an inclusive and fun environment, where they can freely access decentralised financial services and send money across the world almost instantly. Shiba Inu is taking this a step further and is introducing several new use cases for the SHIB token.

Shiba Inu could do some insane percentage increases as meme tokens are typically one of the first points of entry for many new blockchain users during bull markets.

#7 Axie Infinity (AXS) – Collect NFTs & Battle Online


Axie Infinity is a decentralised platform that allows users to collect, breed, and battle digital pets called Axies. The Axies are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and each one has its own set of unique characteristics and attributes. Axies can be upgraded using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are traded on the platform’s integrated exchange, with each customisable item providing a specific function for the character.

Why buy AXS?

Axie Infinity is one of the most widely-used blockchain games. During 2021, the platform was attracting over 1 million users on a monthly basis, as players are attracted by the deep customisation options and generous earning potential offered by the platform.

While the price of the token has dipped during the bear market, its level of users remains high. Axie Infinity still attracts between 750,000 and 1 million users on a regular basis and looks set to keep on developing over the next few years. It could be a great buy, with the price forecasted to rise up to 20x during the next bull market. This is why it has the seventh most potential in crypto in 2023.

Conclusion: Metacade Clearly Has The Most Potential

While every single one of the projects listed above has a high potential for future growth, there is one token in particular that represents a truly rare buying opportunity. Since Metacade has only just launched its token presale, it is very unlikely that investors will see MCADE at these prices ever again.

In its presale, Metacade will launch at $0.008 per token before rising with each stage to $0.02 in the final stage. When the presale ends, Metacade should have a market cap of $28 million. With such a valuable long-term vision that can transform the way GameFi platforms are run, this valuation looks set to skyrocket.

Many crypto investors are showing interest already, so early adopters best be quick to get in at the best prices. During the MCADE presale, the price will increase by over 100%, which will cut any investment size in half for the people who arrive late to the party. Metacade is certainly a project that is worth keeping an eye on, as it looks set to become one of the most popular GameFi platforms in the space by the time the next bull market comes around.

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