Perhaps the biggest myth of them all is that size doesn’t matter! Who are we kidding? Of course size matters – to a lot of men, and yes, even to some women. It’s not realistic to say that “nobody cares about size” because we have multiple industries out there catering to people’s obsession with a big dick – either having one or receiving one. 

Besides the porn industry (and let’s face it, could you imagine how different porn would be with nothing but small penis actors? ) we have creams, pills, pumps, and of course penis extenders.

While many remain doubtful of magic penis potions and pills, the practice of stretching or “jelqing” has been scientifically proven to be the most effective method to a larger penis, with many reddit users and forums showing clear results over time.

In this discussion, we’re going to review seven of the top penis stretcher products for effectiveness, and delve into the science to find which is the best value.

Best Penis Extenders by Type

  1. Best value and fastest results Quick Extender Pro
  2. Biggest increase in size – Phallosan Extender Plus
  3. Most comfortable – Size Genetics Extender
  4. Fastest shipping in the UK – Male Edge Extender
  5. Newest penis extender brand – Jes Extender
  6. Best penis extender belt – Penimaster PRO
  7. Best penis extender alternative – Bathmate Hydromax

1. Quick Extender Pro – Best Penis Extender Overall (Fastest Results)

The Quick Extender Pro offers two different kinds of treatment, penis enlargement and penile curvature correction, which is a proposed solution to Peyronie’s disease. The extender uses the scientifically valid-theory of penile traction to increase penis size – not radically mind you, but approximately 32 percent. 

The Double Strap Support system provides comfort and maximum tension to the penis shaft and tip. You stretch yourself at a powerful 4000g degrees and constantly – but without pain and with a “light tension” feel. 

The DSS uses two silicone tubes to gently pull tension and eliminate the chance of slipping off. These medical-grade comfort pads also improve blood circulation. Users report progress, as much as one inch, after three months of using the system.  


  • 100 percent money-back guarantee if you don’t have gains
  • Strongest tension of any penis extender
  • Lengthens and or fixes Peyronie’s disease after three months
  • At $120, much cheaper than other penis extenders


  • Not as comfortable as some other options
  • Takes about three months
  • Need to start off with less tension if you are new to using penis extenders

2. Phallosan Extender Plus – Best Extender for Maximum Girth and Length

The Phallosan Plus offers vacuum-based lengthening technology, through its two models, the Phallosan Forte and the Plus+, which is the updated Forte. The Plus focuses on thickening the penis through pump technology, with up to 4.8kg of pulling power. 

The Phallosan brand has gone out of its way to work with well-known urologists and medical institutions to ensure safety and efficacy. The technology works by way of constant distension, which is scientifically proven since human parts will naturally lengthen and enlarge if kept in a stretched state.

Where it differs is that the pump system protects the glans and foreskin in a protective cap and airtight sleeve. The shaft, meanwhile, goes into a stretch belt for continuous pulling.


  • Technology based on medical studies
  • Comfortable on the glands
  • Vacuum technology is safer and creates larger gains
  • Grow 1-2 inches in girth and length


  • Much more expensive than the quick extender pro

3. Size Genetics Extender – Most Comfortable Penis Stretcher 

Size Genetics Extender is called the most powerful device on the market, offering 2800 grams of tension, and a 16-way Ultimate Comfort System. The FDA-cleared male enhancement extender has been helping thousands of men for more than 19 years and has been exhaustively clinically tested and consistently shown to help men achieve permanent gains in both penis length and girth.

The MDA technology, or Multi Directional Angling technology, allows users to wear the penis traction device at any angle, and not cause injury. The system is lightweight, medical grade, and stretches your penis safely, thanks to a foam protection pad and comfort strap. The technology allows you to wear the device for hours a day, or the recommended five hours per day. 

The comfort package of Size Genetics also has extra bars for controlling the degree of elongation. You simply put your dick in one end and then use the strap for the other end. That’s all you have to do and then the “micro tears” start gently, over a period of time. 


  • The technology grows your penis just with 4-6 hours a day of “medium-level” penis stretching
  • Multi-Directional Angling technology, that allows you to walk around normally
  • 19 years of experience in developing new technology
  • The company claims you can gain 4-6 inches with a money back guarantee


  • Could take a while to see results.

4. Male Edge Extender – Simplest Penis Extender Available

The Male Edge Extender is the ultimate penis enhancer, with international Denmark quality, and three varieties of intensity – Basic, Extra, and Pro. The process requires five or six hours for 2-3 months, for a 10 percent increase in length. 

However, they also claim the longer you use it, up to six months, you could grow as much as 28 percent in length and up to 19 percent in girth. The system works with all sizes, even men who are already fairly large and want to increase their size.

The device is so lightweight it can fit under loose pants and be worn out in public. For this model, a ring circles the base of the shaft, while two-arm extenders make up the base and head support. They run parallel to your member and lightly stretch the penis.

The Basic package comes with only the accessories and base product. The Extra package comes in a special green and black case with a travel bag. The Pro comes with accessories like a program brochure, rubber straps, a protection pad, cohesive gauze, and a ruler for measuring. 


  • Increased blood flow and arousal, as well as size enhancement
  • Higher quality materials for less uncomfortable skin reactions
  • Comes with a slow start up schedule, according to how much traction you can safely do over the course of six weeks, gradually increasing
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Slightly uncomfortable

5. Jes Extender

The JES Extender offers 28 percent average growth and claims 500,000 users who have already successfully grown their length and girth. The system uses traction cytokinesis technology for painless size enhancement. Customers report not only a size increase but also a mood boost. 

You can adjust the amount of tension, from rods of 1200, 2000, and 2800 grams for gradual lengthening over 1-4 months. You also get the best in comfort, with a contoured base ring, silicone tubing, and a soft strap for under the head. 

The Jes-Extender Light is the first tier product, followed by the Original in a mahogany case and accessories. The Titanium comes in an aluminum flight case and lets your wear the system even in public. The Gold edition is made from 24-carat gold and also includes accessories. Finally, the Platinum case comes with a two-year warranty and certificate of verification.


  • Medical grade parts and silicone tube option
  • Jes Extender has been around since 1995
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer phone support


  • Fairly high price
  • Numerous models to choose from

6. Penimaster PRO – Safest Penis Extender

The Penimaster Pro is a belt expander system, and part of a complete PeniMaster system. The technology was pioneered by Dr. Ignacio Moncada 

PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander offers a wide holding belt and safety clip. The Pro Basic offers glans fixation with positive locking technology. The Rod Pulling Force Generator elongates the penis in what is called “axially symmetrical manner”, while the Weight Expander System stretches with static pulling force. Sounds scary, but it works!

The makers of PeniMaster Pro are proud to say that they conducted a clinical study demonstrate their penis extender work, and the study was covered in the April 2019 British Journal of Urology. The site showcases a video with 7.6 kg of pulling force, though the company also recommends 1200 grams to start with. 


  • Full system straightens, enlarges glans, improves erections, and elongates length and girth, and can even elongate foreskin
  • Patented bio function design, with vacuum, adhesion and even positive locking fit technologies
  • For both circumcised and uncircumcised, with foreskin and lymph protection
  • Wash in a machine, no problem


  • More expensive

Best Penis Extender Alternatives

If the idea of literally stretching your penis gives you the, er, willies, then maybe it’s time to consider some alternatives to penis extension, that don’t involve the somewhat controversial traction theory. Consider these alternatives, which help address erectile dysfunction – the number one cause of a “small penis”.  

1. Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump – Take it to the Tub!

The Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump is more focused on enhancement than traction. The pump uses water from the tub to power the pump. The hydro-pump mechanism firms erection strength, boosts libido, and keeps your penis at a naturally large length

The system uses water instead of air pressure. Many people feel air pressure-powered pumps are more dangerous. The water-based system is a protection and pumps more blood in a less throttling way. The result is that your Moby Dick naturally lengthens and thickens up, more so than an average erection. 

You fill the Bathmate up with warm water and then seal it over your penis five three sessions of five minutes. With over one million customers and 85 percent of users reporting growth, it’s a nice alternative to people who feel icky at the thought of permanent stretching.


  • Established 2006
  • Survey of customers said growth is real
  • Multiple size Bathmates for different penis sizes
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • If you don’t like the feeling of an engorged penis – the whole “so hard it hurts” thing – this might not be for you

2. Sildenafil – Drugs for Extremely Hard Erections

Viagra’s generic equivalent is Sildenafil, and in theory, it does the same thing as a penis pump. It engorges your erection because of better blood flow to the penis. Your dick naturally lengthens and thickens, and it does so discreetly…you know, without the giant machine, which is kind of hard to hide from a lover.

Bluechew is a new chewable form of generic Viagra tablets. The site offers both generic Sildenafil and Tadalafil, which is the active ingredient in Cialis. is another option that uses Tadalafil and Sildenafil as the most conservative penis enhancement solutions. They don’t warp the natural size of your penis but make you harder, more engorged, and that definitely makes it feel like your dick is growing beyond capacity. can provide personalized subscriptions in multiple dosage types, such as 5-18 tablets of 10 milligrams of Tadalafil, or 6-28 50 milligrams of Sildenafil. Low-cost generic Viagra doesn’t require an extra doctor visit and can be delivered to your home.


  • Easy to swallow or chew tablets
  • Online consultation and prescription, no need to visit another doctor
  • Choose various milligram doses of Sildenafil or Tadalafil 


  • Sexual medicine comes with a risk of minor side effects, or even a drop in blood pressure if you take other nitrate medications

3. Penis Sheaths or Strap-Ons – Instant Penis Extender

Finally, if you’re not all that into penis enlargement (meaning you’re pretty happy with the size of the General) but your partner is “just saying” a big dick is a cool thing, then consider using a penis sheath as the most conservative option.

A penis sheath like the Vixen VixSkin Colossus Silicone Extender gives you a cyborg’s penis without any physical body changes. The seven inch artificial dick is made to feel real with a seven-inch circumference and a slightly curved shaft to target the G-spot or P-spot, one level deeper. 

The toy is not only lifelike in skin quality, but is also made for an “average to small” penis size, approximately 5.5 inches. 

On the other hand, the LoveHoney Perfect Partner Vibrating Stap-On is a less realistic but more turbo powered stunt dick for that robosexual loving everyone secretly craves. The eight-inch dildo vibrates at different custom levels, and even has bulging veins for entry.

The toy can be used for a bigger penis feeling, or even pegging your partner, if that’s your secret fantasy. (And your S.O. just told me it was, so you’re busted!)

You can also opt for a more robot-friendly experience by drastically increasing vibration speeds, to the point where the vibrating sheath dildo thrusts into your favorite orifice at six different super-fast speeds, one that measures 125 thrusts per minute. 

The Velvet Thruster Mini + VixSkin Sheath Ultimate Realistic Thrusting Dildo Bundle provides multiple thrusting speeds, suction base for hands-free kink, and easy to access buttons. 


  • Realistic and longer penises
  • Toys built to increase your penis length and penis girth
  • Enjoy vibration or fast thrusting action
  • Use interchangeably on your male, female or nonbinary partner
  • Make robots feel useful and valued, and put a smile on their face!


  • More expensive 

FAQs When Looking for the Best Penis Extenders

Have questions before you buy? Read over our Big Dick Buyer’s Guide, named appropriately, which explains some of the key issues, and make sure you understand how it works.

How We Determined the Top Products

In order to find the top products, we had to compare results, number of customers, and safety, as well as the technology of the penis stretchers. 

How to Use a Penis Extender

While it partly depends on the design of extenders on the market, most of our reviewed products operate the same.

You insert yourself into the penis stretcher for a limited period of time every day. The more you extend the natural penis shape (such as wearing it underneath clothes) the more likely you will notice growth.

Most of these different systems had one common denominator: the theory of constant traction. If the human body stretches on a regular basis, then microscopic tears occur. 

Although you don’t feel the pain, the body repairs itself, adjusting to the tears by filling the “gaps.” As these tears occur regularly along the course of the treatment, your body will recognize the gaps created in the penis tissue and make repairs through cell division. 

As a form of healing, your cock will begin to repair itself by going through a process known as mitosis and cytokinesis, or, the division of cells, and the addition of new cells within the same altered tissue. The phenomenon is not only observed in nature (such as native peoples who elongate their necks or lips) but also in scientific journals

The Way Penis Extenders Work

The most dramatic results are in treating Peyronie ’s disease. However, there have also been studies done on penis lengthening and thickening for girth. Perhaps even more importantly, these products improve blood flow and male confidence. A fuller erection feels like a larger cock to both the man and his partner. 

Are there any side effects?

While these products are not considered a major risk and have either a “low-risk Class 1” or Class 2 distinction by the FDA, most users only report minor discomfort. However, some people do complain that air-based pumps carry a greater risk of injury.

What does an expensive product do differently verses a cheap one?

Besides the unique technology of each product, the difference is often in cheaply produced materials made overseas.

Are there any legal or medical requirements to know before starting treatment?

No, because most sites do not require a prescription, and some have their own doctors on call to write you a prescription before sending the product. 

Does size matter though because so and so said…?

Unfortunately for all the big dick enthusiasts out there, most women don’t care! Most gay men also don’t care about size. However, there could be a difference from statistical averages and anecdotal experiences. 

Just as some men prefer women with big breasts, some women might get off on the size of a well-endowed lover. But the most important thing is to talk things through with your partner and figure out a way to make you both happy, whether through various sex toys, or even a pump or extender medical device, to alter your size – temporarily or permanently. 

Best Penis Stretchers, Final Verdict

After careful consideration, the Quick Extender Pro earned our top spot because of its combination of effective performance (observed growth) and safety precautions. The Phallosan Forte was a close runner up because of its dramatic results, according to users.

The Bathmate Hydromax Pump also scored well, considering its alternative brand of therapy, which many feel is the safer option compared to extender penis or drug treatment. 

Remember that faster results are not always safe, compared to slower stretching from a more quality penis extender that wants to avoid injury or bruising. While an extender device is sure to help, the bottom line is that erection strength is just as important in improving length and penis girth.

Soft erections, even for a larger penis, do not feel as good as larger erections filled with more blood, and thus, hard as a rock, as the old expression goes. Why not read the reviews of our top selections to use what users are saying about performance?


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