The New Year has passed, and it is time to start thinking about summer. As vaccines are rolled out, schools reopen, and restrictions start to ease, you will be seeing friends and family that you may not have seen for a long time. And for this, you will want to feel your best, with extra body fat burned away, you will blow everyone away with your new physique.

You might be asking, are there any legit fat burners? There is no magic wand when it comes to weight loss; you need to eat right and exercise. However, these products can give you an extra push to lose as much flab as possible safely and sustainably, ready for summer.

But which is the most effective fat burner? The best products are comprised of natural ingredients and support your body’s biological fat-burning processes. High-quality fat burners can boost your metabolism, reduce fat absorption, curb appetite, help your body burn more fat for fuel, and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to build muscle.

Fat burners also help you lose weight by promoting consistent energy and motivation so that you can continue to make good food choices and keep returning to those workouts, even while stuck at home.

Most of us could use a little help right now to keep on track with healthy habits and lose weight. Just imagine how good it will feel when you see your friends and family after all this time and can show off a toned and lean physic. But to do that, you need to take action now!

The market for fat-burning supplements is booming, which is great news for the consumer as competition has never been higher, and manufacturers are being pushed to keep making healthier and more effective products. Here we will review the best fat burners for men in 2021 so that you can pick a product that will best support you on your journey. What is the Number 1 Fat Burner? Read on to find out.

Best Fat Burner on the Market Now – Fighters Core 

Our number one pick for fat burners for men in 2021 is Fighters Core. It contains all-natural and vegan ingredients to suppress your appetite, boost your energy, lift your mood, increase your metabolic rate, and aid muscle building. It has been thoroughly researched and clinically dosed.

Fighters Core is a weight loss supplement that contains vital nutrients to aid muscle building. It has been designed to shift body fat and build muscle, so you don’t lose those hard-won muscle gains even when cutting.


The most important part of any fat burner supplement is the ingredient list.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium Picolinate is an effective fat burner because of its ability to curb food cravings. It has been heavily studied; in one particular 8-week study, it was shown to reduce food cravings compared to a placebo significantly. (1) One way it does this is by regulating insulin, allowing you to make healthier choices.

Coleus Forskohlii – A common ingredient in both Ayurvedic medicine and fat burner supplements. Forskohlii releases stored fat from fat cells. (2) It also suppresses appetite, aids digestion, and increases metabolic rate.

It also improves bone density and boosts testosterone, making it particularly beneficial for weight-lifters who want to burn fat.

Calcium HMB – Calcium is beneficial for bone health and muscle growth. In a 12 week study, those who took Calcium HMB gained 7.4kg of lean muscle, while the placebo group only gained 2.1kg. In fact, it performed better than steroids. (3)

Green Tea – This is a common fat burner ingredient. It is a powerful antioxidant that lifts your mood (4) and improves brain function, (5) enabling you to make better choices. It also has fat-burning properties; one study showed that supplements increase fat oxidation by 17%! (6)

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne pepper has thermogenic and appetite-reducing effects that are beneficial for weight loss. (7)

Caffeine – Caffeine is perhaps the most studied fat burner. Its ergogenic effects enhance energy production and improve endurance and muscle strength. (8)

It also blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This increases dopamine and helps our bodies to feel charged and ready for action. (9)

Theacrine – Theacrine is often used in combination with caffeine to boost its effects. (10).


Fighters core is our top choice due to its ability to burn fat, give you more energy, and maintain muscle. If you are working out consistently, you need a fat burner to support your lifestyle, and Fighters Core will do just that. It’s natural, scientifically-backed, and vegan-friendly, making it an effective fat burner that will support your muscle growth.


  • Impressive modern formula utilizing up-to-date research.
  • Thermogenic properties
  • Muscle maintaining ingredients.
  • It contains a balanced amount of stimulants.
  • Safe for competitive use.
  • Regularly checked and updated formula.


  • High-price.
  • Only available from their website.

You can buy Fighters Core directly from their website here.


Best Low Stim Fat Burner for Men – Burn Lab Pro

If you are sensitive to stimulants or you are trying to cut back on caffeine, you may be searching for an effective fat burner without stimulants. Stimulants are effective ingredients for fat loss. However, it is possible to find an effective product without them, although more difficult.

After thorough research, it appears that there is really only one stim-free supplement that passes the test, and that is Burn Lab Pro.


Calcium – Calcium improves bone density and strength, which is essential for building muscle safely. It has also been shown to improve muscle function and energy release. (11)

Chromium – Chromium maintains blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces food cravings. It also helps your body to metabolize macronutrients such as protein and carbohydrates. (12)

HMB – HMB is a metabolite of leucine, a branched-chain amino acid. It prevents muscle breakdown and aids muscle recovery, which is particularly helpful if you are trying to maintain muscle while still losing fat. (13) It neutralizes enzymes that damage muscles and improves your workout performance. (14)

Cayenne Pepper Extract – Cayenne Pepper has thermogenic effects, meaning that it raises your body temperature and raises your metabolic rate.

Coleus Forskohlii – Colrus Forkohlii has been shown to optimize your hormones to aid digestion, improve metabolism and suppress appetite. It also improves bone density, which is important for weight-lifters. It has fat-burning properties due to its ability to stimulate enzymes that break down fat cells. At the same time, it boosts muscle growth by optimizing testosterone levels.

BioPerine – Black pepper extract has been shown to boost thermogenesis, therefore increasing metabolic rate. It also improves nutrient absorption and prevents new fat cells from forming. This is due to the active ingredient piperine. While raw black pepper only has up to 9% piperine, BioPeriunbe contains an impressive 95%.


Burn Lab Pro fat burner stands out because it is an effective stim-free fat burner. It includes high-quality and synergetic ingredients to help you secure the physic you want. All the ingredients are vegan, and it has even been loaded with prebiotics to improve your gut health, which in turn should leave you feeling great.


  • A clean and modern formula.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • No stimulants.


  • Only available on their website.
  • No vitamins.

You can buy Burn Lab Pro fat burner directly from their website here.


Best Fat Burners for Athletes and Bodybuilders – Fighters Core

Our top choice fat burner for the Athletes and Bodybuilders amongst you is the same product as our 2021 overall winner – Fighters Core.

There is an understanding in the world of fitness that you can not lose fat without losing muscle. If your goal is to gain strength and lose fat, then this can be frustrating.

Fighters Core, however, has been designed to help you retain as much muscle as possible while cutting fat, optimizing body recomposition. Fighters Core will preserve muscle for maximal performance with natural anabolic ingredients, resulting in increased strength with a higher potential for protein synthesis, even while fasted.

Muscle-maintaining ingredients such as Coleus Forskohlii and Calcium HMB work alongside caffeine and Cayenne to create a natural thermogenic powerhouse and appetite suppressant.

Alongside its muscle-protecting and thermogenic properties, Fighters Core also contains Teacrine and Caffeine. Which work synergetically to boost energy levels allowing you to maintain your focus and performance throughout your workout while giving you a boost for the rest of the day.

You can buy Fighters Core directly from their website here.


Thermogenic Fat Burner – Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is a popular fat burner that contains plant extracts, essential vitamins and minerals, and caffeine. It was originally developed for MMA fighters and professional boxers. The two thermogenic ingredients are green coffee bean extract and green tea leaf extract. This helps our body generate more heat, which helps the body to burn more fat.


Green Tea – This extract is one of the most common fat burner ingredients. It has natural fat-burning properties, improves brain function, and lifts mood.

Chromium – Chromium is an essential trace element that helps your body metabolize macronutrients and supports normal blood sugar levels. (15) Blood sugar regulation helps to reduce food cravings.

Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne Pepper increases the amount of heat your body produces, making you burn more calories per day (16). Recent studies have also shown that it can reduce hunger by reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin (17).

Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine is one of the most popular natural stimulants on the planet. It increases energy production and helps you to feel alert. With a 300mg daily dose, this is at the upper limit of daily recommendations. So if you choose this supplement, you may need to be mindful about how much coffee you drink.

Zinc – Zinc contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and protein synthesis.

Glucomannan – A dietary fiber that takes up room in your stomach and promotes a feeling of fullness. It also delays stomach emptying, so you are fuller for longer after meals. (18)

Green Coffee Bean Extract– Studies in mice have shown that green coffee bean extract can reduce body weight. (19) Although human studies have shown mixed results.

B Vitamins – B-vitamins increase focus and improve mood, helping you stick to better habits.


Instant Knockout has a great mix of thermogenic ingredients and appetite suppressants. This fat burner also contains essential vitamins to help you to feel your best. It has been designed with professionals in mind and is available for you to buy.


  • Suppresses appetite.
  • A good dosage of all ingredients.
  • Research-backed.
  • No artificial ingredients.


  • High price.
  • The high caffeine content will not be suitable for everyone.
  • It is available only on the official website.

You can buy Instant Knockout directly from their website here.


Fat Burner with CBD – ShredCBD

In the world of fat burners, there is a new contender on the market – CBD. Numerous recent studies and countless personal stories have shown that CBD can improve metabolism, reduce appetite and shift stubborn fat. It is one of the safest and most effective fat burners we know of.

CBD or Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive and works to improve mood, sleep, and metabolism. It should not show up on a drug test even though it is derived from cannabis as drug tests detect THC. For a comparison of CBD and THC click here.

ShredCBD contains an optimal CBD dose, less than 0.1% THC, and additional fat-burning ingredients, green tea and Garcinia Cambogia.

How CBD works

CBD synergizes with your natural endocannabinoid system to create some incredible effects.

Fat Browning – Fat browning is an incredible fat burning effect, CBD has is the ability to turn “bad fat” – white fat, or white adipose tissue, into brown appose tissue, also known as “good fat.” (20) Brown fat cells contain more mitochondria, which use more energy and burns faster and more effectively.

Reduces Stress – CBD regulates the stress hormone cortisol. (21) This, in turn, fights inflammation throughout the body. CBD can therefore help you to feel happier, leading to better lifestyle choices.

Appetite Suppressant – CBD regulates and blocks CB1 receptors throughout the body, which reduces appetite. (22)

Improves Sleep – It is well known that poor sleep is a catalyst for bad habits. More sleep means more energy, better workouts, improved recovery, and overall better decisions. CBD will help you to sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. (23)

Improves Exercise Performance – By reducing inflammation, you will recover faster and have the ability to workout harder.

ShredCBD Formula

ShredCBD allows you to take a high concentration of CBD in the form of a capsule. This is an effective way of taking CBD for weight loss because it goes into the small intestine, where it can be fully absorbed. Unlike oil, which is partially destroyed by stomach acid. (24)

ShredCBD contains 99% pure CBD isolate as well-studied natural fat burners: Green Tea Extract and Garcia Cambogia.

Garcia Cambogia – This ingredient contains a huge amount of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). HCA has been shown to boost serotonin levels, suppress appetite, and inhibiting enzymes that contribute to fat storage.

In one study, garcinia Cambogia reduces the users’ weight by around 20.88 kg more than the placebo group. (25)

Green Tea Leaf Extract – This ingredient has known fat-burning properties and helps to improve exercise performance. It is full of antioxidants that are known to boost metabolism. (26).


ShredCBD is a powerful addition for anyone whose goals involve improving their physique. This is a premium product free from harsh stimulants and full of powerful natural ingredients. We are only just beginning to understand how CBD works as a fat burner, and the initial results are outstanding.


  • Fat browning effects help you shift stubborn fat.
  • It has the ability to improve sleep and reduce stress so you can make better lifestyle choices.
  • High-quality, all-natural, and clinically dosed ingredients.
  • No stimulants.
  • Great client reviews.


  • Only available on their website.
  • A lot of the research into CBD is relatively new.

You can buy ShredCBD directly from their website here.


Best Fat Burner for Wives and Girlfriends – Hourglass Fit

If you are on your fat loss journey with your wife or girlfriend, then you might wonder which fat burners are best for them. Generally, fat burners for men are also suitable for women. However, women do have different physiologies and there are fat burners that are more tailored. Hourglass Fit is one of them and is also stimulant-free.

The Ingredients

Vitamins B2, B6, and B12 – These are all important B vitamins that improve your energy levels and reduce fatigue, which is important for maintaining healthy habits.

Zinc – Zinc contributes to the normal fat metabolism, as well as protein synthesis.

Chromium – Chromium is an essential trace mineral that your body needs to function properly. It contributes to healthy macronutrient absorption and maintains blood sugar levels, curbing food cravings.

Glucomannan (Konjac Root Extract) – A dietary fiber that takes up space in your stomach and keeps you feeling full.

Cayenne Pepper – This increases your body temperature, making you burn more calories per day. It can also reduce hunger by inhibiting the production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

5-HTP – Hydroxytryptophan, is an immediate precursor of Serotonin, the happiness hormone. When you feel good, you are more likely to make good choices. Recent studies have also shown that it has the ability to suppress appetite and aid weight loss. (27)

In one study on people with diabetes, those who took 5-HTP over a placebo consumed on average 435 fewer calories per day. (28). It also inhibits the intake of calories from carbohydrates, regulating blood sugar and reducing food cravings.

Black Pepper Extract – This is a popular addition to many weight loss supplements, as it aids the absorption of the other ingredients. It also potentiates thermogenesis and therefore metabolic rate.


The Hourglass Fit is a great fat-burning supplement. It contains many of the fat-burning ingredients praised in the other supplements reviewed here, with the addition of 5-HTP, which is a promising mood enhancer and fat burner.

It is stimulant-free which is preferable for many women who need stable energy so that they can succeed in all aspects of their life. It has been designed for round-the-clock support, keeping hunger at bay, and providing essential nutrients.


  • All-natural and free from soy, gluten, and GMOs.
  • Reduces food cravings.
  • Provides stable energy.
  • Scientifically backed ingredients and dosages.
  • Contains essential nutrients.
  • Stimulant-free.


  • High price.
  • Only available on their website.
  • It contains a form of Chromium that does not absorb well into the body (more on this later).

You can buy Hourglass Fit directly from their website here.


Best Fat Burner for Belly Fat – Fighters Core 

Belly fat, is often what people most want to shift. Yet it is often the most stubborn, which can be incredibly frustrating. Our top choice fat burner for belly fat is once again Fighters Core.

Many of the ingredients in this premium fat burner for men are scientifically proven to decrease body fat. When used properly it will help your body to breakdown fat and prevent further increases while maintaining muscle.

Fighters Core contains Forskolin Extract to increase metabolic rate, reduce fat, and increase lean muscle, as well as green tea extract to further breakdown fat and improve metabolism. Chromium Picolinate stops your body from storing new fat and reduces your appetite, and Capsimax™ releases fat-fighting hormones, further promoting the breakdown of fat.

Overall this is a formula that will help you to shift even the most stubborn of fat while retaining muscle mass.

You can buy Fighters Core directly from their website here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will cover some of the topics frequently asked about losing weight with fat burner supplements.

Fat Burner Powder vs Pills

Our top choice fat burners for men are all in pill form. Most fat burners come in pill form, while supplements such as pre-workouts usually come as a powder. Weight loss pills are easy to consume, highly transportable, and do not require mixing or water. But whether you opt for pills or powder depends on the supplement.

Weight loss pills are effective because they are transported into your small intestine, where they are absorbed over a prolonged period of time. As a result, you can benefit from appetite reduction, increased energy levels, and improved metabolism throughout the day. All of these things make burning fat and losing weight easier.

On the other hand, powder supplements are fast-acting and allow you to take a higher dosage of ingredients. This makes powders more effective for supplements such as pre-workouts. Giving you a strong boost of energy, which diminishes once your workout is complete.

Natural Fat Burning Products and Ingredients

All of the fat burners on this list are comprised of all-natural ingredients and for good reason. Fat burner supplements have flooded the market in recent years and they can be dangerous. You should be wary of cheaper ingredients that contain nasty artificial ingredients and can lead to unwanted side effects. Stay away from anything that mentions a proprietary blend, as you do not know what it contains – it could be anything!

If you want to supplement your healthy eating and exercise regime with a fat burner then you should stick to high-quality fat burners. Mother nature is incredible and there are amazing natural ingredients that can aid weight loss, so there is no need for artificial ingredients in weight loss pills.

The Science of Fat Burners

Fat burners are not a replacement for a balanced diet and exercise. If you are not eating right, then even the best fat burner will not lose weight.

That being said, if you are committed to good habits, then a natural fat burner can help you to shift that extra stubborn fat and give you more energy and focus so that you are better able to stick to your healthy habits.

Fat loss comes down to balancing energy and maintaining muscle, that is why we like Fighters Core so much, for its emphasis on maintaining muscle while cutting fat.

There are a lot of fat burners on the market, and some are more effective than others. You should do your research and make sure you are taking a high-quality supplement such as those listed above. High-quality fat burners work by increasing fat oxidation rates, promoting thermogenesis, manipulating enzymes that control fat gain, suppressing appetite, and promoting feelings of fullness.

But when it comes to the science of fat burners, the research is on a case-by-case basis on each ingredient. It is important to make sure that any supplement you take is well-researched and clinically dosed.

Remember, do your own research!

Top 10 Fat Burning Ingredients 

When it comes to the science of fat burners it is necessary to look at each ingredient. Here we will look at the top 10 ingredients claimed to help you lose weight. All of the ingredients here are present in one or more of the best fat burners listed above.

1. Caffeine

Found in Fighters Core, Instant Knockout, and ShredCBD (in the form of Green Tea Extract).

Caffeine is the most well-studied ingredient found commonly in fat burner supplements. It works by inhibiting a neurotransmitter called adenosine (29) which increases dopamine and norepinephrine so that you feel more energized.

Caffeine also stimulates the nervous system and increases epinephrine (adrenaline)in the blood, which sends messages to fat cells and breaks them down (30).

Caffeine improves fat metabolism, which means that more fatty acids are released into your blood, helping you to lose fat.

It also increases your metabolic rate via thermogenesis, which means you burn more calories. Studies show that it can increase your metabolic rate by 3-11%. (31)

2. Green Tea Extract

Found in Fighters Core, Instant Knockout, and Shred CBD.

To burn fat you must first break it down inside the cell and move it into the bloodstream. Active ingredients in green tea including EGCG and caffeine, aid this process by boosting hormones such as norepinephrine (noradrenaline). (32).

Green tea is one of the best ingredients for fat burning during exercise. In one study men who took an extract before exercise burned 17% more fat. (33)

Not all fat is the same, some types of fat such as visceral fat, are more harmful. Studies show that green tea extract is partially effective at shifting visceral fat (34)

It also boosts metabolic rate by up to 8%. (35)

3. CBD

Found in Shred CBD

We covered CBD in detail earlier in this article. Perhaps the most important fat-burning effect is fat browning. It turns bad fat or white fat, into good fat, brown fat. Brown fat is easier to shift as it uses more energy. (36)

Although studies about CBD and weight loss are in their infancy the results are incredibly promising.

4. Chromium

Found in Fighters Core, Burn Lab Pro, Instant Knockout, and Hourglass Fit.

The absorption of chromium in the intestines is very low, just 2.5% (37). However, Fighters Core contains Chromium picolinate, and Burn Lab Pro and Instant Knockout contains GTF Chromium, both of these forms are better absorbed by the body. However, the Chromium in Hourglass Fit is in a less bioavailable form.

Insulin signals for blood sugar to be brought into the body. Studies have shown that chromium supplements can regulate blood sugar levels. (38) Because blood sugar is the body’s primary energy source, fluctuations affect food cravings, weight changes, and how we respond to stress and sleep. Overall you are more likely to overeat if your blood sugar is out of whack.

Studies have shown a correlation between chromium supplementation and reduced food intake in healthy people. (39).

5. Coleus Forskohlii

Found in Fighters Core and Burn Lab Pro.

Human studies on Coleus Forskohlii are limited. However, test tube and animal studies have shown promising results. It appears that Forskolin stimulates the release of stored fat from cells. (40) When combined with a calorie deficit, this can help you to shift stubborn fat.

One clinical trial in humans found that it promotes fat loss while at the same time preserving muscle mass. (41). Studies have also shown that it increases free testosterone, which is partially responsible for these results. (42)

6. 5-HTP

Found in Hourglass Fit.

5-HTP has primarily been studied for its ability to reduce symptoms of depression. It does this by increasing serotonin levels. Even if you do not suffer from depression this will still have a positive effect on your mood, which will help you to stick to good habits.

It has also been shown to increase feelings of fullness by reducing hunger-inducing hormones. (27). In addition, it has the ability to regulate blood sugar and therefore promotes appetite suppression. (43)

7. Calcium HMB

Found in Fighters Core.

HMB is a metabolite of leucine, a branched-chain amino acid that reduces the breakdown of muscle. It is given to people afflicted with muscle wasting, such as HIV/AIDS patients.

It is not completely understood, however, it appears to reduce protein breakdown and increase protein synthesis via the mTOR pathway. Protecting muscle tissue and improving muscle growth even when eating at a calorie deficit. (44)

It may also improve fatty acid oxidation by affecting proteins that impact metabolic rate, resulting in more fat being burned. (45)

It is particularly beneficial for fasted training. Fasted training can increase fat loss but also breaks down muscle. HMB is one way you can prevent muscle breakdown.

8. Cayenne Pepper Extract

Found in Fighters Core, Hourglass Fit, Burnlab Pro, and Instant Knockout.

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin, a thermogenic chemical that can speed up your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

The thermogenic effects increase your body temperature and enable you to burn more calories. (47)

In a 2014 study, it was shown that people who consumed red pepper with every meal felt fuller and had fewer cravings. (46)

9. Theacrine

Found in Fighters Core.

Theacrine is a relatively new ingredient showing up in fat burners; it is a stimulant that doesn’t provide as many unwanted side effects. It works a lot like caffeine, boosting energy and reducing fatigue.

It does this by preventing the reabsorption of dopamine, raising dopamine levels. It also reduces inflammation. This improves mood, mental focus, recovery time, and physical performance. (47)

Rather than an overreliance on caffeine, Theacrine gives you lots of energy without the nasty side effects of too much caffeine. Like caffeine, it also boosts metabolic rate, but unlike caffeine, your tolerance does not build up in the same way over time.

10. Glucomannan

Found in Hourglass Fit and Instant Knockout.

Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber that has an exceptional ability to absorb water. It is very low in calories but takes up a lot of room in your stomach, curbing appetite. It also delays stomach emptying so you are fuller for longer. (18).

Glucomannan also promotes good gut bacteria, which has been shown to protect against fat in animal studies. (48)

In one large study, those who took a glucomannan supplement over a placebo lost significantly more weight. (49)

Best Fat Burners for Men: Conclusion

Even the best fat burners do not work as a stand-alone solution for weight loss. But if you are implementing a healthy diet and exercise, they can give you an extra push. Losing weight and burning fat is hard, but ingredients like those described above can shift stubborn fat and give you more energy.

But beware – some fat burners on the market contain dangerous or even banned ingredients. Always make sure you are consuming a high-quality product that has research to back it up to avoid any unwanted side effects, such as those listed above.

If you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions, you should speak to your doctor before trying any new supplement. As always, make sure you do your own research too.

For our top choice fat burner check out – Fighters Core.


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