Not all marijuana seed banks are created equal. Some sell low quality seeds that won’t germinate (grow), while others take months to deliver your order. 

Using a bad seed bank makes growing twice as hard for a product half as good. If you can’t rely on word of mouth, I’m here to bridge that knowledge gap. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best seed banks with the best quality or best value that deliver to the USA and internationally and have the best quality seeds available.

6 Best Seed Banks

  1. Top Cannabis Seed Bank Overall – ILGM
  2. Most Trusted Seed Bank For Medical Users – Seedsman
  3. Best Canadian seed bank – CropKing Seeds
  4. Oldest Online Seed Bank – MSNL
  5. Runner Up For Best Canadian Seed Bank – Quebec Cannabis Seeds
  6. Best Seed Bank Germination Guarantee – GrowersChoiceSeeds

1. ILGMBest Seed Bank Overall (Most Reliable)

Though the company has only been around since 2012, and is the most mentioned seedbank on the web. ILGM consistently beats out competitors, creating a cult-like following of sellers and personal growers. 

The founder of this seed bank is Robert Bergman, a true weed growing expert who shares his knowledge and love for weed with his customers. 

If you’re looking for quality marijuana seeds, this is our top recommendation. Bergman draws upon  25 years of weed growing experience to produce top quality weed seeds with high germination potential. 

On the website, you’ll find a very wide selection of seeds, including: 

  • Gorilla glue seeds
  • Girl scout cookies
  • White widow seeds

You can also take your pick of feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, high CBD seeds, and more. No matter the size of your order, it ships for free! 

Customers rave about ILGM seeds because; their seeds germinate quickly and reliably, they ship fast, and their customer service team helps to remedy any order issues. Sign up for the ILGM loyalty program to enjoy exclusive perks and benefits. The best coupon I’ve ever seen was a “buy one get one” promo that saved me 109 dollars.  

Check for yourself (here

2. SeedsmanMost Trusted Seed Bank For Medical Users

Seedsman has been around since 2002.Ever since, the company has made it their mission to preserve cannabis genetics and provide a diverse cannabis gene pool. 

On their website, you’ll find cannabis seeds sorted bylow and high THC seeds, to Indica seeds and feminized seeds. 

Their top feature is one which matched the sickness to the right flowers to help. Customers do not need to research tintitures and can directly browse seeds for specific medical conditions, like: 

  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Migraines

Check if they have a targeted strain for you (here).

This is not an exhaustive list of the medical conditions categorized on the site. If you suffer from a medical condition, you can select it via the “Medical Seeds” dropdown and view seeds that may help. Because of Seedsmans involvement in the altruistic field of medicine, and their mission to help people by spreading the long withheld power of cannabis, it is widely considered the most trusted seed bank in the world.

They don’t just stop with helping you find a personalized strand, they have dedicated half of their website to answering questions.It’s a pretty cool high end blog with tips on legality, ventalizing, recipes, and news.

3. CropKing Seeds – Best California Seed Bank 

CropKing Seeds, winner of the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards, offers hundreds of varieties of weed seeds that ship. The company was established in 2005, and gained widespread recognition after hosting the first ever WeedCon in California.

Their website has a section called “Cannabis Seeds USA”, which is specifically for American customers. Customers can find premium marijuana seeds of the following varieties: 

  • Regular Cannabis seeds
  • CBD Medical seeds
  • Autoflower marijuana seeds
  • Dwarf auto-fem seeds
  • Mix and match options 

Within each category, you will find several strains of marijuana that you can order online.

Check their personally engineered strains and deals (here).

For US orders, the seeds are shipped in discreet packaging and received within 2-7 business days. This fast shipping is crucial in ensuring good seed quality as the elements and time degrade a seeds quality and is essential to be the best seed bank possible.

4. MSNL – Oldest Seed Bank 

Non-reputable seed banks don’t stay in business long, the seed banks that botch deliveries or sell bad quality seeds don’t survive such a saturated market. MSNL has been in business for more than 20 years. This UK seed bank specializes in providing genetically superior cannabis seeds to both domestic and international shoppers. 

It is especially good for serious growers as they have the best discounts on large orders of any bank on our list. Their Mega Pack includes 30 seeds for 200. That makes every seed 6 dollars, and leaves a lot of room for profit. 

Just like the other seed banks on this list, MSNL sells tons of different marijuana strains. Some of the company’s top strains are: 

  • Feminized gelato
  • THC Bomb
  • OG Kush
  • Afghan
  • Bruce Banner #3

Check out their other deals (here)

MSNL provides stealth shipping to buyers worldwide for an extra fee. Buyers can expect their order to be shipped within one day and delivered within 6-25 business days. 

According to Trustpilot, many of MSNL’s customers state that the company delivers orders quickly and that the seeds they receive produce quality weed. They did not seem prepared for Covid, and did receive a few complaints so we did not feel comfortable making them our top choice. Keep in mind, the longer a seed is held up in the mall the lower the rate of germination.

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Top Seed Bank That Ships to USA from Canada 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) is one of the best seed banks in Canada. The company distributes seeds of various strains to customers around the world. A few of their bestsellers include: 

  • Auto Bruce Banner cannabis seeds
  • QC Black Gold feminized cannabis seeds
  • AK 47 feminized cannabis seeds

QCS has been around for 15 years and has been refining its products since the inception of the company. 

Customers are satisfied with QCS’s product, often stating that the seeds germinate quickly and produce potent cannabis. The contrast to this would be, in 2018 there was a negative review on how it took multiple emails to cash in on their germination guarantee. After that incident, the only negative reviews on trustpilot were delays during the coronavirus.The Better Business Bureau shows no complaint against QCS, which is always a necessity 

6. SonomaSeeds – Seed Bank Germination Guarantee

SonomaSeeds is a well-known cannabis seed company that is run by supposed medical experts and expert growers. Customers can choose from an exclusive selection of weed seed varieties for as little as $26.

Anyway, you’ll find the following seed types: 

  • Auto-flowering seeds
  • High CBD medical seeds
  • Feminized seeds

Customers can shop with confidence with their 90% germination guarantee. The company will replace your seeds if less than 90% of the seeds germinate. 

For US orders, delivery will take 7 to 10 business days in the majority of cases. During lockdown they received complaints about long wait times.

If you can’t pass up the deal the company has a loyalty program, which enables customers to bank points and get discounts on future orders. 

What States Can You Ship Seeds To?

Laws regarding the sale and delivery of cannabis seeds vary by state. 

For instance, in Illinois, only those who have a medical marijuana card can grow marijuana plants, and even then, they can only grow up to 5 plants. So, if you don’t take marijuana for medical purposes, you aren’t legally allowed to obtain seeds to grow marijuana in Illinois. 

In New York, you cannot legally buy seeds and grow your own marijuana. If you are caught doing so, this is a misdemeanor. 

ILGM Ships to Your State

No matter what state you reside in, ILGM can fulfill your order, as they ship to all U.S. states for free. However, the company does not condone illegal weed seed purchases. 

Check your local government website to find out whether you are allowed to obtain seeds. 

How Much Do Weed Seeds Usually Cost?

Weed seed costs vary considerably depending on several factors, including: 

  • The strain of marijuana
  • Where you purchase the seeds from
  • Where they need to be shipped

Certain strains of marijuana seeds cost more than others, depending on several factors, but on average, one cannabis seed costs anywhere from $1 to $20. 

Seed Quality Affects Price

Seed banks sell lower quality weed seeds for low prices and higher quality ones at higher prices. Auto flower and feminized seeds cost more because the production process is more intricate and there are increased benefits to the buyer. 

Demand Drives Up Prices

Demand also plays a role in the price of marijuana seeds. If tons of customers begin requesting a particular weed seed strain, the price will be adjusted to meet that demand. 

Seed Bank Location Matters

The location of the seed bank also plays a role in how much the seeds will cost. If the cost of living is high in a certain area, like New York, businesses in the area will have to pay steeper business expenses. So, the cost of the seeds will be higher. Contrarily, you may be able to save money by utilizing a seed bank in a cheaper area. 

Shipping Costs Can Get Expensive

Shipping is another cost that comes along with weed seeds. 

Where you live in relation to the seed bank will directly affect your shipping cost in most cases. International weed seed banks have to pay a ton to get your purchase shipped to you, and they pass that cost onto the customer in many cases. 

Unless the seed bank you purchase from offers free shipping regardless of your location, expect to pay a pretty penny for shipping. 

Feminized Weed Seeds

When you get into the many varieties of weed seeds, things can get confusing fast. However, getting to know the types of seeds out there ensures that you’re equipped to make a more informed purchase. Before you purchase a single seed, you should know about feminized weed seeds. 

Feminized seeds are genetically modified to only grow cannabis plants that are female.

What’s the appeal of female cannabis plants? Female weed plants have buds that have more THC and CBD than their male counterparts. 

In addition to that, male cannabis plants have the potential to reduce the yields of female plants. So, growers who don’t use feminized seeds need to throw out the male plants to maximize their yield. 

Female Seed High

Only female weed flowers can give the user a high – male flowers cannot. The buds that grow on the female plant contain the highest concentration of THC. THC is the substance that causes smokers to feel high. 

For the above reasons, feminized weed seeds are sought after. 

Male vs. Female Weed Seeds

Beginner weed growers have a lot to learn when it comes to seed sexes, and this section will tell you all you need to know about it. 

How to Determine the Sex of a Weed Seed

There is no way to determine whether a weed seed is male or female just by looking at the seed. To find out the gender, you’ll have to plant the seed and wait for it to grow for many weeks. Once the plant is in the pre-flowering stage, look between the plant’s nodes.

If the plant is a female, you’ll see white pistillates that resemble fuzzy blades of grass. If the plant is male, you’ll see buds there instead. 

Plant Sex Kit

For anyone who wants to be 100% sure of the sex of their weed seed and doesn’t want to wait several weeks to check the nodes, there are kits that you can buy to find out the sex of the plant shortly after germination takes place. 

Feminized seeds are the solution for growers who want to work only with female seeds. 

Male Seeds Have Value

While male seeds are not always preferred, they do have value. If you ever decide to cross-breed your marijuana plants to make a hybrid, you’ll need males to breed them. So, male seeds are not a total bust.  

Which Seed Banks Have Stealth Shipping

Due to the legal risks that could apply when receiving weed seeds, seed banks offer stealth shipping to customers to decrease the likelihood that their package will be confiscated. Companies ship the weed seeds inside something else to disguise it. For instance, a company may ship your seeds in a CD or DVD case. When you open your package, you’ll need to open the CD case to find your seeds. 

Seed Banks That Have Stealth Shipping

Many of the weed seed banks mentioned at the beginning of this article have a stealth shipping option available to customers. The following companies offer this option: 

Free Stealth Shipping

The best weed seed banks ship their product in packaging that won’t be intercepted by authorities. ILGM ships all of its orders in discrete, undetectable packaging at no extra cost to customers. On their website, they promise that there won’t be any reference on packages shipped from them. 

CropKing Seeds and QCS also state that they ship stealthy packages to all US states. They don’t mention any additional costs for this service. 

Growers Choice Seeds will ship stealthy packages only to buyers who are non-US residents. 

Stealth Shipping for an Additional Cost

Unlike seed banks like ILGM and CropKing Seeds, Seedsman offers stealth packaging for a separate charge of $9.78. MSNL will ship your order in discrete packaging for an extra charge of about $15. 

Why You Would Want Stealth Shipping

There are a couple of reasons why you may want stealth shipping, and this section will go over them. 

First, discreet shipping may be good for you if you want to keep your seeds private from others who may come in contact with your package after it is dropped off. Second, since packages may be confiscated by legal authorities, you may want to have the seed packaged discreetly for your peace of mind. 

Payment Methods When Buying Weed Seeds Online

The most reputable weed seed banks offer buyers many payment methods. The following list will outline each of these payment methods. 

  • Bank transfer using your email. 
  • ACH bank transfer. 
  • Bitcoin.
  • Check.
  • Cash.

Buying cannabis seeds using your credit card is not a good idea and may not be successful. Cannabis seed purchases might also be blocked by your bank. 

Getting through the online ordering process only to realize that the company doesn’t accept your preferred form of payment can be frustrating. So, as soon you choose a cannabis seed bank to buy your seeds from, make sure that you review the payment options that the company offers. 

What Are The Best Strains To Buy On ILGM?

ILGM is known for the superior quality of their weed seed strains. If you’re looking for a new strain, or would like to start with a strain that others love, you might want to try one of the following strains from ILGM. 

Some of the best strains for sale at ILGM include: 

  • White Widow
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

White Widow

ILGM’s White Widow feminized seeds are made of a 60/40 mix of indica and sativa. They are high in THC,  which means that they will give the user a strong mental high. Customers love this strain because it doesn’t take a ton of effort to grow and it produces a high yield that is potent. You can get 10 seeds for $119.00, and you’ll get 10 more for free! 

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla glue is another one of ILGM’s best selling strains, likely due to it’s high THC content (26%). It’s an easy-to-grow strain that’s a 50/50 mix of indica and sativa. Customers describe a Gorilla Glue high as a good choice for a relaxing, euphoric high. Expect to pay $139 for 10 of these seeds. 

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized

Girl scout cookies extreme is another strain that keeps customers coming back. The strain is a mix of 80% indica and 20% sativa and grows into high THC plants that have a sweet taste. This strain is not as easy to grow as the previous two strains, but its yield is well-worth the learning curve. It costs $149 for 10 of these seeds. 

Best Autoflower Seeds on ILGM

Autoflower seeds may be great for anyone who doesn’t want to wait months for their cannabis plant to flower, as they only take 2-4 weeks to flower. Another cool thing about autoflower seed varieties is that they don’t need you to alter the light schedule to facilitate the flowering phase. 

ILGM has many great autoflower seeds for sale on their website, including: 

  • Bruce Banner
  • Wedding Cake
  • Bubblegum

Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

Bruce Banner autoflower seeds are among the most loved autoflower varieties. ILGM’s are a 40/60 mix of indica and sativa. As autoflower seeds should, these seeds flower within 8 weeks. They also have a very high THC level of 25%. Ten of these cost $139. 

Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds

Wedding cake autoflower seeds are 70% indica and 30% sativa and they have a moderate THC level. The high produced from using this variety allows you to relax without losing your mental sharpness. They smell and taste of sweet vanilla. The seeds are easy to grow and flower within 9 to 10 weeks. Ten seeds will set you back $139. 

Bubblegum Autoflower Seeds

This seed variety is known for its peculiar taste and smell. Just like the name suggests, marijuana grown from these seeds will have a sweet, bubblegum-like flavor and scent. This plant will take 8 weeks to flower. You can get 10 of these seeds for $119.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks

While there are many shady weed seed banks out there, there are some that stand out from the rest, delivering top quality weed seeds quickly and reliably to customers like you. 

We hope that this article will serve as a guide to help you choose the best cannabis seeds for you. 


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