5 Ways To Support Someone Who Is Addicted To Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency addiction is pretty much similar to any other technology addiction. Here, people face a severe obsession and compulsion to purchase or sell their crypto assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, or other alternate cryptocurrencies. It can not only consume one’s valuable time but could also cause serious mental health issues. People who are engaged in the cryptocurrency market, even for short-term trades, have reported that crypto price fluctuations have the potential to impact their mood.

One major downside of crypto trading is that it does not always go the way you planned. You might choose to rely on MT4 indicators for crypto price predictions, but that does not always guarantee market volatility. As such, cryptocurrency addiction can negatively affect one’s personal life, relationships with colleagues, and other people close to the addicted person. But the good news is that there are ways to support such individuals and bring them back to normal life.

This article will discuss five important ways to help someone who is addicted to cryptocurrency.

How to support someone with a cryptocurrency addiction?

Actively listening to them

Cryptocurrency addiction might not sound serious, but it is. The people co-existing with the addict are most often subjected to strong hostility, and negative emotions, and are treated unfairly. Lacking adequate mental support, people often yell, argue, and engage in other unhealthy means of communication, which could make the situation even worse for the addicted person. Therefore, the first step in helping a crypto addict is to become an avid listener. Simply listening to the person’s problems could be a huge relief to them. Always remember to stay interested and engaged while your loved one is sharing their struggles with you. Phrase it back to them so they understand you are concerned. This method will help them understand the importance of listening, and gradually they will begin to listen to what you have to share with them.

Boundary setting

If one of your family members is facing such an addiction, it is important to strengthen healthy boundaries and bring down the unhealthy ones. Boundaries vary with the depth and nature of the relationship you have with the addicted person.

Encouraging healthy habits

People facing crypto addiction most likely have other mental illnesses like increased anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more. Adopting a better lifestyle could help them heal better as it is a natural way of connecting with your inner self and understanding what you actually need. Make sure you encourage their minute progress, as it could be a huge relief for them.

Educating yourself

Cryptocurrency addiction can never be treated the way you treat substance abuse such as alcohol addiction. Before you try and help your loved ones, first understand cryptocurrency addiction. This method might sound a bit challenging, but it is vital. You can even get advice from experts to help the addicted person overcome their troubles. Therefore, it is mandatory to educate yourself because a basic understanding of the cryptocurrency market could go a long way. This will also increase the ease of communication with your loved ones. This way, it becomes easy for you to understand the underlying cause of addiction and eradicate the issue for good.

Minimizing environmental triggers

People with cryptocurrency addiction might be consciously or unconsciously connected to their addiction. Because of this reason, a minute trigger could ruin everything. It might be hard to get rid of all the triggers from your surroundings, but the more you get rid of, the less the challenge is and the faster the healing will be. The primary aim is to reduce the screen time of the addicted person little by little. Anything that reminds them of their financial well-being could act as a potential trigger. Therefore, make sure you limit their exposure to such reminders as credit cards and bills. In adverse conditions, one might even require their loved ones to oversee their financial problems temporarily.


It is never an easy task to abstain from something that you are addicted to. And without the right mental support from people around, the healing process can seem a lot harder. Once they begin to show some changes, encourage them and promote healthy habits.

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