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Anyone with access to the internet can attest to the fact that it is filled with trolls. People engage with online content every hour of every day. It is becoming increasingly challenging to scroll for miles without spotting a slew of spiteful comments. This is especially true for people whose entire careers are built around their online presence. Here, model and social media influencer Dakota James talks about how she handles the trolls.

Be confident and love yourself

“If you are confident and know your worth, no one can convince you otherwise,” according to Dakota James. She agrees that the most essential quality to strive for is self-love. To live your dream life, you have to believe in yourself. Dakota maintains an unwavering shield of self-belief in herself.

Always focus on the positive

With almost 2 million followers, it is fair to say that Dakota James has many loyal fans. “My followers send me so many wonderful messages every day. They encourage me to keep going,” says Dakota. Staying optimistic is a foolproof way to tune out the trolls, offline and online.

Your passion comes first

Gifted with a curvy figure, Dakota knew she wanted to model for a living. This year, she focused on being a positive influence online. When asked about her success secret, Dakota mentions, “Brands want to work with models who are passionate about the art. It is as simple as being excited to get up and do your job every day.”

Form deep, personal connections online

For every 1 negative feedback, there will be 10 positive ones too. The key is to concentrate on the latter. Dakota believes that it is a two-way street between her and her fans. She reflects, “I never ignore fan requests. We communicate every day via my captions, comments, and DMs.”

Don’t be afraid to Report/Block

Instagram has strict community guidelines users have to adhere to. The right to report malicious words and harassment is reserved for everyone online, and Dakota suggests people use this judiciously. “Even though at the time it may seem like blocking these users will reduce your following, it is crucial to limit the negativity coming in,” concludes Dakota.


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