Here are five reasons why you should reconsider going to dispensaries and instead, opt for a premium cannabis delivery service such as Blessed XPRS:

The most understated reason to opt for a THC delivery service is the pure convenience of it. Why take time out of your day to drive to a dispensary? Get bombarded by literally thousands of different products that essentially do the same thing then ultimately have to get back into your car, wade through traffic, and only then can you finally get to consume your treasure. Why all the unnecessary steps?

Here’s your solution: DELIVERY. It’s as easy as checking out our carefully-curated menu on Weedmaps, texting over your information, order, and location, then just sitting back, relaxing, and waiting for the opportune moment to bless up with your squad. No traffic, no social interaction required – it is clearly an indisputable alternative here.

Let’s face it — we’ve all been there before when we’re looking up dispensaries to call our own. Do these places have a First Time Patient deal? What about a referral program? Or product-specific deals that not only save me a couple bucks, but also make me want to continue hitting up this spot because they always hook it up.

The answer is yes, you might have stumbled upon a place like this one way or another. This, however, is a shameless plug for Blessed XPRS and we’re thrilled to tell you that we have deals, on deals, on deals.

  • FTP Deal – Get a free gram of our finest greens. Rest assured, our budtenders know a good strain from a great one and we’re all down to pay it forward with a hook-up on it as a thanks for hitting us up in the first place.
  • FTP Deal on Steroids – We’ll upgrade the FTP deal if you’re down to shed a little more paper on us. Spend at least $100 on your favorite products we’ll hook you up with a 5-gram 8th of our finest.
  • 10G Daily Deal – Exclusively held on our Weedmaps page, collect 10 grams of any strain for an almost-industry-breaking $50. We can guarantee that you’re not going to find a deal like this anywhere else.
  • Homie Hookup – Refer a homie and you both get a free 5-gram 8th. The dope thing is that whatever your homie chooses, you get too. Just make sure they have great taste!
  • Loyalty Program – The fact that you’ve ordered 10 times with us already shows that you’re the real homie. Exceed that 10th order and cash in as if you were hitting us up for the first time. Don’t worry, we’ll hook you up with another FTP deal.

If this hasn’t sold you on us already, pack a bowl and get ready for the rest of this article because we’re about to get vibey.

Credit: Courtesy of Blessed XPRS

Credit: Courtesy of Blessed XPRS

We’ve all been there – when you order an 1/8th of Purple Punch or any other strain and the budtender is sifting through the jar to match exactly 3.5 grams on the scale; and you’re waiting there feeling as if time has stopped, mindlessly watching those numbers fluctuate. By the time the budtender hits exactly the measurement, you’ve got a few good-looking nugs and literally crumbs of shake. Again, we ask WHY?

That’s not us. We’ll match the scale and chances are – we’ll even give you more. Because…well why not? Why stop at 3.5 grams when we can just call it an even 5 grams? Real talk, we believe that all 8th’s should be 5 grams, so we’ll keep it simple and just roll with that.

Credit: Courtesy of Blessed XPRS

Credit: Courtesy of Blessed XPRS

Yeah…this is accurate.

We live in LA, and as a prerequisite for living here, we accept the fact that traffic defines our lives. We know better than to be on the road in the morning and in the evening. However, the expectation for fresh cannabis cannot and will not be held under the same standard for transit as you and I. When it comes to cannabis entering your hands, let Blessed XPRS bear the burden and frustration for you. We’ll gladly weave through traffic to deliver the goods in a timely fashion so you can carry on with your day.

On top of this, we have drivers stationed just about everywhere! Regardless of where you are, we can confidently get your order to you within 30 to 60 minutes from the time you hit us up.

Pro-tip: Pairing Blessed XPRS with Postmates will generally arrive at the same time. Weed + Munchies delivered is seriously the greatest thing to happen to us in hundreds of years.

Credit: Courtesy of Blessed XPRS

Credit: Courtesy of Blessed XPRS

Let’s do some quick math; calculating the time it takes to score some goodies by visiting a dispensary:

  • Drive to the dispensary: 20 minutes
  • Arrive at the dispensary: 5 minutes
  • Browse products / ask questions: 15 minutes
  • Purchase the products: 5 minutes
  • Drive home: 20 minutes
  • Total time: approximately 65 minutes

Now, let’s see what this looks like when you order through Blessed XPRS:

  • Browse menu on Weedmaps: 5 minutes
  • Text us order: 2 minutes
  • Delivery has arrived: 30 minutes (estimated)
  • Total time: approximately 37 minutes

You have TIME and that’s a beautiful thing because chances are – we’re so caught up that we forget to eat if we don’t pay attention. With this newfound time, you can mentally and physically prepare yourself for that herb experience. We’re talking snacks, queuing up the latest season (or all the seasons) of Game of Thrones, post-blaze planning, or even getting in some last-minute work freeing up the rest of the day to just get stoned out of your mind.

The most important aspect of getting delivery is literally this point. So, what are you waiting for? Find your favorites now on our Weedmaps and let’s get Blessed!

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