5 Pro Tips To Help You Make Wise Real Estate Investments

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A good real estate investment can give a real high. It brings with it a sense of security and joy, which is unparalleled in many cases. However, the whole experience of making a sound real estate investment can become a bit overwhelming. Some people have felt a constant sense of dread and misgivings about the whole operation. Therefore, to help you prepare better, Mathieu Arseneault has some expert advice.

Mathieu Arsenault is one of the most well-known real estate agents in Outaouais, western Quebec. With his discipline and dedication, he has sold over 5000 homes in the region and is the number 1 real estate broker in Outaouais. In this article, he shares his pearls of wisdom to help you make wise real estate investments.

Define your goal

When people decide to invest in real estate, they often straightaway jump to finding the right location and the right agent. But Mathieu Arsenault believes this to be counterintuitive. He says it’s more important to define your goal because “it helps your search when you know what you’re looking for.” When you define your need, such as ‘I want to generate a passive income’ or ‘I want this for my children’ or ‘I’d like to build something here in the future,’ these goals can help you define your approach to the entire experience. Time also matters. Sometimes, people find themselves in a rush to sell or buy because of, say, an emergency. This way, they often end up getting a raw deal. “Moreover, if you’re serious about investing, start early,” says Mathieu. “Take it seriously. Define what you have in mind. Take your time to get your goal straight. This will give you clarity that’ll help you engage better with the process and in all likelihood yield better results.”

Check the neighborhood

This is one of the most important factors, according to Mathieu Arsenault. He suggests investing in upcoming neighborhoods. He says, “Look for the amenities and seek out people who’re already living there. See if any literature is available on what the future looks like in that neighborhood. A good place should be able to offer all this.”

Look for maintenance issues

This may seem like the kind of advice your mother would give you, but then, as the saying goes, when is a mother ever wrong? And she would be certainly right in this case, as Mathieu Arsenault points out. He says, “When you invest in real estate, make sure you are on top of everything that the place has to offer. Ask the most basic questions, ask an experienced friend to come along, and don’t give up on interrogating till you are satisfied to the core. Some issues may seem minuscule in the beginning. But as time presses on, they compound and become a bigger beast to tackle. Real estate investments are for the long run, and it’s easy to forget that when you get excited over the deal.”

Use online investing platforms

Before search comes research. And Mathieu Arsenault believes that this is where your research, as an outsider or as a novice, should begin. He says, “Technology has leveled the playing field. Well, at least to quite an extent. Real estate agents like to be where their investors are most likely to be. And the internet tops their list. Not only will you find some worthy options before even stepping into the sun, but you can also benefit from the suggestions that other people leave. Going by what people had to say about a particular location or a particular agent can give you a sense of where you’d like to get started. This will not only save you time and money but also equip you with basic information.” 

Consult the experts

Jargon comes with the territory. No matter how well-brushed you think your knowledge is, chances are people you wish to do business with always know more. To counter being swindled for ignorance, Mathieu Arsenault suggests seeking guidance from real estate experts. “These are people who know the turf, who speak the language of people you wish to do business with. No matter how much or how little you may think you know, hiring paid experts can add real value to your investment. But it’s always advisable to do basic or more groundwork level research yourself,” he says.

Investing in real estate can be an experience like any other. It can go smoothly, or it can turn turtle. While the market is often volatile, and even the best agents are at the mercy of its uncertainties, the tips offered by Mathieu Arsenault can help you keep unfavorable consequences under check. They can give you the confidence you need to step out there and go head-to-head with land sharks or, at least, not get mercilessly chomped on. “So think carefully, plan your goals, develop faith in yourself, and always sound out if you smell a rat, and things will go better than you’d imagine!” concludes Arsenault.

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