Over the last few years CBD has lead a massive shift in the health and wellness communities as more and more people discover a natural relief for health conditions. Though research is limited, CBD has been shown to provide relief for a variety of conditions from arthritis to anxiety to epilepsy and more. While CBD’s properties can benefit people of all ages, the senior populations are typically most affected by health conditions, so CBD can be a great addition to daily life for a variety of reasons. Here are five potentially life-changing benefits of utilizing CBD for senior citizens.

1. CBD and Pain Management

CBD has the ability to alleviate or manage pain, particularly centered around inflammation. Nearly half the senior population in the United States suffer from arthritis or some form of chronic pain according to the CDC. Cannabidiol, or CBD, works with the endocannabinoid system to maintain balance and eliminate free radicals. By activating various receptors within the system which allows for management of pain related symptoms. CBD serves as a natural alternative for prescription medications and can be ideal for seniors who are concerned with side-effects or addiction of pharmaceutical drugs.

2. CBD for Bone Health

As our bodies age naturally there is the possibility of bone deuteriation or osteoporosis. Bones can become brittle and fragile making them more prone to breaking. Seniors especially are vulnerable to broken bones or fractures because of this. CBD has the ability to not only aid in diminishing inflammation, but can also help strengthen bones through cell repair. According to a study, CBD was actually shown to help the healing process of fractures and strengthen aging bones.

3. Improve Sleep Quality

While sleeping disorders like insomnia are common among many individuals, seniors seem to suffer from sleep deprivation or irregularity more than most. Experts suggest these shifts in sleep patterns in older people can even be caused by the chemical imbalance brought on by prescribed medications. Our body uses the time we sleep to flush out toxins and restore itself, making it imperative for seniors. Combating the issues that cause sleep disorders is the best place to start. CBD has been shown to alleviate stress, anxiety and restlessness which can all be the cause of sleeping issues, creating a sense of calm and aiding in sleep quality.

4. Combat Addiction

When most people are affected by a health condition they turn to a prescription to solve the problem. While most medications can provide temporary relief for a condition, they also often require the gradual increase in dosage that can damage the body further, creating a dependency. Our bodies can adapt to needing a medication after a long enough period of time, which is where CBD can come in. There have been limited studies showing CBD can not only alleviate conditions, but can also aid in lessening the amount of prescribed medication fighting an ailment, and in turn the dependency. As a senior, if you are considering switching from a harmful medication or a natural alternative, CBD can help combat withdrawal or relapse symptoms.

5. Heart Health

The American College of Cardiology states that heart disease is the most common condition among older adults as well as the number one cause of death. There are more than half a million Americans suffering from high blood pressure which is the leading cause of any heart conditions. CBD has potent antioxidant properties that can reduce cardiac inflammation. One study found that CBD could be helpful in treating cardiovascular disorders and diabetic complications by deterring inflammation and cell death.

While we all try to make the most of it, not everyone enjoys getting older. However, CBD can make it that much better. As our bodies naturally age, we face the threat of health conditions. Utilizing CBD can aid in overall health and quality of life for seniors because of its powerful interaction with the human body and its complex symptoms. CBD is a great natural alternative and relief option for seniors with a variety of conditions. When turning to CBD for health and wellness, it is always important to consider the quality of your product. Always purchase CBD products with third-party tested lab results that mirror label claims and pass pesticide and solvent tests. There are even companies and CBD products created specifically for seniors, like Blue Ribbon Hemp; providing the perfect place to start for seniors using CBD. Click here to view Blue Ribbon Hemp’s list of products, made just for senior citizens and even senior dogs.

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