Most mattresses sag within a few years. They may not feel firm anymore, the springs make noise, and you feel uncomfortable while sleeping. It happens because the cushioning materials become softer. The coil tension in the springs decreases significantly over time. If you continue to sleep in a saggy mattress, it may affect your spinal alignment. According to experts, liquid damage, weak foundation, and low-quality material are three reasons why mattresses sag.

Manufacturers often use low-quality materials to maximize their profit margins. While the mattress may seem firm and bouncy at first, it will slowly sag in a few years. And so, it is essential to consider the different materials in the mattress before investing in one. Kate Barrington suggests these mattresses that won’t sag because of their high-quality materials:

1. Pocket coils

Fabric-encased coils are widely popular because they support your spine while sleeping. In addition to spinal support, these mattresses don’t sag as quickly as those with single continuous coils. The latter doesn’t respond to your body’s motion independently. Mattresses with pocket coils help in maintaining firmness. It loses some tension after years of regular use. If you tend to twist and turn a lot while sleeping, you should get a mattress with fabric-encased coils as they support your spine in almost every type of posture.

2. Innerspring

Traditional innerspring mattresses may last up to 10 years or even more. Previously, these mattresses consisted of single continuous coils. Although they continued for a decade, the beds became saggy after only five or so. The tension of the springs inevitably diminishes with regular use. But the modern mattresses contain better-quality springs that don’t sag quickly.

3. Foam

Foam is that essential element that offers you comfort while sleeping. It provides the softness to the mattress. Both polyfoam and memory foam are widely popular in modern mattresses. They help to maintain the firmness of the mattress so that it doesn’t sag. In addition to stability, the upper layer of foam contours to your body while sleeping. It conforms to your sleeping style so that you sleep comfortably.

While buying mattresses, make sure you choose one that has medium firmness. Softer foams usually sag within 5 to 7 years, depending on how many people sleep on the bed.

4. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses contain multiple materials. Some of them come with latex top and coil base or memory foam top and coil base. These mattresses are thicker compared to others. The thickness, along with the combination of two materials, makes these mattresses long-lasting. They don’t sag so easily.

5. Latex

Latex is more durable than memory foam. You will notice a significant difference in the firmness of latex mattresses compared to memory foam mattresses. Even if it sags after five years, the severity isn’t the same as mattresses with polyfoam or memory foam.

Why do you think mattresses cost so much? It’s because of the quality of materials inside. Expensive mattresses usually come with top-notch materials that not only provide a good night’s sleep but also don’t sag for several

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