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Game-recognize-game. “In the cannabis industry doing what you say and saying what you do goes a very long way” – quoted from Bryan Gerber CEO & Cofounder of Hara Supply & Hemper in a recent Forbes interview. And Hemper brings it – hit after hit the Hemper team designs, develops and delivers some of the best cannabis consumer products everyone can vibe to. Here are our Top 5.




The Campout collection is about as charming as it can get and a true testament to the great outdoors. There’s absolutely nothing that can compare to taking a “walk” in nature. Just imagine it – a perfectly sunny day with just the right amount of cool breeze, the birds are chirping, and you hear the most satisfying snapping of twigs under your feet while you’re wandering through the forest. With a lighter-shaped handpipe and lantern-shaped bongs, it makes packing for your next camping trip quicker than burning a marshmallow over a campfire. Just remember to hide your munchie bags from the bears. 


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For those who are looking to explore beyond the great outdoors and even further into the galaxy, just say “Beam me up, Scotty!” The UFO Vortex collection is perfect for sci-fi fans everywhere and offers two sizes of the Vortex bong – the UFO Vortex for solo space cadets and the UFO Vortex Mothership for those who want to travel to a galaxy far, far away with multiple passengers. And don’t worry, they’ll fit in perfectly on the shelf next to your collectibles. 



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The Trippy Mushroom collection isn’t just a collection of cannabis glasswares, no, it’s a collection of cannabis companions. Adorned with starry eyes and an encouraging smile, the two mushroom-shaped bongs and handpipe are likely to become your go-to best bud for smoking your best bud. Just like a good friend during a smoke sesh, you’re sure to get in a few good laughs with every hit after looking at it’s friendly face. 


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There are two types of people in this world – people who loved bubbles as kids and people who didn’t. If you identify with the former, tap in because the Bubble collection is for you. Growing up usually means losing a fair amount of whimsy and imagination but that doesn’t mean we can’t get it back. With two iridescent bubble bongs and a bubble wand handpipe, you can turn on

your favorite cartoon series, stock up on your favorite snacks, and start healing that inner child in just one smoke session. 



In many cultures, cats are considered a sign of good luck. That being said, a lot of us are allergic to cats so having a glass cat in our homes will have to do. Lunar New Year might have already passed but that doesn’t mean your chances at prosperity have! If you’re looking to increase your luck this year, why not go straight to the source and take a hit from one of the offerings from the Lucky Money Cat collection. The assortment includes a gold bar handpipe and two lucky money cat bongs, so you know prosperity is just around the corner!

A variety of the best smoking accessories to fit your vibe can be found at hemper.co and on the gram at @hemperco.

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