Since the legalization of hemp in 2018, the CBD industry has absolutely exploded, which is why we’ve done the work to pinpoint the five best white label & private label CBD suppliers to buy from in 2022.

CBD products are more popular than ever before, and more and more people are getting involved in the industry. With so many brands on the market, consumers are benefitting from a wide range of options and can select the brands and products that best suit their unique needs and personal wellness goals. 

For a brand to take off in the industry, there are two main options: CBD private label and CBD white label. Private labeling is more demanding and requires a hands-on approach to product development. On the flip side, white labeling is a more efficient way to get involved in the CBD industry and entails partnering with a company to manufacture the CBD products for your brand. 

White labeling is an effective way to get involved in the CBD industry, and it provides growing brands more time to prioritize their marketing approach. If you are thinking about entering the CBD industry, white labeling is an excellent way to get started and effectively launch your brand. 

Since product quality is essential for the success of a brand, it is crucial to vet potential white label partners and select from a pool of high-performing CBD suppliers. Let’s take a look at the top five best white label & private label CBD suppliers for 2022!

5 Best White Label & Private Label CBD Suppliers in 2022 - BATCH



The Best White Label & Private Label CBD Suppliers

First on our list is BATCH CBD, a brand well known for their exceptional products and their commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. On top of producing superior CBD products for their own consumer brand, BATCH CBD also operates as a white label partner, producing high-quality CBD products for a wide range of top-performing CBD brands.

BATCH CBD derives all of their organic hemp from a local farm in the Wisconsin countryside. As one of the few vertically integrated CBD companies, BATCH offers a uniquely personalized experience.  They have the ability to offer a variety of high quality extracts including full-spectrum, THC-free, broad-spectrum, CBN, and CBG, so you can craft a blend exactly as you like it.  All of the CBD products that are manufactured by BATCH are carefully monitored and personally handled by the BATCH team. 

In addition to manufacturing some of the best CBD products to date, the BATCH team has years of valuable experience in the industry and can help with successfully managing and marketing new brands.  It is no surprise that many of the industry’s top performing brands come out of the BATCH facility, which makes them number one on our list of  2022’s best white label & private label CBD suppliers.

5 Best White Label & Private Label CBD Suppliers in 2022 - Wild Theory CBD Co.

Wild Theory CBD Co.

2. Wild Theory CBD Co.

The Best White Label & Private Label CBD Suppliers

Up next we have Wild Theory CBD Co., which is an immensely popular brand in the CBD industry. As a family-owned company, Wild Theory CBD offers a range of outstanding organic CBD products, all designed with their consumers in mind. Wild Theory CBD Co.’s full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products are made with the finest organic hemp, which is locally grown and sustainably processed. 

With their superior CBD Hemp Oil, Wild Theory CBD Co. is dedicated to creating a positive impact that improves lives for the long term. Affordably priced and mindfully made, this brand’s high-quality CBD products are some of the best on the market. As a white label partner, Wild Theory CBD Co. seeks to empower other brands with their expertise in CBD manufacturing and to empower consumers everywhere to personally enhance their health and wellness.

The team at Wild Theory CBD Co. has a background in nutrition and is committed to producing the purest and most effective products. They are an excellent brand to buy from, and they make excellent white label partners for up-and-coming CBD brands!

3. Joy Organics

Third on our list is Joy Organics, a prominent CBD company in the industry, which was founded by Joy Smith in 2018. Joy Organics is also a family-owned business that offers a highly personalized approach to customer service, with each family member handling a different side of the business. Together, they ensure that Joy Organics is the face of high standards in the industry for manufacturing, testing, and quality. 

With “Organic” in the name, this brand is raising the bar by offering the highest quality of USDA Certified organic CBD products, like their unique line of organic CBD tinctures and jarred salves. Joy Organics is a leader in the industry with their premium organic CBD products and their commitment to community wellness. As a member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, Joy Organics promotes safe and equitable access to CBD.

Joy Organics provides a range of choices for purchasing bulk CBD, including both wholesale and white label options. Their White Label Partnership Program will enable you to tap into the CBD industry with their unique production process, industry expertise, and customer success team.

4. Kind Oasis

Next, we have Kind Oasis, a Wisconsin-based CBD company that was voted Best New Retail Store in 2020 by the readers of The Shepherd Express. This growing CBD brand is a Licensed Hemp Processor and a member of the Hemp Industry Association, which is focused on maintaining high standards of equity and sustainability in the hemp industry. 

Kind Oasis exclusively uses locally sourced organic hemp for all of their CBD oils, gummies, and hemp-infused vape cartridges. As one of the largest gummy producers in Wisconsin, all of Kind Oasis’s gummies are vegan and made with natural flavors and colors. They offer CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum product options, so there are many choices for their customers. 

As a partner, Kind Oasis helps brands with creating formulas and developing labels. They have both wholesale and white label partnership options as well!

 5. Folium Biosciences

To wrap up the list, we have Folium Biosciences, a leading brand in the industry since 2014. With a focus on science and innovation, Folium Biosciences’ products are made with naturally developed genetic strains of hemp that are grown and processed in Colorado. Each year, their hemp plants are tested and approved by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture to ensure accuracy and transparency. 

Folium Biosciences’ state-of-the-art cloning program enables them to grow consistent, high-quality hemp plants that are the source of all their CBD products. With Folium Bioscience, you can order CBD bulk deliveries, and they offer white label partnerships as well. Folium Biosciences provides their partners with continued support to stay abreast of market trends and successfully reach target audiences. 

Final Thoughts On The Best White Label & Private Label CBD Suppliers 

Whether you are looking to buy from top CBD private label brands, to create your own CBD private label, or to find a CBD white label partner, you can easily get started by learning more about these five brands. They each offer premium CBD products, a deep knowledge of the industry, and a personalized approach to customer service. 

To learn more about CBD private label brands and potential white label CBD suppliers, you can find an even longer list of top-performing brands at 20 Best White Label CBD Suppliers.

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