Bunions, blisters, and other injuries are often associated with tight shoes. Overly tight footwear can serve as a source of excruciating pain that keeps individuals uncomfortable. Not to forget, shoe odor can also occur with the tightness of the shoe. For these and many more reasons, shoe owners need the best shoe stretchers to improve the toe box width for added comfort.

Whether there is a need for stretching footwear widthwise or lengthwise, this tool can be quite helpful. With the various factors that one needs to consider before shopping for shoe stretchers, it can be a daunting task to make the best choice. Thus, this article reveals the best options that shoe owners should consider when buying shoe stretchers from stores.

HOUNDSBAY Wide Heel Cedar Shoe Stretcher

Quick Details

  •        Item Price:              $23
  •        Material: Red cedarwood
  •        Weight: 1.23 pounds
  •        Item Dimension: 12.64 inches x 5.87 inches x 2.13 inches

Tight shoes can cause some real excruciating pain, but this shoe stretcher can help create more space inside the footwear to make it more comfortable. HOUNDSBAY Wide Heel Cedar Shoe Stretcher has a wide heel that keeps the heels of those favorite pair of shoes protected. What’s even more interesting is the availability of the inscriptions/indications of “Left and Right” on each that allow users to slip them into shoes without stress.

One important feature thing to look out for is the shoe tree’s quality when buying shoe stretchers. The HOUNDSBAY Wide Heel Cedar Shoe Stretcher is made of top-quality red cedar wood that is quite sturdy. About 75% of this item’s total construction is made of this superior quality heartwood, which is quite impressive.

Interestingly, this shoe stretcher’s material works well in moisture absorption, ensuring it helps dissipate the odor. Hence, shoe owners can keep their footwear free from terrible smells and enjoy great breathability whenever they wear the shoe. This product is also great for preserving those favorite flats and pumps and keeping them smelling fresh.

The split-toe feature of this shoe stretcher is fully adjustable. When inserted, the pressure gets applied to the sides of the footwear. For this sole purpose, this shoe tree seems like the perfect option to use for shoes of varying shapes and styles. So, many shoe owners do not need to freight, as they can use these shoe stretchers for a variety of footwear.

This stretcher’s effect springs up the shoe’s loaded centerpiece firmly and works well on the footwear’s overall length. I would interest shoe owners to know that this piece is eco-friendly and the brand manufactures its product sustainably. Thus, USA-grown is frequently replaced by this brand; with every pair sold, a new tree is planted.

Furthermore, this shoe stretcher comes in varying sizes, and many shoe owners in need of a pair of shoe trees can check out the size chart from the shop and pick the one most suitable. Although the pair come quite pricey, individuals who invest in the shoe stretcher can vouch for its excellent quality that is worth its cost.


  • The stretcher also acts as an excellent item for keeping shoe odor under complete control
  • It offers excellent shoe preservation with its wide heel
  • The durable design makes it a suitable gift option for a gentleman.


  • Some users find it off fit for certain shoes

Eachway Professional 2-Way Premium Shoe Stretcher

Quick Details

  •        Item Price:              $18
  •        Material: ABS plastic + durable steel shaft
  •        Weight: 2.47 pounds
  •        Item Dimension: 17.32 inches x 5.91 inches x 3.15 inches

Individuals whose shoes don’t fit right often face great difficulties walking in them. For those that are overly tight, it is quite inevitable to sustain some injuries. With Eachway Professional 2-Way Premium Shoe Stretcher, interested individuals can comfortably stretch their footwear to create some added space that would keep their feet comfy.

It offers four-way stretching that works towards improving the shoe’s width and length to increase its size. Although this shoe stretcher is not for extensive “stretching,” it performs minimal stretching with great outcomes. So, all those who suffer from corns, bunions, and calluses can employ this product to increase their shoe space to reduce their feet’ pressure from wearing such footwear.

It takes the aches away from users’ feet whenever they decide to wear such stretched shoes and keeps their feet comfortable. The top-quality material is something most folks cannot merely overlook. The stretcher comes made of superior quality ABS plastic and steel shaft that is quite durable.

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Not to forget, the professional design is liked by many, alongside its long-lasting feature. This set of expanders comes packaged in a fanciful bag, which shoe owners can use to protect their canvas. It is among the top choices for stretching low-top footwear, and even though it differs from the wooden counterpart, it does a great job. Whether the tight shoes are loafers, wedge heels, sandals, slippers, canvas, peep toes, pumps, tennis shoes, sports shoes, and sneakers, this stretcher would work well.

Although this shoe stretcher is not suitable for long boots, users can find them great for ankle boots. This product comes in various sizes, and individuals who need such can choose the store’s desired size.

The components of each pack of shoe stretcher from this brand include a set of two shoe expanders or stretchers, two heighten pads, one shoe bag, eight bunion plugs, and one shoehorn. Users should note that the shoehorn is made of metal, and the shoe bag can keep shoes safe from moisture, as it is water-resistant.


  • Excellent for lengthwise and widthwise shoe stretching
  • It is quite easy to use
  • The right fit for both left and the right footwear


  • High boot owners cannot use this product

Deluxe Wood Shoe Stretcher

Quick Details

  •        Item Price:              $26.70
  •        Material: wood and metal
  •        Weight: 1.5 pounds
  •        Item Dimension: 16.77 inches x 7.2 inches x 3.66 inches

The excellent wood and metal material of the Deluxe Wood Shoe Stretcher reveals a durable product that works well for helping individuals improve the spaces within their footwear. With a set of two stretchers, shoe owners can stretch both pairs simultaneously without any hassles.

To help free individuals from the excruciating pain they feel from the much pressure the shoe exerts on their feet. This product reshapes the footwear since it stretches the heel and toe features. Individuals currently facing painful blisters, bunions, and corns due to their shoes’ tightness can opt-in for this option.

This shoe expander’s top-quality material makes it highly durable, ensuring that it duly serves its purpose for a long while. It also comes constructed with a screw crank mechanism that is relatively easy to use. Hence, when the time comes for users to work on lengthening and widening their sneakers, pumps, tennis shoes, or other low-cut footwear, it becomes less stressful.

There are various sizes for this product that individuals need to look out for and make the best choices. However, the construction of this shoe extender makes it less suitable for large shoe sizes. So, large-sized shoe owners should look out for other options for stretching their footwear.

Although this product comes slightly expensive, they are great for casual options and preserve shoes without causing damages. For shoe owners who need a robust, sturdy, and long-lasting shoe tree for a large variety of shoe shapes and styles, Deluxe Wood Shoe Stretcher seems like the perfect option.

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  • Durable wood and metal construction
  • It allows easy control with its dual adjustable feature
  • It comes with two sets of shoe stretchers that makes it easy for stretching both pair of shoes simultaneously


  • Users find it not suitable for footwear that comes in large sizes

Shopkeeper Wooden Shoe Stretcher Stretch Spray Combo

Quick Details

  •        Item Price:              $45
  •        Material: wood and metal
  •        Weight: 2.38 pounds   

This professional shoe expander is made of wood and metal. It has excellent pieces that work well for individuals with bunions and corns. Although being a single shoe stretcher, many users have found it quite helpful in expanding their footwear, even though they don’t stretch both shoes simultaneously.

Those who need their shoes stretched can use this product for both their right and left footwear.

This product also comes with an excellent shoe spray that works efficiently to soften the footwear’s leather materials. The help of this spray increases the rate at which the footwear expands. With the shoe fitting correctly on the individual’s feet, they can start enjoying great comfort.

It is a screw-driven expander, and its mechanism is quite easy for shoe owners to use and perfect for everyday use. It ensures that people don’t just dump their footwear because they become overly tight. Hence, various individuals can get to wear their favorite shoe without getting worried about its tightness.

New shoes can quickly get through the break-in process with this shoe tree’s aid, as it works on the footwear’s features. This Shopkeeper Wooden Stretcher Stretch Spray Combo has its shoe extenders in a variety of sizes. Those interested in buying this item can comfortably pick the right size out of the options available.

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  • It comes with an excellent shoe spray for loosening leather to improve the shoe’s stretch-ability
  • It is a perfect option for maintaining the quality of footwear
  • Sturdy and durable


  • It has only a single stretcher

Eskyshop Two Way Professional Wooden Shoes Stretcher

Quick Details

  •        Item Price:              $27
  •        Material: wood, metal, and plastic
  •        Weight: 1.55 pounds
  •        Item Dimension: 15.8 inches x 4.4 inches x 3.8 inches

This professional shoe stretcher from Eskyshop is a two-way type of shoe expander that works well in stretching footwear to fit better. With its help, shoes can expand and, as such, prevent excruciating pain and painful blisters. So, people who have been facing discomforts from their favorite sneakers can employ this stretcher to put an end to the shoe hurting their precious feet.

The construction of this item makes it quite suitable for both men’s and women’s footwear. Simply put, it is a unisex product that would effectively stretch the features of ballerina flats for the ladies and widen/lengthen male tennis shoes. When it comes to widening shoes, some persons might want stretchers that would do so extensively.

For folks who fall within this category that would prefer that this shoe stretcher extensively widens their low-top shoes, they might want to consider other options. Most users find that this shoe extender has some restrictions in widening shoes, as they don’t spread wide when employed.

However, this item offers versatile applications and can effectively lengthen footwear. The wood and metal construction reveals an excellent product, and the plastic plug is ideal. Not to forget, the superior quality of the wood ensures that it is resistant to wear and tear and moisture-resistant.

Interestingly, users find the removable pressure pads great. Such features can prevent that customization that may not be needed in some situations. An excellent way of reducing pain and aches around the feet is by using pressure pads. The mechanism that this stretcher employs is quite easy. Furthermore, there have been no complaints of this shoe extender’s mechanism locking or jamming during use.


  • it is easy to use, with a straightforward mechanism
  • reliable metal and wood construction
  • It comes with foot pressure pads for reduced pain


  • It does not come with the right width that some users prefer


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Buyer’s Guide on the Best Shoe Stretchers

The idea of knowing how best a shoe stretcher fits and how effectively it would work seems like a challenging task. Thus, this guide would help buyers make the best choice of shoe stretchers from the many options available.

Kinds of Shoe Stretchers

Many kinds of shoe stretches are found in stores, and here are a few categories that buyers can find:

  1.     The Two-way Type

This kind of shoe stretcher works in stretching the footwear both lengthwise and widthwise. For most individuals, this option can come in handy during the break-in period after purchasing new footwear. Often, this kind has the two-way crank type of mechanism for handling the effects that might work independently. Once in place, they lengthen and widen the shoe, creating no rooms for corns, blisters, bunions, and different painful situations.

  1.     The One-way Type

These shoe wideners work effectively on creating additional spaces for the toe box, and they work using a crank system. Hence, the stretcher’s toe spreads outwards, thereby expanding the reach within the footwear. Many users have found such an item highly beneficial. They can comfortably attach plugs for spot-stretching other footwear areas and reduce the pressure their feet would receive.

  1.     Toe Box Elevator

The toe box is a crucial part of the shoe that determines the comfortability the shoe owner gets. If the toe box has quite a little space, the toe’s pressure becomes much, and the feet start chafing. Hence, the importance of toe box elevators, as they lift the toe area of shoes, makes the footwear feel more comfortable by creating ample space around the toe box.

  1.     Boot Stretchers

The standard shoe stretchers available in stores are often suitable for low-top shoes. So, people that like to stretch their boots would go for a better option. Boot stretchers are ideal for high-top shoes that seem quite narrow for regular stretchers. They come constructed with long handles that work their way through the shoe’s spaces and act similarly to the one-way shoe stretcher.

  1.     Stretchers for High Heels

Most high-heeled footwear may come with a smaller toe box due to the shoe’s construction. So, the high heel shoe stretchers widen the shoe’s space and lessen the pressure in the shoe. They often come in a variety of styles since high-heeled shoes come in a variety of heights.

What to Consider in Choosing the Best Shoe Stretchers

It is no doubt that the best shoe stretchers come constructed with excellent features in place, which ensures that they improve the spaces with shoes. With ample footwear spaces, the feet can feel more comfortable and less likely to sustain any injury. In making sure that people find the right extenders for their footwear, they must take a close look at the following factors:


The price of the shoe stretcher is a crucial factor that determines the choices of many individuals. How so? The decision depends on the buyer’s budget, as they can access shoe stretchers that are quite cheap and those that come costly. It wouldn’t be nice for a person to dig a hole in his pocket because he wants to purchase a shoe extender. However, it would help if those who wish to buy this item also consider the item’s quality alongside its price.

Many very cheap shoe extenders are often made of materials that rarely last long. The shoe owner should look out for shoe trees with great quality and stretch the footwear effectively, which have a fair price. That option would be more economical, as the product would also be durable.


The common goal of purchasing shoe stretchers is mainly for increasing the size of footwear. However, before the purchase commences, it would help if the buyer reconsiders this purchase’s purpose. Does the shoe feel tight around its width or lengthwise? For lengthening shoes, various shoe extenders come constructed solely for that purpose.

If otherwise, the individual can further lookout for shoe stretchers that help effectively in widening the footwear. In the buyer’s best interest, there are shoe trees constructed to serve dual-purpose.” Such two-way shoe stretchers can come in handy, as they help now and then.

The Material

Shoe extenders come in various materials, and the best shoe stretchers may be made of wood or superior quality plastic. The material is definitely among the top considered factors for the review above. Different shoe trees or shoe stretcher material delivers varying benefits and effects to the footwear. Those made of cedar wood have excellent moisture absorbing abilities and free the shoe from odor.

Those familiar with cedarwood can vouch that the scent from such material is quite nice and can greatly affect smelly shoes as it turns them to smell nice. There are also shoe stretchers of ABS plastic and sturdy metal shafts that work on the shoe’s contours.

The Shoe Type

The best shoe stretchers indeed work on the toe and heel features of shoes, making sure that they don’t get damaged at the end of the stretching session. Still, there is a standard shoe extender suitable for some shoe types and others that may seem unsuitable. Many market options work well for low-top shoes like sneakers, flats, tennis shoes, sports shoes, and sandals.

However, these stretchers that are effective for the shoe types mentioned above may not work well for high-top footwear like long boots. So, people who want to get their boots stretched might want to consider other possible shoe tree options.

Size and Accessories

When it comes to buying shoe stretchers, buyers are sure to find them in various sizes. Hence, they must choose the right size that would work well for their footwear. Most shoe owners should check with the store’s size chart to help them pick the suitable stretcher.

Many shoe stretchers come with various accessories, ranging from shoe sprays to shoe bags to feet pads. Individuals keen on getting some extra value for their money can look out for such extras in the available options found in the market.

Bottom Line

Shoe stretchers are excellent for improving the spaces within tight shoes. They can be fixed and left for a couple of hours (6-8 hours) to relieve pressure around footwear contours. The shoe must get prepared beforehand to help loosen the material. The best shoe stretchers come with well-constructed features that make them work efficiently, especially when used right.

Most persons might find it challenging as they go shopping for suitable shoe stretchers, but this review would help. A pick through this review and guide would help most shoe owners who find their favorite footwear tight. They can gain insights for stretching their shoe and making it fit better while their feet enjoy great comfort.

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