Having a home gym would be an excellent idea. Still, it is not possible to have a complete setup without the recumbent exercise bike. This exercise bike appears to be the right option for novice exercisers and those who appear to be recovering from injuries. Individuals who undergo workouts for the lower part of the body would need the best recumbent exercise bikes.

Unlike regular upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes

can allow exercisers to stay in a reclined body position and enjoy the larger seat. The full-back support is second to none, and exercisers can find themselves staying comfortable during their exercise routine. This guide would help exercisers make a more natural choice when buying recumbent exercise bikes.

Top 5 Best Recumbent Bikes

  1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
  2. ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Bike
  3. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike
  4. XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike
  5. Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike


1. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Quick Details:

Current Price:         $219.99

Dimension:   55.5 inches X 25 inches X 37.5 inches

Weight Capacity:     300lbs

Item Weight:            59 pounds

The quality of this recumbent bike from Marcy is second to none, as it comes constructed with top-quality materials. It is made of tubing of 14-gauge steel with a fantastic finish of powder coating that is durable. The excellent design of this exercise bike offers excellent support for the back and knees.

So, exercisers can have a wonderful time, as they go about their routine. Being a stationary bike, it allows users to exercise within the comfort of their homes. Interestingly, the bike makes use of an eight-level magnetic resistance mechanism. It comes with tension knobs that take charge of the riding stimulation difficulties across various terrains. So, it is suitable for use within and outside of the house.

For individuals who would like a bike that matches their fitness level, the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike seems like the perfect option. It offers workout customization based on the user’s fitness level. The added comfort that this bike provides comes from the presence of a fully padded seat saddled with high-density comfortable foam.

The handles of this recumbent bike also have contoured foams that keep the hands relaxed and provide exercisers added comfort. This feature ensures that one can maintain balance throughout the exercise routine. Of course, once the back and arms are in great shape and situated right, the individual retains proper exercise form.

Interestingly, this bike also features a sharp and easy-to-understand computerized screen that displays the time. This screen also showcases the distance, speed, burned calories while acting similarly to an odometer. The fun aspect is that the metrics are mainly displayed to ensure the exerciser sees them without straining their eyes.

This LCD screen metric display can let users keep track of their progress. So, they are evident, and exercisers can quickly take a peek through making any slight change in their exercise routine. Describing this recumbent bike wouldn’t be complete without revealing the excellent pedals. This bike’s weighted counterbalanced pedals come with a superior design that relieves the foot from stress.

Users get to enjoy the maximum support their feet receive from the pedal, alongside the ultimate control it gives them. Furthermore, the adjustable foot strap keeps the exerciser’s foot secured as they pedal along during the routine. Transporting this exercise bike would be without hassles, as the giant wheels have allowed users to move it with ease once tiled.


  • Highly cushioned seats
  • Crisp and clear LCD display
  • Superior quality construction


  • Some users find the seat appearing stiff.
  • The resistance settings are fewer compared to others.

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  1. ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Bike

Quick Details:

Current Price:         $400

Dimension:               55.5 inches X 25 inches X 37.5 inches

Weight Capacity:     275 pounds

Item Weight:            102 pounds

The magnetic resistance mechanism of this recumbent bike is admirable, having up to 18 resistance levels. So, users can choose their desired level manually or depend on the auto-adjust feature of the iFit Trainers. The best thing is that each pedal stroke goes smoothly and without noise, as this bike’s magnetic resistance is SMR silent.

The ProFoam recumbent bike is stationary but offers exercisers cardio workouts that are very effective. The Flywheel is inertia-enhanced and offers individuals comfort as they take on their exercise routine from their home’s comfort. Many exercisers would like to keep track of their activities and improvement.

This bike comes with an LCD display window that takes track of distance covered, estimated calorie burn, and cadence. The display is evident, and users can quickly peek through to get the metrics at a glance. That is only a part of the story, as the ProFoam recumbent bike has the EKG grip sensor for the pulse. Hence, exercisers can track their estimated heart rate.

Even though the result varies, users can know their input results as they are not medical devices. Moving this product around can be relatively easy, as it comes with wheels designed for such a purpose. The holder constructed on the bike to help hold water bottles is a fantastic addition that encourages exercisers to stay hydrated.

Simply put, they can place their water bottle and quickly reach out to it during the exercise activity. This exercise device comes with an oversized seat that is totally adjustable and offers full lumbar support. While on this seat, the exerciser can find the most suitable seating position as they move during the activity.

The arm handles are also lovely and also measure the pulse once the hand is in place. Assembling this product is relatively easy, as users can get it done within a short while with fewer difficulties. Again, the bike can carry a weight of up to 275 pounds and would not be suitable for heavier weights.

Users can easily connect their iPods to listen to their favorite sounds while they stay fit. The bike has an iPod-compatible audio system, plays the music as exercisers perform to keep them motivated. The bike has a suitable space for exercise to place their iPads when they start exercising.


  • It has an iPod-compatible system for playing music.
  •  It comes with a monitor for the heart rate.
  • An excellent option for home use


  • The foot straps seem small
  • This equipment may not accommodate those that appear taller

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  1. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

Quick Details:

Current Price:         $752

Dimension:               50 inches X 24 inches X 49 inches

Weight Capacity:     250 pounds

Item Weight:            117 pounds

This recumbent bike makes use of magnetic resistance that is entirely adjustable with eight different levels. The smooth and quiet operation during the workout is admirable. It ensures exercisers go through their routine without disturbing others within their household. The bike’s upper pedals work effectively, guaranteeing the chest, arms, shoulders, and arm muscles get involved in the exercise.

The monitor that this bike comes constructed with is multi-functional. Metrics of the calories burned track speed and distance. Interestingly, users need to take a halt to check these details, as it is fully displayed on the screen.

The good news is that the LCD screen allows users to read the details with ease since the pieces are quite legible. Plus, the pulse sensors on the handle are wired to the monitor. As such, it allows exercisers to stay within their heart rate target zone. The recommended heart rate target for those exercising with this bike is within the range of 70 to 85 percent of their maximum heart rate.

Not to forget, the fully padded seat offers more support and makes users take longer sessions. Again, the padded seatback helps them remain relaxed throughout the entire routine without stressing their back. For those who seek seats that offer great customization, this bike seems to be the right option.

The seats can accommodate individuals with varying heights, with its fantastic adjustable feature. One nice feature of the Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike is its sturdy frame, made of steel. With its superior construction, it can last for a long time and duly serve its purpose. The structure also has an excellent built-in wheel. Hence it is relatively easy for users to transport this exercise device from one place to another without hassles.

This recumbent bike comes with top-quality textured pedals that have straps to help secure the feet of exercisers. Since the pedal allows users to move at their desired pace, they can either pedal fast or reduce speed. The pedal belt is then fully adjustable and ensures that users do not go off balance as they try to stay fit.

With the lower and upper pedals, the workout becomes more convenient. It ensures that the individual uses any of the options or uses both simultaneously. This recumbent bike boosts the cardio health of exercisers, burns calories, and tones their muscles.


  • Durable
  • Offers mobility for the lower and upper body
  • Cushioned backrest for added support


  • Can only accommodate a lower weight capacity
  • Fewer resistance settings

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  1. XTERRA SBS.5r Recumbent Bike

Quick Details

Current Price:         $404

Dimension:               49.8 inches X 24.1 inches X 13.4 inches

Weight Capacity:     300lbs

Item Weight:            108 pounds

The XTERRA SBS.5r Recumbent Bike has an excellent seat adjustment feature that is the pop-pin adjustable knob. Users can start by tightening this knob after choosing the desired setting that offers them a solid feel. The levelers are fully adjustable to keep this exercising equipment leveled and stable.

The LCD screen that comes with this bike showcases the user’s fitness metrics, and its display makes it easy for the exerciser to read. Most individuals find it quite challenging to view the metrics on the LCD screen in low lighting. Hence, this recumbent bike offers a perfect solution with its LCD screen with a backlight of dual colors (yellow and blue backlit LCD).

Users can enjoy the heart rate pulse grips, as they can take a close watch on their heart rate at the most convenient time. Placing their hand on the equipment’s handlebar would do the trick. 24 motivating programs come with this equipment, including the user manual, 12 preset, 4 heart rate, 1 body fat, 1THR, and 1 watt.

The Flywheel of this bike weighs 22lbs, which is quite heavy and ensures the equipment has some added resistance. It works with a belt drive system and uses a fluid resistance mechanism free from friction. There are 24 varying levels of this resistance that takes users throughout various fitness levels, making the exercise routine more challenging and fun.

XTERRA SBS.5r Recumbent Bike has one of the best foot pedals that have a slip-resistant surface. Another nice feature of this pedal is its oversized feature, which offers added comfort during a workout. The equipment also allows easy movement with its constructed wheels in place. Suppose the exerciser would like to move the machine from inside the house to another position outdoors; it would be free from hassles.

It would interest exercisers in knowing that this equipment works with electricity. Users are required to plug the recumbent bike into the wall outlet as a power source. Hence, individuals who purchase this equipment can save some money since they don’t have to keep buying replaceable batteries.

The bike has a console, built-in MP3 player speakers, and an audio jack, which allows some added entertainment to the exercise routine. Furthermore, this product can only bear up to 300lbs, and heavier weight can cause some strain on the bike.


  • Adjustable leveler
  • It can accommodate various heights
  • It consists of 24 workout programs


  • The seat appears stiff
  • Assembling this equipment can be time-consuming

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5. Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

Quick Details

Current Price:         $600

Dimension:               60 inches X 25.5 inches X 52 inches

Weight Capacity:     350lbs

Item Weight:            94.8 pounds

This recumbent bike from Sunny Health & Fitness uses magnetic resistance fitness and has 8 varying resistance levels. This feature of the bike takes users through a challenging and practical workout session. It is integrated with pulse sensors that take a record of the heartbeats of exercisers per minute.

The handlebars of this bike allow a back and forth movement as the exerciser pedals. As such, it makes the exercise routine suitable for burning calories with increased effort. This equipment’s moveable handlebars make it not only one of the best recumbent bikes but also an ultimate fitness machine with low impact.

This bike’s pedals have non-slip features and fully adjustable since it is constructed to have a large surface area. These bike’s pedals’ features make it relatively more comfortable for individuals to push harder during their workout sessions. The pedal also has straps that fit tight around the feet and prevent the feet from slipping off the pedal to help keep the feet secured.

With its backrest and oversized seat, the exerciser’s hips and back get full support and improve their posture. The good news is that it also ensures that users access great comfort during workouts. The adjustable seat also plays a significant role in helping individuals stay relaxed. The construction of the bike allows users to find the right distance between the handlebars and pedals.

Since the exercising equipment has a heavy-duty steel frame, it is sturdy enough to bear extended weights of up to 350lbs. For this ability, this bike is one of the top options available in the market, with the best weight capacity. The wheels attached to the frame make this equipment appear portable and easy to transport.

With no need for heavy lifting, users would not face any problem storing the bike away. Again, the digital monitor that comes added to this piece takes track of the exerciser’s progress and displays the monitor screen metrics.

This feature keeps users more focused, as they can see the covered distance and heart rate and make use of these details in improving their fitness goals. So, they become better with access to workouts at the “correct intensity” for maximum outputs.


  • Engages both the lower and upper body
  • The pedal is slip-resistant
  • It has a backrest and oversized seat


  • Assembling the piece is quite tough.
  • The pedals may seem less sturdy.

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Why Choose the Best Recumbent Bike for Exercise Routines?

When it comes to using cardio equipment to stay fit, there are a variety of options. Still, the best recumbent bike offers many benefits. These benefits include:

Enhances Cardiovascular Fitness

It is a known fact that regular aerobics works well for strengthening the heart, as it decreases the resting heart rate. It also improves the exerciser’s lung capacity and ensures the high blood pressure gets reduced over time. One excellent way to exercise and relieve stress is using recumbent bikes. The added comfort they offer can help boost users’ moods.

It Offers Great Comfort

Riding outside can come with various challenges, especially adverse weather conditions. This stationary bike makes it immensely more comfortable for users to exercise at a point within their homes’ comfort. The support recumbent bikes offer exercisers great comfort for their back and hips. Many of the seats constructed with these bikes have a large surface area and are fully adjustable. Hence, they reduce the soreness that most persons experience from cycles with smaller seats.

It is Cost-Effective

When exercisers have recumbent bikes at home, they can save money with this cost-effective workout option. Since the stationary bike is within the comfort of their home, they don’t have to pay any membership fees at the gym. Similarly, most recumbent bikes use electricity as their power source, allowing users to save gas costs.

Increased Safety

The best recumbent exercise bikes come with enhanced security features that ensure that exercisers remain free from possible accidents while they workout. These features range from the pedal straps that secure the feet do not slip off to the reclined position for more comfortable use. Hence, even exercisers with injuries around their lower back can comfortably make use of this stationary bike.

Factors to Consider in Getting a Recumbent Bike

The features of the best recumbent exercise bikes discussed above offer excellent support for individuals who work out from their homes’ comfort. Hence, this stationary equipment provides a great deal of help for the muscles and allows exercisers to achieve their dream goals of being fit. There are various bike options available in stores, and they come at different costs and have varying properties. However, here are some top considerations to help exercisers make a better choice.

  1.     The Resistance Type

The most popular options in this category are recumbent bikes with magnetic resistance and others with fluid resistance systems. The magnetic tension can offer users a smooth and less noisy ride, but the friction can make it quite tough to pedal the way they want. Also, the Flywheel often comes constructed to be relatively more decadent. Exercisers might want to consider this factor to help them make a more natural choice.

  1.     Height and Weight Capacity

There are various ranges of recumbent bike capacities in height and weight. It would be best if users would go for bikes that offer more stability. A mere look at the appearance won’t help, as individuals might also consider their family members to work out with the equipment. They can check the manufacturer’s details or look through various product descriptions like the one above for more assistance.

  1.     Monitor Display

The monitor display on recumbent bikes comes attached to have various styles. Some have a visible display of the metrics but lack lighting for support in a dark environment. Hence, many exercisers would prefer to choose bikes that have the backlit feature.

However, the right choice is dependent on the individual, as users can take note of their needs and select bikes with suitable monitor display features. Nevertheless, the necessary information they have to look out for includes the calories burned, speed, distance, time, and resistance.

  1.     Adjustable Features

Recumbent bikes often have seats and backrests that can slide back and forth to help position the legs right. However, there are some top adjustable features that exercisers should consider, such as the adjustable handlebar and foot cages or pedal straps.

Tips for Exercising with Recumbent Bikes

  • Exercisers should ensure that they wear the right workout shoes that offer excellent traction to prevent them from slipping.
  • Cross trainer shoes and running shoes are among the perfect choices for workouts on recumbent bikes.
  • Snug clothes would be best for using these bikes; they shouldn’t be too tight and not too loose.
  • The best recumbent exercise bike would need acceptable maintenance practices to last long
  • Wipe the bike clean with a towel after each use to get sweats off.
  • Ensure the bike stays out of moisture


The best recumbent exercise bike comes with great features that make aerobics easier, as it keeps exercisers in the routine for an extended period. Hence, it allows users to stay fit and achieve their fitness goals. Exercise sessions should be less stressful. Recumbent bikes offer exercisers the opportunity to remain comfortable throughout the session without them getting hurt. Individuals who are bent on achieving their fitness goals can choose recumbent bikes to stay fit.

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