Snoring is generally considered a nuisance. But it has the potential to be truly dangerous. Among other dangers, it can keep you and your sleep partner from getting the quality of sleep you actually need. And in such cases, finding the best anti snoring mouthpiece available may be your best shot at fixing the problem. 

According to statistics, about 45% of adults occasionally snore, and 25% snore regularly. 

Snoring isn’t a small problem. And it isn’t going away anytime soon, either. 

You can make lifestyle changes to minimize your snoring risk, but those methods tend to take a while. 

So how do you deal with it now?

Anti snoring mouthpieces and mouthguards can really help.

But with so many on the market (and so many cheap imitations floating around online), finding the best options can be a chore. 

So, in this buying guide, you’re going to get a look at the best anti snoring mouthpieces on the market. 

  1. AirSnore
  2. Good Morning Snore Solution
  3. VitalSleep
  4. SnoreRX
  5. ZQuiet

Finding the right TSD (tongue stabilization device) or MAD (mandibular advancement device) can help you to seriously level-up your quality of sleep and overcome your snoring problems. 

You just need the right device to suit your needs. 

Ranking the Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

There are literally dozens of different anti snoring device options available online. But we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and have narrowed the choices down to these 5 best options. 

So, if you are looking for the best mouthpiece for snoring, here are your choices.

1. AirSnore

Airsnore comes with two different products… the AirSnore Mouthpiece, and the AirSnore Drops. 

These two products work together to help you overcome your snoring issues and get back to a calm, restful night’s sleep.  

AirSnore has helped over 80,000 people to ‘sleep soundly’ since their product has been released online. It is extremely popular in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

Here’s what you need to know about this top-rated anti-snoring combo. 

The AirSnore Mouthpiece

It’s surprisingly gentle on the gums and mouth. It’s also pretty small, which means that it’s a solid choice if you’re afraid of bulkiness. 

It consists of a plastic insert that basically looks like a sports mouthguard. But what it’s actually designed to do is to help keep the lower jaw pulled forward during sleep. 

Fitting the mouthpiece is simple and straightforward. But it also has small ‘holes’ in the front that allow you to breathe through it, which is a useful feature, especially for people who are sometimes prone to ‘mouth breathing.’ It helps to increase comfortability and makes the device seem less invasive, which is a good thing. 

As far as the material goes, the AirSnore is gentle and pliable. It’s comfortable to wear, but tough enough to put up with the wear and tear of nightly use. It is also BPA and latex free.

It even ships with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Fitting it is a simple and straightforward process, using industry standard ‘boil and bite’ technology. 

You just let it stand in hot water for a few minutes to soften. Then, you place it inside your mouth and bite down on it to mold it to the perfect shape. 

This gives you a custom fit without any hassle. 

It’s a fairly standard MAD. It’s also priced affordably…

The AirSnore Drops

They come with a range of essential-oil ingredients, including sunflower seed oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, lavender, peppermint, and scots pine leaf oil.

They help to clear the sinuses and nasal passages; especially if you’re currently dealing with some kind of inflammation or congestion. 

You can put the drops on your chest, on your neck, or even underneath your nostrils before going to bed to help you sleep. Users who have put them right under their nostrils have reported that they work surprisingly well too. 

They’re especially helpful if you’re suffering from a cold, cough, or sinus infection. 

The ingredients contained within have antiseptic properties. They also help to minimize congestion. 

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2. Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a clinically proven, FDA cleared, patented-technology tongue stabilization device (TSD) designed to help you stop snoring. It is also known as a tongue retaining device.

Designed by a medical doctor who studied the medical science of snoring on an in-depth level, the device helps the wearer to stop snoring by holding the tongue forward and out of the way during sleep. This helps to prevent soft-palate vibration… a major cause of snoring. 

On their website, they call it “the best stop snoring mouthpiece.” And since it’s the only TSD on our list, it takes the cake for being an ‘alternative’ to the other MAD options. Again, America, Canada, UK and Australia are the four countries where most sales are made.

The innovative design and soft material really make this product feel less ‘invasive’ than its MAD counterparts – similar to other tongue retaining devices . You basically insert it into your mouth, put your tongue into the small suction ‘bulb’ at the end, and go to sleep. 

The suction mechanism keeps your tongue pulled forward, thereby creating more room in the back of your throat for air to move through.

There’s no fitting required, though it may take you a few nights to ‘get used to it’ if you’ve never used a TSD before. 

The product comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and you can try it for 30 nights risk-free. It’s also made in the USA. 

Even better, it comes in two different sizes… a larger size and a smaller size, to cater to comfort requirements for different sized mouths. 

As far as price goes, you can buy one mouthpiece for $89.94, or you can buy a multi-pack with two of them for $129.94. 

All things considered, it’s an affordable and user-friendly way to eliminate snoring problems at the source. 

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3. VitalSleep

The VitalSleep anti snoring mouthpiece is an adjustable mandibular advancement device. 

According to the official website, it has worked for ‘hundreds of thousands of users’ and helps ‘more than 8 out of 10 users’ who try it. American’s, Canadian’s and the British are the most likely to order the Vitalsleep mouth guard.

It’s adjustable, meaning that you can adjust the amount of lower jaw advancement using the included hex wrench. 

It also comes with a 30-night risk-free trial, and a 2-year warranty. 

Functionally, the VitalSleep is a top-performing MAD. 

To fit it, you simply immerse it in hot water for about 60 seconds. Then, you cool it for about 3 seconds in cold water, and bite down to create a custom impression. 

This gives you a totally custom fit, right from the comfort of your own home. 

It also comes with a carrying case. 

The most attractive feature of the VitalSleep is the fact that it’s adjustable. 

But in addition to this, it also comes in two different sizes. 

It ships in a larger size for men, and a smaller size for women. 

Most MADs don’t ship in different sizes like this, which makes the VitalSleep a unique product among most of the snoring mouthpiece options on the market. 

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4. SnoreRX

The SnoreRX is one of the more sophisticated mandibular advancement devices on our list. 

It’s designed, engineered, and manufactured in California, in the USA… and it’s a high-quality product. 

It feels well-crafted, but also pliable in your hands. At first, you may fear that the material is ‘too tough’ to be gentle, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you try it. 

It’s also cleared by the FDA for snoring reduction. It even contains a mechanism to allow for lower-jaw-advancement-adjustment. 

These adjustments are incredibly precisely and can be conducted in 1 mm increments. But this is made possible without the use of any kind of moving parts or hardware, thanks to the product’s intuitive design. 

To fit the SnoreRX, you boil and bite it to create a custom impression. 

The material is lab-quality, and the patented design exceeds the usual industry standards for this type of device. In other words, it’s built to work without falling apart, and designed to be long-lasting for 9 to 11 months of dependable use. 

You can try it risk-free for 30 nights. And if you’re not satisfied, you can easily return it for a full refund. 

As far as price goes, the basic SnoreRX costs $59. But you can get the SnoreRX Plus, their latest offering, for $99. 

Visit SnoreRX Website for Special Offers

5. ZQuiet

The ZQuiet is a dentist-designed MAD that is said to have 1.5 million users, making it one of the most popular best anti snoring mouthpieces on the market. 

It comes in two different sizes, but they aren’t necessarily designed for different ‘mouth sizes.’ The different sizes provide different levels of jaw advancement. As with most MADs on the market, it helps to stop snoring by advancing the lower jaw, to create more room in the upper airway. 

When you order the ZQuiet 2 Size Comfort System, you’ll get one device with a +2mm advancement, and one with a +6mm advancement. 

You also get a protective storage case.

Unlike most other MADs on the market, the ZQuiet is not custom-fitted. You simply order the product and use it straight away. It also protects your teeth from bruxism and grinding. 

The ZQuiet is said to be ‘regulated by the FDA,’ and has demonstrated both its safety and its effectiveness through successful use by customers. 

You can order the 2-size system for $79.95, or a single ZQuiet device for $39.95. You also get a 60 night better sleep guarantee with free returns, which means that if you’re unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you can simply return it for a full refund.  

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How We Ranked the Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

When reviewing anti-snoring products, we look at several different factors. The goal is to find devices and products that actually work, and to rule out products that are less likely to do the trick. 

With that being said, here is how we ranked our anti-snoring device choices to come up with our top 5 list. 

  • Features: What specific features does the product bring to the table? This is an important element to consider when buying an anti-snoring device. The market is flooded with cheap imitation products that virtually do the same thing as the real versions. But what really makes the difference is the features. A lot of these products ship with subtle features that put them heads-and-shoulders above cheaper imitation products. That’s why you should always order the real devices and avoid the cheap knockoffs. 
  • Evidence: When looking at anti-snoring devices, you always want to check for evidence that the products actually work. Our favorite way to measure this is with scientific research. But customer reviews are a close second-place factor. If a product doesn’t have scientific research or positive customer reviews to back it up, we tend to take a pass on it. 
  • Functionality: How does the product function? Does it make sense? Are the features going to make it usable for the average person, or is it going to be clumsy, bulky, difficult, tedious, etc.? We always take a close look at how the product is intended to be used when rating the best snoring aids, to make sure that it isn’t going to just cause problems or be more difficult than it’s worth. We also take a look at the design and take a common-sense approach to how well it may work. If a product just doesn’t seem to make sense, it probably doesn’t… and we wouldn’t end up recommending it. 
  • Return Policy: Nowadays, anti-snoring products should always come with a customer-friendly return and refund policy. It just doesn’t make sense to order a product that doesn’t come with this. What if you order it and it doesn’t work? Being able to return it for a refund if it doesn’t work is a valuable inclusion. And with more and more companies offering this, it becomes more and more important to look at it as a must-have addition for a positive cost-value analysis.
  • Price: Of course the price should always enter the equation when choosing a product to buy. Most of the mouth guards and devices in this article are under $100 but quality hasn’t been sacrificed for cost. 

Who Could Benefit from An Anti Snoring Mouthpiece?

A lot of people snore. Most people snore at least sometimes, and some people snore most of the time. 

And the simple fact of the matter is that snoring hurts not only your quality of sleep, but also the quality of sleep for anyone else within earshot. 

(If you’ve never had to sleep next to a snorer, you may not understand exactly how loud it can get…)

For this reason, we really recommend that anyone who snores should take a look at purchasing some kind of anti snoring mouthpiece or a snoring aid.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive option. You can even start with a less-expensive option, and simply return it if it doesn’t work for you. 

Or, if you’re more worried about bulkiness, and don’t really want to try to sleep while using a full-sized mandibular advancement device, you can start with something like the Good Morning Snore Solution… a product that’s small and relatively non-invasive. 

But the bottom line is this. 

Snoring may seem like a nuisance, but it’s actually a problem that can (and should) be solved. The right device will solve the problem and make it go away. 

It’s worth it. And anyone with a snoring problem should consider trying an anti-snoring device. 


Do mouthpieces really work to stop snoring?

Absolutely. Some of them work better than others, and some of the cheaper products don’t really work at all. 

But the bottom line is this. If you spend the money and buy a reputable anti snoring mouthpiece from a reputable company with a proven track record of either scientifically verified results and/or solid customer satisfaction, then yes… you have a very good chance of solving your snoring problems by purchasing an anti snoring mouthpiece. 

There are certainly other methods that you can look at. But it’s tough to beat a good anti snoring device. 

What anti snoring device works best?

This depends on the person, and on the specifics of your situations. For example, people who don’t like MADs may be more likely to want to try something like the Good Morning Snore Solution. 

People who don’t tend to like ‘one-size-fits-all’ devices will be more likely to go for something like the VitalSleep, which comes in two different sizes. 

If you don’t like the idea of ‘boiling and biting’ the product for a custom fit, then you may want to go with something like ZQuiet, which works right out of the box and doesn’t require a custom fitting. 

All of the devices on this list will work… as long as they are paired with snorers whose needs are well suited to the specific features offered by that specific product. 

The best way to figure out which one will work the best for you is to look at the features, figure out which one appeals to you more, and then give it a try. 

Worst-case scenario, you could always return it and try something else. 

How do you sleep with a snorer?

Sleeping with a snorer is difficult. And sometimes, it’s downright impossible. 

You could try using ear-plugs, drowning out the sound with a fan, or listening to snore-friendly headphones while playing nature sounds or music. 

But in truth, there’s only one sure-fire way to solve the problem. 

Order the snorer an anti-snoring device, and solve the problem at the source. 

This is why we recommend these types of products. They just work really well. And for the money, you can’t really beat the value. 

Do chin straps stop snoring?

Anti snoring chin straps can help to prevent snoring. But in our experience, they aren’t as efficient and don’t work as well as MADs or TSDs. 

The main reason for this is because chin straps do not necessarily target the source of the snoring problem

They help to keep the mouth closed during sleep, which can help with jaw advancement, which can help to create more room in the upper airway. 

The only problem is that the margin for error is pretty high. 

MADs and TSDs, by contrast, deal with the problem in a much more direct manner. 

MADs literally shift the jaw forward, and TSDs literally hold the tongue forward. Both of these methods are pretty much guaranteed to create more room in the back of the throat… which is usually what is needed to put a stop to snoring woes. 

This is why we didn’t include a snoring chin strap in our top 5 list of the best anti snoring mouthpieces. 

Why is my snoring getting worse?

Snoring can get worse for several different reasons. 

Aging tends to make snoring worse. As we get older, we tend to lose muscle tone in the back of the throat and along the upper airway. This means that the loose tissues are more likely to get in the way of breathing during sleep. 

Gaining weight can also lead to worse snoring problems. As a general rule, the fattier tissue a person has around their neck, the more likely they are to develop a snoring problem. 

There are also other factors that can contribute to snoring risk. 

Congestion, drinking alcohol, allergic reactions, certain medications, and smoking can all lead to an increased risk for snoring problems. 

Are mouthpieces dangerous in any way?

No, if set up and used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturers usage instructions then there won’t be cause for concern.

Most quality snoring devices are too large to accidentally swallow. Most premium products are also free of anything carcinogenic – such a BPA or latex.

Premium anti snoring products are rigorously tested and most are produced in FDA approved facilities. 

Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces Final Verdict

Finding the best anti snoring mouthguard or mouth piece isn’t necessarily easy for consumers. A lot of people are leery about these types of products, and for good reason. 

As a product that has a lot to do with your health and safety, it’s important that you know you’re not putting something toxic or harmful into your mouth before going to sleep. 

But it’s also important that you don’t waste money on products that simply don’t work. 

This review contains the products that we have determined to be the best on the market. And we make sure to continually update our content, so as to make sure that we’re always keeping up with the latest market and product trends. 

Hopefully, this list of the best anti snoring mouthpieces has a product in it that will work perfect for your needs.  

I feel that AirSnore will give you the best chance of success. It utilizes the MAD technology with essential oil to help you stop snoring and get a restful night sleep.

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