420 Ready: The 11 Products You Need for 4.20.23

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How do you celebrate the Green Holiday? Hotboxing? Enjoying nature while naturally high? Goat Yoga? Maybe you celebrate 420 with something weed-related you’ve never tried before. We found the 11 cannabis products that will help you celebrate just the way you want to — high.

#1 HEMPER – Subscription Box

Hemper 420 LA WEEKLY


The Story:

The founders of the Hemper were frustrated by trying to order rolling papers online. In 2015 they launched Hemper the online headshop specializing in subscription boxes. The service provides an easy way to keep your smoke sessions stocked and ready with papers, accessories, and innovative glassware.

The Products:

Subscription Boxes

  • Hemper Box
  • Hemper Mini
  • Hemper XL

Theme Boxes

Pipes, bongs, water pipes, dab rigs

All the smoke stuff you didn’t know you needed

#2 PODTONES – Vaporizer

PodTones LA Weekly 420


The Story:

PodTones were created to deliver the purest, cleanest, and most delicious form of cannabis to people in a way that is effortless to select and enjoyable anytime, anywhere. PodTones CEO Alex LeVine developed and patented the PodTones process to liquify live rosin for vaporization without additives or changes to the original terpene profile, delivering true-to-strain flavors and entourage effects. The legendary Cali strains they use change over the seasons as they select the finest flowers from different harvests at their partner farms. 

The Products:

100% Pure Live Rosin all-in-one vaporizers in 4 cannabis high “Tones”

  • UP (sativa, yellow)
  • FUN (hybrid sativa, orange)
  • CHILL (hybrid indica, teal)
  • DREAM (indica, indigo)

Look for their updated, third-generation vaporizer launching soon!

#2 HAPPIE – CBD Seltzer

Happie LA Weekly 420


The Story:

Happie infuses sparkling mineral water with 25 mg of hemp extract and the right blend of ingredients for a feel-good energy boost, minus the crash. Made with all-natural ingredients, ocean-sourced minerals, real fruit extracts, and only 3.6g of real cane sugar, these seltzers are the perfect additions to mocktails for an elevated “Happie” Hour. 

The Products:

CBD Seltzer

  • Groovy Grapefruit 
  • Sublime
  • Chery Cherry
  • Grateful Grape

THC flower and pre-rolls

Look for Happie THC seltzer in California and Illinois – launching 2023

#4 PRESSURE LABZ – Solventless Extracts

Pressure Labz LA Weekly 420


The Story:

Established in 2019, Pressure Labz is a solventless extract company focusing on quality, terpene-rich extracts. Believing that ice water extracts are the cleanest and purest form of cannabis that there is to offer, the Sonoma-based company has perfected their proprietary extraction methodologies without the use of chemicals, organic solvents, gases, flavor additives, or fillers.

The Products:

Solventless extracts

#5 AMERICANNA – Vape Carts

AmeriCanna LA Weekly 420


The Story:

AmeriCanna believes affordable, high-quality, safe cannabis products should be a simple commodity. Founded in 2010, the veteran-backed company wanted to offer vape products that were lab-tested and effective. AmeriCanna formulates their distillate in-house, using both cannabis-derived terpenes and hand-selected botanically derived terpenes to deliver a unique flavor, aroma, and experience.

The Products:

High Potency Distillate 

  • Vape Pens
  • Vape Carts

Infused pre-rolls and blunts

Classic Joints

Look for their hemp-derived product line coming in 2023.

#6 DABX – Go Vaporizer

DabX LA Weekly 420


The Story:

The DabX Go is very simple to use. It is engineered for massive vapor production, allows you to load multiple dabs at a time, and completely eliminates the hassle of needing to Q-tip in between dabs. One button activates a heating cycle which brings your dab up to consumption temperature over 15 seconds. This preserves your terpenes and gives you a perfect-tasting, perfectly heated dab every time.

The Products:

Go Vaporizer

Rocket Mk.1 electronic dab device

Rocket Rig

#7 DABWOODS – Vape Pens

Dabwoods LA Weekly 420


The Story:

Based in Southern California, Dabwoods is on a mission to provide innovative, high-quality, lab-tested products that cultivate a culture and community amongst their consumers. Dabwoods is committed to brand transparency, and adhere to strict quality standards. Their rechargeable, all-in-one vapes are known for their exceptional quality and amazing effects.

The Products:

1G Disposable Vape Pens

  • Live Rosin
  • Live Resin
  • Runtz Collaboration
  • Distillate

.5G Disposable Vape Pens

  • Live Resin

#8 BESOS – Gummies

Besos LA Weekly 420


The Story:

Besos is dedicated to providing a top-notch gummy experience. They use only the highest quality THC, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable high every time. With their low dose and delicious flavors, these gummies are an approachable way to explore the world of cannabis.

The Products:

5mg THC Gummies

  • Chile mango
  • Horchata
  • Limonada Pepino


Plain Jane LA Weekly 420


The Story:

Lindsey Holthaus and Evan Marshall founded Plain Jane in 2018. Their personal experience with hemp products revealed an opportunity in the market to provide quality CBD products at an affordable price. Plain Jane understands that the world of hemp and CBD cannabinoids can be overwhelming, so they are committed to providing accurate and reliable information, as well as high-quality products. 

The Products:
Hemp flower and pre-rolls

Hemp-derived cannabinoid concentrates and distillates


  • Oils
  • Cigarettes
  • Edibles
  • Topicals


Blazy Susan LA Weekly 420


The Story:

What started out as a daydream on Will Breakell’s couch has turned into a company with worldwide reach. Blazy Susan began with the original spinning rolling tray in 2017. Now you can find an array of cannabis accessories on their website including signature pink rolling papers, and trays made of hemp plastic with the organizational compartments you know and love. 

The Products:


  • Blazy Susans
  • Rolling trays
  • Dab trays


Smoking and Dabbing accessories


VivoSun LA Weekly 420


The Story:

VIVOSUN was founded over a decade ago with the intention of bringing indoor growing to the larger world. They develop products intended to revolutionize what it means to grow indoors, helping customers create a healthy life and making growing easy and relaxing. VIVOSUN is committed to developing the highest-quality products designed to make growing equipment more accessible to new growers, and more powerful for professionals. 

The Products:

Smart Grow System

  • Grow Tent
  • Grow Light
  • Climate Control
  • Heat Mat

Hydroponic System

Gardening Accessories

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