The best way to celebrate 420 in L.A. is any way you want to – at home, in-store, online or lounging in a cannabis club. Wondering where to find the best local 420 sales from a dispensary that fits you best? For us, Leafly has been the ultimate guide in all things cannabis, from personalized search results based on one’s own preferences, to real user reviews of dispensaries and products, to their map of all the cannabis shops nearby.

As the world’s most trusted resource for cannabis news, information, reviews and products, Leafly’s knowledge is vast and frankly incomparable. They combine data from their own website’s popular searches and reviews with content sourced from online maps, location reviews, and word-of-mouth to make cannabis’ biggest holiday a celebration for all budgets and consumption levels. 

Whether you are a cannabis newbie or have achieved cannabis expert status, choose your adventure by trying one of California’s 5 hottest-right-now strains or shopping deals and strain deep dives. Leafly has you covered with all of the best local Los Angeles 420 deals and 420 sales to make 2022 your best 420 yet

We believe that cannabis can be a force for positive change in our world—and that we have a unique responsibility to create a cannabis industry in which all communities can thrive. – Leafly

420 is a celebration of cannabis and all the ways this incredible plant enhances life. Nowhere does this ring more true than right here in our own city of angels, Los Angeles – and there’s no better way to make the most of your celebration than with Leafly as your 420 guide. 

We know that the first place to find 420 inspiration is at Leafly, either on their website or via their app. As the world’s most trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers, Leafly is a resource that is used by over 100 million people each year to learn more about cannabis and order online with local businesses. 

Leafly is your Green Guide to 420 in L.A.

Leafly is helping Los Angeles get cannabis when you want it, wherever you want – including in some of our favorite places in the city:


With an impressively robust menu, you can find all iterations of cannabis and hemp-derived cannabinoid products easily while using the Leafly app to browse Herb, a local Los Angeles dispensary with some killer first-timer and 420 deals. Located in Westlake, you can opt for delivery (until 9:30pm) if traffic isn’t your jam. 

CCA California Caregivers Alliance

A local favorite, Silverlake’s CCA is a dispensary that is on this year’s guide to 420 deals in L.A. thanks to over 100 positive reviews on Leafly. With 1027 products to shop from, CCA’s grand reopening has made them a must-visit. 

Hollywood High Grade

If you like free stuff, Hollywood High Grade is for you. Eponymous to its location, this Leafly-featured dispensary boasts 20% off your entire purchase if you’re a new customer, 15% off if it’s your second time there and 10% off if it’s your third. They also offer free products deals, like a BOGO sale on CANN and an awesome deal on Terra Bites and Chill Bars. If you’re making a list of the best places to shop 420 in L.A., add Hollywood High Grade! 

Leafly’s massive network of dispensary partnerships gives you access to hundreds of BOGO weed deals and the best overall 420 deals near you. You can also shop 420 deals on Leafly by product or by strain type. What blows our mind about Leafly is the app even shows deals on strains that are uniquely popular in your area.

Our favorite way to use Leafly is to search by benefit. Depending on where we are and what we’re doing, the ability to find the strain and product that gives you just the right vibe is nothing short of miraculous. Here are some of our favorite location and strain pairings to help you light up on the brightest day in the cannabis calendar: 

Zuma Beach: Horchata

Quench your thirst for maximum beach relaxation with the Horchata strain. 

Griffith Park: Pink Runtz

Marvel at the cosmos with Pink Runtz. 

The Getty: Kush Mints

Better appreciate high art with Kush Mints. 

Echo Park: Khalifa Kush

Head out on a hike with an energizing buzz courtesy of Khalifa Kush. 

Angels Flight: Mimosa

Embrace your inner artist on an Angels Flight photoshoot with Mimosa. 

Leafly has proved to us that it’s possible – even easy! – to understand, find, and order cannabis in one convenient place. Think of Leafly as your personal cannabis helper, providing you the strain library and delivery services of your dreams and helping you shop in the most informed way possible for the most joyous of highs. 

There are more than 5,000 strains in the Leafly database to discover, with over one million to help you make an informed choice when selecting your basket. Need more? Leafly also has over 11,000 in-house cannabis articles and resources for you to explore at your leisure. Leafly’s independent journalism provides more than 100 million cannabis consumers worldwide the information and resources needed to unlock the power of the cannabis plant. 

From discovering new products, to researching benefits, and even finding local deals, Leafly is an invaluable portal to the cannabis world that can be accessed with a mere click or tap. Whether you have minutes to find a local dispensary you can trust, or hours to make a list of products to try based on your needs and desires, Leafly is the app (and website) for you. 

Visit or download the Leafly app and make this 420 your best one yet.

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