420 Flower: The Best California Flower for 4.20.23

LA WEEKLY 420 Flower

The best way to celebrate 420 and its aftermath has got to be rolling a fatty and chilling out with good friends. (Or maybe enjoying that pre-roll to save yourself from your buddy’s janky joint rolling). Flower brands are constantly hunting for ways to deliver the best experience. Whether that includes a major pheno hunt or finding just the right ratio for an infused pre-roll, your enjoyment is always their highest priority.


420 FLOWER LA Weekly The Humboldt Cure

The Humboldt Cure 🌳 @thehumboldtcure

Preserving the Humboldt culture and family tradition of cultivating the best full-spectrum cannabis has been Joe “Fasho” Bilandzija’s goal since 2015. This family-grown brand has now evolved into a full-scale licensed operation consisting of 3 farms in the Humboldt County hills.  


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  • The Humboldt Cure has won 35 competition awards.
  • Loud Line is The Humboldt Cure’s premier line of flower.
  • The Humboldt Cure flower is sustainably grown outdoors using mixed lighting techniques, and other proprietary methods.


420 FLOWER LA Weekly Life Cannabis

Life Cannabis Co🌳@lifecannabisco

Didier Cohen created Life Cannabis Co with a mission:  spread awareness of the human connection to the Earth and the importance of sustainability, and growing the cleanest cannabis possible. Their potent, one-of-a-kind strains are never less than 20% THC.


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  • They use compostable bags made from plant fibers, ocean-recycled glass, natural inks, and other innovative solutions to make sure that every part of the product life-cycle is earth-conscious.
  • Embracing new technologies and sustainable practices enables Life Cannabis to constantly improve their indoor cultivation processes and leave a lighter footprint on the planet.
  • 5% of profits go to charities fighting climate change.

#3 superbad inc.

420 FLOWER LA Weekly superbad inc

superbad inc.🌳 @superbad.inc

superbad inc. is dedicated to creating a quality global cannabis brand.  They challenge the average individual to take risks, live adventurously, and be selfless yet unapologetically themselves. From their products to their lifestyle, they are  the baddest. The question is – how bad are you?


pre-roll, flower, vape products


  • superbad inc. supports the NAACP and the National Urban League.
  • superbad inc. is building a global cannabis brand and leading a technology ecosystem like no other.
  • Potency, efficiency, and style are all hallmarks of singularity for superbad inc.


420 FLOWER LA Weekly Michigander Fire

Michigander Fire 🌳 @michiganderfire

Michigander Fire has been available in the adult-use space since 2021. Their commitment to consistent quality and deep love for the plant shows in every strain. Founders Tim Scott and Tyler Dunlap employ the most up-to-date technology in tandem with hands-on care, to ensure every plant reaches its full potential.


flower, pre-rolls


  • Voted #1 terps in Michigan Zalympix 2022
  • Michigander Fire has been a well-known Michigan caregiver brand since 2011.
  • A family-owned and operated business.


420 FLOWER LA Weekly The Pairist

The Pairist 🌳@the_pairist

The Pairist’s strength is in (you guessed it) … Pairing! They source flower from the Emerald Triangle, find the best strains based on terpene profile, then pair that with a concentrate or botanical to enhance the strain’s individual flavor & effect. The Pairist believes that by starting with sun-grown cannabis, they can bring the full benefits of the flower from “farm to mind.”


flower, infused flower, infused pre-rolls, botanical pre-rolls


  • The Pairist partners with small, craft farms that use sun-grown, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices.
  • Botanical pre-rolls bring together strains based on their terpene profile with organic herbs that boost the flavor and effect profile.
  • Their rosin is pressed in-house from the same flower it is infused with to enhance its specific strain qualities.


420 FLOWER LA Weekly Esensia Gardens

Esensia 🌳 @esensiagardens

Blake and Marley Lovell launched Esensia in 2015. The high school friends found a common purpose in crafting the best quality sun-grown cannabis possible. Their small-batch, organic flower is grown in the Mayacama mountains using fresh mountain water, and the unrivaled spectrum of the California sun.


flower, pre-rolls


  • Through years of meticulous breeding and selection, Ben and Marley have created the majority of the strains Esensia offers.
  • They have collaborated with industry leaders to create products including concentrates, vape cartridges, and tinctures.
  • Esensia has won 11 Emerald Cup Awards and 5 California State Fair Awards.


Astral Farms 420 FLOWER LA Weekly

Astral Farms 

If you’re looking for a cannabis brand that is focused on mind and spirit, look no further than Astral Farms. They seek out genetics that are not only potent and flavorful but also serve a deeper purpose. Astral Farms offers strains that could help with anxiety and depression, promote relaxation and creativity, and connect users to a higher power.




  • Some of the most exclusive, sought-after lineages, bred exclusively for Doja Pack, are being offered through exclusive fresh drops.
  • Astral Farms supports local charities that focus on issues such as environmental conservation and social justice, and they are committed to making a positive impact in their community.
  • Astral Farms focuses on the holistic benefits of cannabis, rather than simply the recreational.


Official Gooniez 420 FLOWER LA Weekly


Official Gooniez is a San Francisco-based flower brand known for their exclusive and elusive collaborations. They are a California legacy brand with plans to expand their farm operations soon. 




  • Gooniez Secret Breakfast collaboration with Buddy’s Bodega, first launched in New York, is now available in California.
  • Gooniez has collaborated with Bubba Gum Co., 12 Alarm Fire, and Dubz Garden. 


THC Design 420 FLOWER LA Weekly

THC Design🌳 @thcdesign

THC Design moved into the adult-use market in 2016 after a long history growing in California. Their indoor-grown cannabis brand benefits from over 150 different cultivars in its genetic library, and has also made sustainability a priority, utilizing Integrated Pest Management, water reclamation techniques, LED lighting, and renewable energy.


flower, pre-rolls


  • THC Design is working to shift the industry conversation away from THC percentages to a more nuanced view of the ways that different cannabis chemotypes affect different people.
  • A large part of their mission is to help to improve local communities through direct action including feeding the homeless, supporting LGBTQIA groups, and environmental cleanups.
  • THC Design won three awards at The 2023 Farmers Cup People’s Choice Awards in San Diego.


A Golden State 420 FLOWER LA Weekly

A Golden State🌳@agoldenstate

Based in Lake Shasta, A Golden State set about with the mission to ensure customers are consuming the most eco-friendly and socially justified product. They produce distinct cannabis strains; each cultivar created specifically for relaxation, recreation, sharing, unwinding, or finding just the right head space. A Golden State is not a brand or place, it’s a state of being.


flower, pre-rolls, solventless live rosin


  • A Golden State has gone completely hydroelectric with their cultivations, uses organic growing processes and sustainable sources for their packaging, and donates to community gardens.
  • Known for their award-winning proprietary genetics

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