4 Ways to Have Success as an Entrepreneur, According to Nate the Great Peterman

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While there are currently 31 million entrepreneurs in the United States alone, that number doesn’t account for those who’ve tried to start businesses without success. While some appear to crack the code by developing companies that excel over the years, thriving in even the most challenging economies, others have faltered. Running a business may seem like an incredible opportunity, but bringing the vision to life requires much more work than most realize. Nate Peterman, also known as Nate the Great, knows that better than most people as a successful entrepreneur who scaled a business from zero to six figures. Although often unheard of, Nate shares valuable tips to help others achieve such an outstanding goal.

Be yourself and do what you love. Although it may sound cliche, Nate says it’s one of the essential parts of running a successful business – doing what you love with a true purpose. If you’re only starting a business because it seems like the thing to do based on trends, but you have no genuine interest in it, you can’t expect it to do well. You need to have that true passion for what you’re going to sell to the public, whether it’s a product or service. When there is passion, a fire is ignited within you that keeps you motivated, even on the most challenging days. If you feel motivated, you’ll keep moving forward and have a better chance of running your business for years to come.

Don’t run a business just to make money. Some people start businesses because they love the idea of selling something to consumers and being their own boss. However, others try to start a business solely to make money without a real objective to address the pain points that consumers might have. According to Nate, your business should offer a solution to a problem or pain point, no matter what that problem may be for the consumers. Yes, the purpose of operating a business is to earn money and make a living, but there should be more to it than that. If you’re focusing solely on the money, you may struggle to experience your desired growth.

Gain profitable skills to use to your advantage. It’s never too late to gain valuable skills that you can apply to your business when starting one. Nate used his experience working with various companies, including McDonald’s, Sheetz, and even Dick’s Sporting Goods. One of the most critical things he learned while working for different companies was the value of good customer service. He witnessed the difference that kindness and compassion for customers made in their daily lives,  regardless of what that business sold. He used what he learned about customer service to build his business, ensuring that Symba Marketing surpassed customer expectations to provide the absolute best experiences possible.

Get in the right mindset. Although skills and passion play an essential role in the success of a business, getting in the right mindset is also a must. If you wake up each day feeling stressed and unsure of what the future holds for your business, you’ll never get further than you’d like. But if you change your mindset and start thinking positively as you plan each step you need to take to see results, you can expect to accomplish goals and have more success.

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