People suffering from tinnitus hear a ringing in the ears. This constant ringing can be irritating, driving people mad. Sometimes it occurs because of an injury, and at other times, there can be absolutely no reason at all. This eternal struggle to silence the ringing can be an ongoing struggle, and it can interfere with everyday life.

To treat tinnitus, doctors first try and determine the cause. But sometimes, medications do not work. This is when supplements help. Although most doctors do not believe that alternative medicine can help, many consumers swear by the effectiveness of the supplements. Tinnitus supplements are manufactured by the dozens but only a few work.

This list contains the top 4 supplements that promise to provide relief from tinnitus, eliminating the ringing sound and providing peace. These supplements are:-

  1. Silencil

One of the best supplements to reverse tinnitus, Silencil helps in improving brain functions. The creators of the supplement claim that they have discovered the main cause of tinnitus. This has allowed them to research the medical condition and come up with solutions that will help reverse it. First, before going into the formulation of the product and how it works, readers should understand the primary cause behind the medical condition of tinnitus. The “auditory cortex” region of the brain receives and interprets the sound signals. The condition of tinnitus arises when this part of the brain gets impaired. Even though it’s a medical condition that can easily be treated, it may have fatal consequences if left untreated. So, when the auditory cortex is unable to function properly and cannot separate the signals and mixes them up, it leads to the development of annoying noises in the brain.

Now, the manufacturers of the supplement have developed a unique proprietary blend that will help users to reverse tinnitus. The composition contains 28 naturally occurring substances, and every capsule will help in decreasing inflammation from the nerve cells and brain tissues. It helps in mitigating other associated symptoms as well. It’s a 100% potent and pure supplement created under expert supervision, so there are no side effects of the supplement. Among the 28 ingredients, there are a few of them that are in significant proportions.

First, there’s Skullcap, which is derived from a flowering plant. It addresses digestive and kidney problems. Second, Hawthorn is another natural extract, and its berries and fruits help cure heart-related issues. They both reduce inflammation in the brain. Rhodiola, Oat Straw, and Mucuna Pruriens help reduce the ear noise and also help in improving cognitive functions. GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is an amino acid that performs the role of a neurotransmitter in the brain. Its main role is to eliminate those brain signals that can deteriorate the nervous system. The amino acid can alleviate stress, anxiety and uplift the mood of the user. Other ingredients like Ashwagandha and Chamomile also perform similar functions. They allow the users to cope with depression and sleep disorders. Other ingredients include vitamin B1, B2, B6, and micronutrients like potassium and zinc. They help improve cognitive functions and increase energy levels in the body and build the immune system. As the medical condition involves impairment in a part of the brain, most of the ingredients used help heal this part so that it is able to separate sound signals received by the brain.

Coming to the potency of the supplement, the manufacturers have used a 100% all-natural formulation to prepare the product. According to the manufacturers, before launching the product into the market, they have tested it with 40 men and women. They claim that the supplement helps each one of them eliminate the medical condition of tinnitus. So, it’s a proven formula and people will find it effective. There’s no anecdotal proof that it results in any harmful side effects. There are no addictive and banned substances used as well. Even though the supplement is deemed fit and pure for regular supplementation by renowned medical practitioners around the world, it’s advisable for the customers, especially those with comorbidities, to consult their physicians before they decide to consume a regular dose of the supplement.

The supplement is suitable for men and women of all ages. As tinnitus is a very common problem and can be developed by anyone. The non-invasive supplement is safe and risk-free and can be used by people suffering from the condition.

The product is only available on the official website of the company. So, interested users can visit the website and see the available packages.

The seller mainly offers three packages– one bottle is available for $69 and is enough for one month. A three-month supply that contains three bottles of the supplement is available for $177, i.e., $59 for each unit. The six-month supply has six bottles of the supplement and can be purchased by users for $294 or $49 per item. There are shipping charges that aren’t included in the package, which depend on the shipping address.

Another perk of selecting this product is the 60-day refund guarantee offered by the seller on it. So, if the buyer is not content with the product, they can choose to return the items and claim a refund. They will have to contact the customer care of the company and inform them of their situation. Once the company’s customer service initiates the refund process, users can start to ship their products within the stipulated 60 days. After the products have been approved, users will get back their money.

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  1. Synapse XT

Another highly-rated tinnitus supplement is Synapse XT. It has made its name in the supplement industry because of its effectiveness and the results it provides to its customers. Not only tinnitus-relief, but as per the manufacturer, Synapse XT can help alleviate other ear problems and infections as well. It can help mitigate the annoying noises that a person might hear when he’s suffering from tinnitus. Even though people might think it’s a disorder that can’t be treated, tinnitus is a common medical ear infection, and millions of people around the world suffer from it. Not only do adults develop the condition, but young people might also be suffering from the issue as well. But it’s a condition that is developed as a person gets older. As per a report from the American Tinnitus Association or the ATA, around 50 million people aged above 18 years suffer from the infection. Tinnitus makes it into the list of top health problems amongst adults in the US. Since it’s regarded as a minor problem by people, most of them tend to live with it for a prolonged period. This becomes a serious problem when left untreated and can have fatal consequences. Another report that appeared in the American Journal of Medicine states that tinnitus symptoms might worsen with age. The situation becomes even worse for men or women who indulge in smoking or drinking regularly.


So, readers must know one fact- tinnitus can be cured. And, there’s an up-and-coming supplement launched in the market for this purpose. Synapse XT contains the highest-quality, naturally derived ingredients in its formulation. It’s important for potential customers to know the reason behind this ear infection before they know the working of the supplement and the ingredients used in its composition. There’s a region in the brain called the “auditory cortex”. This part of the neural system obtains the sound signals from the ears and is responsible for interpreting them. Due to multiple reasons, this part can sometimes get impaired, and when it does, it becomes extremely difficult for it to separate signals. Ultimately, it ends up mixing different types of sound signals, and this causes irksome noises in the brain, which can be irritating and frustrating for anyone. The condition of tinnitus can increase stress and anxiety as the buzzing sounds can be difficult to hear for a long period.

The Synapse XT supplement is formulated using 100% organic ingredients that will help users eliminate tinnitus. The manufacturers are quite transparent with the ingredients they have used to prepare the product. Users can visit the website of the company and have a look at it. The ingredients used are mostly similar to those used in every other anti-tinnitus supplement. Juniper berry contains antioxidants in high amounts, which help in detoxifying the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation from the brain. Hawthorn again helps in removing toxins from the body and develops the immune system. Green tea extract is another important ingredient that is rich in antioxidants. It helps in weight loss and prevents the development of chronic diseases. Hibiscus extract helps lower blood pressure and reduces stress and anxiety; it enhances liver health and protects the body from various cancers. The herb also prevents microbial infections as it has antimicrobial properties. Garlic and vitamin C build the user’s immunity and repair the impaired brain cells in the auditory cortex region. It also aids in the production of new cells in the brain. Magnesium and vitamin B complex are two groups of micronutrients that most daily diets lack. Synapse XT ensures that the daily recommended intake, required for the healthy and stable functioning of the brain, is achieved. It also improves neural functions and lowers insulin resistance in the body.

Now, as the product is prepared with 100% natural substances, there are no side effects of the product. The seller claims that the supplement has a satisfaction rate of over 95%. So, almost everyone who purchases the product has left a positive review about it. It’s a risk-free and non-invasive method to reverse tinnitus. Although it’s a natural supplement, experts always advise users to consult their doctors before they decide to add a supplement to their diets.

People can purchase the Synapse XT supplement from the seller’s official website. They will see that there are primarily three packages available, which are, one-month package, three-month package, and six-month package. The one-month package is worth $69 plus $7.95 for shipping. The 3-month supply can be purchased for $177 and the six-month package for $294. The shipping is free for these two packages. The company also backs the supplement with a 60-day refund guarantee, so if users are unhappy, they can choose to claim a refund.

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  1. Phytage Labs Tinnitus 911

Tinnitus 911 is probably the most popular anti-tinnitus supplement available in the market. It’s labeled under Phytage Labs which is arguably one of the more trusted medicinal brands in the world. The company, over the years, has been providing genuine and safe supplements to consume regularly. Like other supplements, its primary role is to cure hearing and neural issues, uplifting the overall mood of the user. Other benefits include alleviating headaches, dizziness, and nausea. As it helps in calming the mind, users will be able to improve the quality of their lives with regular supplementation of Tinnitus 911. Although it’s difficult to confirm if the user will experience every benefit listed by the company, the main aspect of the product remains that it’s the most scientifically-researched and medically tested anti-tinnitus supplement in the market

The problem of tinnitus originates from the brain. It’s the role of a region known as the “auditory cortex” to differentiate the various kinds of sound signals it receives from the ears. It interprets such sounds and passes them onto another part of the brain, interpreting the signal. Now because of numerous reasons, the cells present in this region of the brain can get impaired. When it does get impaired, the auditory cortex is unable to exercise its role. It mixes up sound signals and fails to differentiate between them, which results in the emergence of tinnitus. The user starts to hear annoying, buzzing, and whooshing sounds as a result.

This is where an efficacious supplement such as Tinnitus 911 comes into play. The natural formulation helps the user to eradicate the problem of tinnitus from its very roots. There are around 30 naturally extracted substances used in the composition of the product. Potential buyers of the supplement can visit the seller’s official website and see the entire list of ingredients. Most of the constituents are similar to all anti-tinnitus supplements. Vitamin B complex consists of vitamin B1, B2, B6 which is responsible for maintaining the healthy functioning of the brain and is added to the composition. It prevents the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, aids memory power, and improves the mood of the user. Olive leaf derivative is another ingredient added in the composition that reduces the inflammation in the brain and kills cancer cells. Garlic is another herb present in the composition which has pain-relieving and antibacterial properties. It mitigates the symptoms related to tinnitus and detoxifies the body. Niacin and Buchu leaves enhance memory power and helps in repairing the brain cells. They are ancient organic substances that help in the treatment of various diseases and infections as well. Their primary job is to help in the production of new brain cells and eliminate the infection from its origins.

Coming to how the supplement works, it’s quite complex, and is a four-step method:

  1. The ingredients work in sync to detoxify the body from toxins. The accumulation of harmful toxins in the brain is the primary cause behind ear infections, so it’s imperative to eliminate them from the body first.
  2. The supplement helps in improving the cognitive functions of the user. It helps in repairing the impaired brain cells and improves the concentration levels of the user. It also boosts memory power, making it ideal for students and professionals.
  3. Tinnitus 911 helps in alleviating stress and anxiety from the mind.

It helps maintain the hormonal balance in the body and can help overcome depression and insomnia. Last but not least, it helps in the repair and regeneration of brain cells. It also builds metabolism and protects the nervous system, preventing it from further damage and deterioration.

Since it’s a supplement formulated using 100% natural and highest-quality ingredients, it’s safe for regular consumption. The manufacturer claims that there’s zero anecdotal evidence of any side effects caused by the supplement. It’s clinically tested and prepared under the supervision of experts. So, there’s no reason for users to get alarmed.

Now, the sellers offer three packages to their interested buyers. Each bottle is a supply for one month. One bottle can be bought for $69.95. Three bottles are available for $179.85, i.e., $59.95 per unit of the item. Six bottles can be purchased for $299.70, i.e., $49.95 for every bottle. There are shipping and handling charges that have to be paid separately, depending on the user’s location. The 60-day money-back guarantee backing the product is another advantage of buying it. Users can easily get a 100% refund if they aren’t satisfied with the supplement by returning the items they had received to the company’s warehouse.

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  1. Sonus Complete

In the past couple of years, Sonus Complete is one of those supplements that have emerged as one of the more trusted supplements. The manufacturers have always looked to improve the product and make it more consumer-friendly. It has been recommended for the treatment of ear infections like tinnitus by ENT experts across the world. According to the manufacturers, they have prepared the supplement with the highest-quality, organic ingredients. They claim that before launching it in the market, they have tried and tested this product on numerous individuals. And, there have been zero cases of any side effects caused by the supplement. This makes it not only effective but safe for regular consumption too.

A WHO (World Health Organization) study states that ear infections are among the world’s most common diseases. Both young and old people can have these infections. Data says that around 60-80% of infants worldwide suffer from some kind or the other earn infection. As per another report, more than one-fourth of the American population suffers from tinnitus. There’s a statistic published in the American Journal of Medicine that says that around 4.5% to 30% of people worldwide are or were suffering from the medical condition of tinnitus. So, as readers might observe, it’s a common issue that can easily be addressed using a natural supplement. Many ENT experts say that even though it can be treated, tinnitus must not be taken lightly and cured right away before the issue gets aggravated.

So, people should know the origin of the tinnitus infection first. The “auditory cortex” part of the brain controls the functions of receiving and interpreting the sound signals. When this region gets damaged for various reasons, it cannot interpret the signals correctly. It also becomes difficult for it to differentiate between the signals. This results in the annoying noises which people hear, time to time. Tinnitus causes stress and anxiety to the user. It can lead to headaches and migraines as well.

The Sonus Complete supplement works in a four-step method:

  1. They identify the target or the region of attack.
  2. The ingredients in the supplement get absorbed in the bloodstream and start to act on the target.
  3. The supplement detoxifies the brain from harmful toxins. It’s full of antioxidants and helps in cleansing the body. The accumulation of toxins in the body is the main cause behind the damage to the auditory cortex region, so it becomes necessary to eliminate it.
  4. It enhances the cognitive functions of the user.

The manufacturers claim that it can help in improving the user’s memory power and focus levels. And, fourth, the supplement contains ingredients that have a calming effect on the mind. It reduces stress and anxiety in the mind. The manufacturers also claim that the supplement can help in overcoming insomnia and depression.

The list of ingredients can be accessed by users on the company’s official website. They are very transparent about it. Most of the substances used are organic and of the highest quality. Niacin and Buchu leaves are used in the composition, which helps produce new brain cells and repair the damaged ones. Vitamin B complex is another group of micronutrients that isn’t consumed in recommended quantities by most people. It helps in building the immune system and enhances brain functions. Hawthorn extract and Juniper berries are two more significant ingredients used in the formulation. They are rich in antioxidants and help in the detoxification of the toxins accumulated in the brain cells. Garlic is an organic herb used to treat multiple diseases and develop the immunity of the user. It has antibacterial properties and helps in preventing infections. It can also kill cancer cells developing in the body. Another unique naturally derived substance used in the composition is olive leaf extract, which reduces the inflammation from the body and mind.

The company’s customer satisfaction rate is more than 96%, so the majority of the users purchasing it are content with the product. And, if they have any issue with the supplement, they can choose to return the items they received, and obtain a full refund, excluding shipping and handling charges. Interested buyers can visit the official website of the company and order the package most suited to them. There are mainly three packages provided by the company.

  • The one-month pack is available for $69,
  • The three-month pack is available for $177 ($59 for every unit),
  • The six-month pack is available for $294 ($49 for each unit).

The shipping and handling charges are based on the shipping address and have to be paid separately. The customers can avail of a 60-day refund guarantee if they feel the supplement didn’t live up to their expectations.

Determination of the Rankings

All the supplements referred above have been specifically created to help people suffering from tinnitus. None of these supplements are miracle-cures. But they provide the body with ingredients essential to tackle tinnitus.

To determine their ranking, each of these supplements has been matched against some specifications as given below –

  1. Ingredients used in the formula – Transparency and purity is the key when it concerns ingredients. The only supplements included in this list are those that have a label on the bottle regarding the list of ingredients used in the formula.
  2. The company’s transparency regarding the ingredients– The company’s transparency is another major factor that plays a big role. The supplements used above have been manufactured by companies completely transparent with all information.
  3. The science behind the use of the ingredient– Each of the ingredients used in the supplement has been used in some form or another for treating tinnitus and its symptoms. Some of these ingredients have been used in ancient medicines, too and their effectiveness is well-known and well-researched. A lot of research has gone into the ingredients and the formula before they have been used.
  4. Doctor’s recommendations– The supplements are endorsed by licensed medical practitioners.
  5. The company’s refund policy –When a product comes with a guarantee and good refund policy, the consumer’s trust in the brand increases and thus, this is one of the factors considered when preparing this ranking of best tinnitus supplements. 


Who Can Use These Supplements?

These supplements are for people suffering from tinnitus. The formula provides many other benefits too. It is a general misconception that only senior citizens fall prey to this disease, but tinnitus affects people of all ages. The condition worsens when left untreated, and some people experience it in more severity than others.


How should tinnitus supplements be used?

These supplements should be used according to the directions of the manufacturer. Mostly they are to be taken once a day, but some of them need to be taken twice a day. The label should have this information, but if it doesn’t, then divide the capsules in the bottle by 30, and you have your dosage.


Is tinnitus curable?

The curability of this disease is debatable in the medical community also. Although some treatments do provide relief, nothing has been known to erase the ringing completely.


Do tinnitus supplements work?

As already mentioned before, tinnitus is not completely curable and there are a lot of scam products in the market. With the absence of proof of their effectiveness, it cannot be said with certainty that tinnitus supplements work. However, there is a way to steer clear of these scams – by checking the ingredient list on the bottle. If the ingredients do not include those that impact hearing, it is best to consult with a physician to ascertain the supplement’s authenticity. It is best to avoid those supplements that contain fillers in the ingredient list or buy from unauthorized retailers. None of the supplements listed above have authorized 3rd party sale of their products


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The information available online is not accurate and completely positive, which makes using these supplements difficult. People using these supplements are unsure if they will work and how effective they are. The only hope lies in the natural ingredients that are used in these supplements.

At present, none of the treatments available for tinnitus are completely effective and the only hope is that the natural ingredients, some of which have been used in ancient medicines, will provide relief. It is also not known why the supplements work well for some people and are not effective for others.

These rankings are subject to change. However, at present, these are the best tinnitus supplements and, for people suffering from tinnitus, these are the best options.


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