Squirrels may be cute but they are pests and are known to feed on farm produce such as wheat, corn, soybeans, fruits and oats.  They are a hazard to farmers. Their speed makes it difficult to get rid of them and so it becomes necessary to make use of squirrel repellants.

There are basically two major types of squirrel repellents – Ultrasonic and Chemical repellents. Both of these are effective. There are, however, a few differences between them.

Difference Between Ultrasonic and Chemical Repellents

Any sound wave over 20kHz is ultrasonic. This sound is inaudible to humans and audible to dogs and most animals, including squirrels. Ultrasonic repellents emit different pitches of sounds that frighten and irritate squirrels, thus repelling them.

Chemical repellents, on the other hand, include those using natural ingredients such as fox’s urine. They work because these repellents contain ingredients disliked by squirrels.

Since it is not easy to find the best product, the best squirrel repellents have been given here to help the reader.

1. DURANOM Ultrasonic Repellent Outdoor

Current Price:  $219.99 plus shipping charges

Size of Device:   55.5 by 25 by 37.5 inches

Capacity Weight: 300lbs

Batteries: AAA (3)

Refund Policy: Contact Amazon website

Where to Buy: Official Amazon website

Duranom Ultrasonic Repellent Outdoor is an outdoor product with a sensor that identifies an intruder and gets switches on to blind it and thus repelling it.  The device uses solar energy and is waterproof, which means that it can withstand any weather. The repellent has sound in wavelength inaudible to human ears.

Given below are the features of Duranom Ultrasonic Repellent Outdoor:

  • Motion Sensor: The sensor is able to tell when there is an intruder with lights that switch on automatically.
  • Flashing lights: Flashing LED lights blind the intruder as soon as the sensor identifies them. This is not harmful to the pests.
  • Radiant Ultra Powerful Sound: Once the intruder is identified and the lights have gone on, the device creates ultrasonic to chase the intruder away.
  • Batteries: The device also has batteries for recharging the device when there is not enough sunlight to recharge.

How does Duranom Ultrasonic Repellent Outdoor work?

Duranom Ultrasonic Repellent Outdoor works by releasing short-wavelength sound waves at high frequency that can be heard by squirrels and other pests to repel them.

Benefits of Duranom Ultrasonic Repellent Outdoor

  • Saves on power: Using the device will save on electricity as it works on solar energy.
  • Human safe: The device is safe for humans because of the high quality and durable materials used.
  • Keeps away pests: The device also works to repel other pests like raccoons, rats, rabbits etc.
  • Easy to Assemble: The device comes with easy-to-understand instructions to assemble and use.
  • Animals and pests will be able to detect the device and hence no damage caused other than the intruder walking away.

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  • Waterproof
  • Ultrasonic sounds inaudible to humans
  • Rechargeable
  • Safe to animals


  • There are no known side effects

2. Tomcat Animal Repellents

Current Price:  $28.49 plus shipping fees.

Free shipping on purchase of $30.00 or more

Size of Device:   3.25x9x19x4.38 inches

Capacity Weight: 2.2lbs

Refund Policy: 100% money back guarantee. Contact the seller

Where to Buy: Official Amazon website

Tomcat Repellents are granules to prevent squirrels and other pests from entering into homes.  They are available in the form of granules that repulse animals due to their smell.  The formula in the granules is safe for use around the house as it not poisonous.  It can be used to protect food in farms, garden and other landscape. It contains essential oils to deliver a taste and smell repulsive to pests and animals. It’s a long-lasting, safe and rain-resistant formula.

How does Tomcat Repellent work?

The combination of peppermint oil, garlic oil and cinnamon releases a very strong smell which drives away the rodents and other pests.

How to use Tomcat Repellent

  • Remove the seal under the cap and replace the shaker top.
  • Hold the bottle with the shaker top held forward and shake the bottle from one side to another to pour out.
  • Sprinkle the contents liberally on the soil or around the house.
  • Application should be repeated 30 days after initial application. More applications may be needed should there be heavy rainfall or when any pest activity is detected.

Ingredients of Tomcat Repellent

Tomcat Repellent is made of high quality natural ingredients and essential oils that have undergone thorough research under safe and secure conditions.  The ingredients in the formula are given below:

  • Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is made using spearmint and water mint.  This indigenous plant originated in the Middle East and Europe. Peppermint has a very strong aroma and is a good ingredient for expulsion of squirrels, animals and pests. It does not cause any harm to plants and is preferred against other products.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a herb that comes from the bark of the tree originally planted in the Arab countries. The spice is known for rich and strong flavor and is known for medicinal use.  This pungent spice keeps pests away.  Being a natural ingredient, there is no harm when it comes into contact with pests or plants.

  • Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is a by-product of garlic, commonly used as a herbal medicine and insecticide. The oil is prepared by the method of steam distillation. The strong aroma from garlic contributes to the repulsion of pests and animals.

Benefits of Tomcat Repellent

  • A small amount of the repellent granules is enough to repel animals and pests.
  • It is a one-step way to protect the landscape and garden from rodents, squirrels and other pests.
  • The repellent is long-lasting and rain resistant.
  • It does not harm the plants when in direct contact.
  • It can be applied liberally to the soil without fear of chemical interference.
  • It can cover a wide area and therefore, keep away pests and animals away from homes and plants.

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  • Ready to use
  • Made with natural ingredients and essential oils
  • Can be sprayed without causing any harm
  • Water proof
  • To be sprayed once a month


  • No known side effects

3. Rodent Sheriff Pest Control

Current Price:  $43.00 for 2 sprays and $52.00 for 3 sprays plus shipping fees

Item Package: 2 sprays

Size of sprayer:  10×4.25×3.5 inches

Weight of item: 1.43 pounds

Refund Policy: 30-day money back guarantee -contact Amazon website

Where to Buy: Official Amazon website

Rodent Sheriff Pest Control is the a top ranking bestseller in the USA and is manufactured using a natural peppermint-formula.  The spray has a long-lasting fresh scent of mint which repels rodents, squirrels, mice, rats and other pests. Once they smell or inhale it, they run away.  As it is a natural formula, the spray is safe to use everywhere.

How Rodent Sheriff Pest Control Work

The product works with the sprayer releasing the peppermint scent that repels the rodents.  The spray does not in any way harm the rodents – they just run away from the smell.

How to use Rodent Sheriff Pest Control

  • Shake the bottle to allow the mixing of the ingredients
  • Spray directly to the infested areas liberally including indoors and outdoors.
  • If the peppermint smell is too strong, use a mask to prevent from inhaling.
  • It can be sprayed anytime there is a possibility of rodents and pests or just as a barrier to prevent them from entering homes. Can be resprayed again.
  • The sprayer should be kept away from children to avoid any accidents. 

Ingredients of Rodent Sheriff Pest Control

Rodent Sheriff Pest Control has been made using non-toxic natural ingredients after thorough research and tests which have proven effective. Below are the ingredients:

  • Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is extracted from spearmint and has a very potent smell that rodents, pests, rats and mice cannot. Peppermint causes no harm to human beings, pests or rodents. When used in the house, the scent is pleasant and refreshing.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This is a foaming agent and is found in most detergents, shampoos, soaps and other health care products. The product comes from palm kennel oil or coconut oil.

  • Sodium Benzoate

Sodium benzoate is a man-made product, produced by combining sodium hydroxide and sodium benzoic. Benzoic is found in plants like cinnamon, tomatoes, cloves and apples etc. The product is used as a flavoring agent and an antimicrobial preservative, commonly used in drinks and food. The product is also used by the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Water

Water, also known as aqua, is another ingredient used in the preparation of Rodent Sheriff Pest Control.  The main purpose of using water in the product is to mix all the ingredients together to form a base for the actual formula.

Benefits of Rodent Sheriff Pest Control

  • The product is made with natural ingredients, which are not harmful to humans but lethal to pests and animals.
  • It is proven to repel pests and rodents and animals.
  • The pungent smell from peppermint lingers long and will prevent the pests and rodents from going anywhere near the source of smell.
  • It is easy to use as there is no mixing of ingredients.  Just a few sprays and the liquid is dispensed.
  • It saves money as the sprayer is bought in twos, which is a bargain.
  • The repellent can be used as liberally as possible as there is no danger of toxicity due to the natural composition.
  • There is no harm to plants even when there is direct contact.
  • It can be sprayed on other surfaces like garages, attics, flower gardens, lawns and landscapes to keep away pests and rodents.
  • It is user friendly as the handy spray is not too large and is easy to hold on one hand.

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  • User friendly and ready to use
  • Naturally repels pests and rodents without killing them
  • Does not contain poisonous chemicals.
  • Creates a natural barrier that stops animals and pests from entering the sprayed area
  • Waterproof
  • Can double up as an air refresher
  • Safe to use both indoors and outdoors


  • Being a natural product, there is no known side effect. However, after rainfall or a storm, the surfaces and other areas can be sprayed.

4. Shake Away 2852228 Fox Urine Granules

  • Current Price: $17.99 plus shipping
  • Item Package: granules
  • Size of container:4x4x9 inches inches
  • Weight of item: 2.09 pounds
  • Refund Policy: contact 30-day money back guarantee less shipping -contact Amazon website
  • Where to Buy: Official Amazon website

Shake Away 2852228 Fox Urine Granules are made of inorganic minerals, porous in nature and impervious to rainfall. Shake-Away Fox Urine Granules is a natural and effective way to keep animals and other rodents from tampering with gardens and flower beds as the product is time released. The major component in this product is fox’s urine, which gives the rodents and like rabbits, squirrels and other pest the impression of a fox being in the vicinity, thus scaring them away. This product capitalizes on the prey-predator conflict.

How Shake Away 2852228 Fox Urine Works

The strong odor of fox urine in the granules sends pests and rodents scuttling away for fear of being attacked by foxes. After the granules are applied, the smell sends a message that there are foxes around. This forces the prey to flee for fear of being attacked. Animals are generally programmed to flee from predators. Hence, they will flee from area where there is danger. This is the predator and prey correlation. Due to the non-toxic nature of the granules, they are not harmful to pests and other animals.

How to use Shake Away 2852228 Fox Urine Works 

  • The product should be used outside the house in flower beds, garden and on potted plants. It is not to be used inside the home.
  • Application is twice during the first two weeks and thereafter, twice a month or as directed by the manufacturer.
  • The product should be scattered lightly on the area to be protected from squirrels and other pests. Consistency in application is important for the effectiveness of the granules.
  • Moderate and light rain may not affect the granules but heavy rains may reduce the potency and hence, in case of heavy rain, re-application of the granules is recommended.
  • Use a mask should the smell be too strong. The granules are not harmful to humans.
  • The bottle should be kept in a safe place and away from small children.
  • Avoid any contact with eyes and skin.
  • Read the manual for further instructions and clarity.

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Ingredients in Shake Away 2852228 Fox Urine Works

  • Fox Urine

Fox Urine is the main ingredient in the granules.  It can be sourced from    trappers who collect and supply urine from foxes. They lay traps in fox’s habitation and wait for the urine to accumulate.  The urine is then dried and made into granules.

  • Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock and is a common carbonate composed of aragonite and calcite.  Due to the composition of limestone with other minerals, including clay, it hardens when mixed with water, forming what is known as limestone.

  • Crystalline Silica

Silica is a composition of oxygen and silicon, which are common mineral elements. The product helps in crystallization of products.

Benefits of Shake Away 2852228 Fox Urine 

  • The product is a non-toxic method of eliminating and reducing pests and other rodents.
  • The granules have been proven to work due to the predator-prey concept.
  • The product is easy-to-apply and works on a time-released urine granules method.
  • The pungent urine smell from the granules stays longer and creates a barrier preventing rodents and pests from crossing.
  • The product is easy to use with an easy application method. There is no mixing of chemicals or ingredients.
  • The smell of granules does not affect human beings but is offensive to animals.
  • The granules are bulky and won’t be easily washed away in heavy rains.

They last long as they are resistant to weather changes.

They do not cause death to animals. The smell just creates fear in them, which leads to flee.


  • Use a prey’s instinct of fear of predators to scare pests
  • Natural ingredients used
  • Easy to apply and store.
  • Not for everyday use
  • Waterproof
  • Cannot be smelled by humans
  • Does not cause any allergic reactions
  • No prescription required for purchase
  • Repels all animals


  • Does not have any side effects as it is naturally produced. However, in the case of heavy rains, the granules should be re-applied as they may be washed away.

Shake Away 2852228 Fox Urine Granules can be purchased from Amazon store

Tips to Use Squirrel Repellents 

Squirrel repellents should be applied immediately on spotting squirrels within the property.

Different kinds of repellents should be used. They should be changed in intervals or used in combination with other products and measure to ensure their effectiveness.

Preventive measures such as throwing out garbage, keeping trash sealed, keeping food source away from squirrels, installing metallic or other protective structures around the property should be taken to make it difficult for the squirrels to enter.

Identify the area where squirrels are most likely to be seen and use the repellents liberally in this area.

People with pets should let out their cats and dogs as they the best deterrents. Squirrels are afraid of these big animals and keep away from them

Eliminate the source of water as squirrels will appear wherever there is water. Like every other being, squirrels need to keep hydrated and are naturally attracted towards places with a regular source of water.

Clear out places, especially the attic, where squirrels tend to build nests.

Use a rotary sprinkler that is motion activated to scare away the critters.

Squirrels hate flowers such as mint, lily of the valley, geraniums, daffordils and others. Plant such flowers in the garden. Other plants that can be planted are garlic, onion, herbs, scallions and leek, the smell of which drives squirrels away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should natural repellents be reapplied after a rainfall?

Yes. Natural repellents should be reapplied after a rainfall as rain washes away the product.

Are products sprayed with repellents safe for consumption?

No. No edible product sprayed with repellents should be eaten in case there is any kind of allergic reaction.

Are Ultrasonic squirrel repellents effective?

Yes. Ultrasonic squirrel repellents are extremely effective because the sound created is audible to pests. It scares and irritates them, causing them to flee.

Are any of the above repellents life-threatening to squirrels?

No. None of the above repellents can kill squirrels. They only prevent them from entering homes and gardens etc., and stop them from destroying food and other things.


Squirrel repellents can be used safely as a short term method to keep these pests away. The repellents should be changed over time or used in combination with other preventive methods to make them more effective.

All the products listed above have been chosen for their effectiveness, price and safety. The humane factor has also been taken into consideration, ensuring that the products are not harmful to the squirrels but only scare them away.

Squirrels are cute but they are pests nonetheless, causing damage to property, food and making nests out of wires inside the house. While all these products are good to use, it is always best to take preventive measures as given in the tips and tricks section. Cutting out the source of food and water is one of the best ways to keep out squirrels. The pests will not go where there is no food and water. Also, it is necessary to cut out entry into the house. Seal cracks to prevent them from entering. People with bird-feeders in the garden have these regular visitors. They need to use squirrel proof products to ensure that only birds visit them.

Remember that these critters are small, fast and jumpy. They have sharp teeth and jaws but they prefer to run rather than fight. Take advantage of this nature and use products or pets to get squirrels to run away. As mentioned before, dogs and cats are big squirrel deterrents and should be let out as much as possible. In fact, there should be no schedule in their outings.

All these together will help keep squirrels away without actually causing them any harm.

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