There’s something particularly auspicious about this year’s 4/20 holiday. It feels like a lucky day to enjoy a bountiful cannabis harvest that’s plentiful in product and abundant in yield, thanks to the best 4/20 deals we’ve seen in years. While we are lucky to enjoy cannabis any day we want in California, there’s something sweet about all the sticky bud we can score during cannabis’ biggest holiday. Whether you’re looking for 4/20 deals on disposables, vape carts, edibles, CBD, Delta 8 or more, we’ve got quite the roundup of top-quality discounts and deals for you to take advantage of. With so many brands starting their 4/20 sales early, you can start to shop the holiday deals as soon as now! Don’t let a sweet deal slip through your fingers. 

High 90s

Our 1 gram rechargeable disposable vapes are the perfect match for those that are on-the-go and when convenience is a priority. Included with each device is a charging cable so you never run out of battery. OUT NOW: Pineapple, Peach, Strawberry, Gelato and more coming soon. Find a licensed dispensary near you to taste The Sweetest High today!

Purchase by finding a store near you on Weedmaps.

IG: @high90s

Perfect Blends

Get high and stay sharp with SEXPOT, designed for connection and euphoria while enabling control and clarity. Lose the self-consciousness, anxiety and even paranoia that often comes with THC. This newest infused flower blend from Perfect contains an entourage of rare cannabinoids and terpenes that have people saying YES. Available in mini prerolls and 3g jar of loose blended flower accompanied with a micropipe to mind your dosage. Have a Perfect 4/20 Hump Day! 💙

For 4/20, Get $42 Off Your Perfect Purchase + Free Shipping with $142 Min Order. Promo Code PERFECT420 til 4/22/22.

GEAR Premium®

Feeling a little uptight? Want to get as laid back as a well-burnished leather recliner with your uncle’s butt print burned into its failing memory foam? Do we have the water pipe for you! Except it’s really nice to look at and doesn’t have a weird, damp smell.

Our favourite bong from GEAR Premium® Sidekick includes a patented lighter holster and is available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Shop online today.


At Farm2Lab, we take careful pride in sourcing the best genetics that turn into the best recreational cannabis products in California. Started by a stalwart group of lifetime growers, our facility functions at peak efficiency by taking advantage of state-of-the-art workflows: An all L.E.D. light, hydroponic water systems, and an in-house solventless water hash lab. By controlling every phase of the process, we control our quality: Pure. Potent. Perfection.

SoHi District

Welcome to SoHi! We’re a 100% Women-Owned company, with top-notch ingredients sourced from female farmers on California’s Central Coast. We’re on a mission to create a more magical world for all. SoHi’s parent company, Megan’s Organic Market, is committed to providing the highest level of service and education, hiring diverse staff, paying living wages, partnering with local community and non-profit organizations, and serving the needs of communities where we operate. Celebrate 4/20 with a Buy 2, Get 1 for $1 on flower and prerolls – at Mary Jane’s Collective, 4901 Melrose Ave, LA. Stay in the loop on where to buy at: and on Instagram: @sohidistrict.


CURATED In LA – Award-Winning Indoor Premium Flower Cultivation Specialist. 

Originally inspired by the era of ‘90s LA, ENDOS was fundamentally built as an ode to the city. By tapping into the melting pot that is Los Angeles, we connect with people from all walks of life through a love for cannabis. More than just the products we create, ENDOS is a platform for the voices of our community. Telling their stories, and nurturing their spirits is our cause to share, inspire, and enjoy is what we are about.

Studio Linear

You have a vision for your cannabis brand. And you might be an entrepreneur or master grower…but we’re not all designers. That’s where Studio Linear comes in.

We are a female-owned creative agency specializing in cannabis and CBD branding. We create logos and visuals that speak to your ideal audience, packaging that pops off dispensary shelves, and easy-to-use, engaging websites. Let us bring your brand to life!

Megan’s Organic Market (MOM)

Megan’s is a 100% woman-owned company on a mission to create a world where cannabis is destigmatized and embraced. Where sustainable, high-quality cannabis products are accessible and available. And where our industry advances the wellbeing of people and our planet. Megan’s is for anyone who appreciates consistently clean, quality cannabis products. By pairing unique, specially-sourced flower with a beautiful aesthetic, Megan’s is quite literally the treasure at the end of the rainbow! Celebrate 4/20 with a Buy 2, Get 1 for $1 on flower and prerolls – at Mary Jane’s Collective, 4901 Melrose Ave, LA. for retail locations. 



POTENT GOODS is a luxury cannabis and lifestyle brand founded by Gela Nash-Taylor and Travis Nash. The mother and son duo sought out to create a quality cannabis brand that was as visually appealing as it was potent. Inspired by California’s casual yet glamorous culture, POTENT GOODS offers a gentle tilt towards euphoria for the cannabis lover and for those curious. POTENT GOODS offers premium all-in-one vaporizer pens and boutique flower pre-roll packs.


Premium indoor flowers cultivated with the finest genetics. With over twenty years of experience, Flawless Flowers has carved a path of being an elite top shelf brand known for quality, potency, and a supreme smoking experience.

Look for their special in-house bred cultivars like Thermonuclear Lemons, Paris Cake and Chocolate Thai-Dye (Flawless exclusives). Flawless brings everything to the table this 4/20 with a potent range of flower offerings that will make this cannabis holiday one to remember.

VOID Outpost

For anyone who appreciates some out-of-this-world flower, and the true cannabis connoisseur,  buckle up and embark on a journey through a galaxy that’s an exciting mashup of post-apocalyptic and futuristic awesomeness. Nostalgic, cutting edge, novel… it’s the ultimate adventure to an undiscovered marketplace. VOID’s parent company, Megan’s Organic Market, is 100% women-owned and committed to providing the highest level of service and education, hiring diverse staff, paying living wages, partnering with local community and non-profit organizations, and serving the needs of communities where we operate. Celebrate 4/20 with a Buy 1, Get 1 for $1 preroll – available at Mary Jane’s Collective, 4901 Melrose Ave, LA. For retail locations: and follow us at: @voidoutpost.


Taking the cannabinoid market by storm, is one of the fastest growing hemp retailers on the web and offers a large variety of distillates and isolates like HHC, HHCo, HHCp, Delta 8 THCp, Delta 9 THCp, CBN, THCv, THCo and many more to support the DIY market. Additionally, has a wide variety of finished goods in the form of gummies and softgels, such as HHC gummies, delta 9 gummies, THCv gummies, THCp gummies and Delta 9 gummies. Be sure to take advantage of their 42% off sale on all distillates and isolates in celebration of 4/20. Only at

High Grade Farms

Top shelf indoor flowers grown to perfection in small batches. High Grade Farms cultivates a wide variety of craft flower strains that are both parts potent and full of flavor.

With a stable of formidable bangers like Grape Gushers, Han Solo Burger, and Peanut Butter Cup – all commonly testing over 35% THC, High Grade Farms separates themselves from the pack with the highest quality indoor flowers available. Now that’s High Grade!

Find them at fine L.A. area retail shops.

Serene Tree

Introducing Serene Tree, the best reviewed company on the map! Based out of San Diego, Serene Tree has become an online sensation with hundreds of A+ reviews of our Delta-8, Delta-10 and CBD products by the biggest reviewers and industry experts. We’re proud to serve thousands of customers each month with their wellness enhancing lifestyle. Make sure and join our family and check out our 420 sale in person or online today!

Teds Budz

Teds Budz is dedicated to bringing the ultimate experience to connoisseurs that prioritize flavorful terpenes, potency, and quality genetics. Just in time for 4/20, Catch of the Year is an exclusive cross between Tuna Belly x Lemon Cherry x White Cherries. Find Teds Budz at your favorite dispensaries like Cookies, Dr. Greenthumb’s, and local mom and pop shops statewide! Stay updated with the freshest drops and content from Teds Budz on Instagram @tedsbudzco_ &!

Tough Mama

This 4/20 Give Weed a Shot with YOLO SHOTZ by Tough Mama! Available in 3 great flavors: Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, and Berry Crush. Shoot or Mix! Each bottle contains 100mg THC perfect for making 20x5mg Canna-Cocktails or taking straight as 10x10mg shots. Find the store nearest you at Don’t forget to check out Tough Mama’s Instagram for canna-cocktail recipes so easy a gorilla can make them or create your own and share with @toughmamaweed.

Higher Path

Spend 4/20 with the best dispensary in Los Angeles, with bundles and BOGOs and Brand demos – oh, my! The Higher Path is ready to take you higher this 4/20, starting at 8am.

14080 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

(818) 385-1224


Delta Extrax

Happy 4/20 Fam! We’re celebrating by giving you 40% off all 1g Disposables ranging from Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, THCP and more!  😏🔥

Delta Extrax was ranked by High Times as the #1 Best Delta-8 Inhalable and we’re giving you a chance to try them for 40% off! Take advantage while they’re in stock, this will be limited time offer! 🚨


The Other Path CBD

The Other Path CBD store is chock full of deals for 4/20 as it’s also their one year anniversary! Expect tarot readings, brand demos, and whole lot of fun for anyone looking for tinctures, topicals, smokables, drinks, beauty products, smoking accessories and metaphysical curios! Free shipping nationwide!

Claybourne Co.

Hit the road to 420 with Claybourne’s, first-ever, Limited Edition Flower Multi Pack. Experience five (5) different grams of Claybourne Private Stock flower including Black Triangle OG (Indica: 40% Total Cannabinoids), Divine Storm (Indica: 27% Total Cannabinoids), Slurty 3 (Indica Dominant Hybrid: 30% Total Cannabinoids), Double Mints (Indica Dominant Hybrid: 31% Total Cannabinoids), and Chem Dawg (Sativa: 32% Total Cannabinoids). All grown 100% indoors under full-spectrum LEDs.

IG: @claybourne_co

CBD Affiliates

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The Perfect 4/20 Friendly Gift – Empire Glasswork’s Mystery Box!

Empire Smokes’ mystery boxes are unmatched in curation, quality, and value. They personify the Empire’s rich history of pioneering premium, yet affordable cannabis accessories for the community. Each box boasts an unrivaled value with a unique diversity of products exclusively available through this campaign. Gift or discover our standard, with superior gear for tomorrow’s adventures.

Terps from the Town

Oakland Extracts is the oldest and longest-running POC concentrate company in California. Started seven years ago by a chef and former budtender, both dedicated to providing top-shelf quality concentrates at an everyday price. While OE makes many types of concentrates, we focus on easy-to-use concentrates that are great for flower smokers and dabbers. One of OE’s main focuses is on staying true to the plant and representing its natural flavors and effects.

Lumpy’s Flowers

NorCal’s TRUE craft cannabis Legacy brand. Lumpy’s flowers offers the worlds widest selection of in-house genetics. Our grower-led operation focuses on cultivating quality to deliver high testing terpene strains. At Lumpy’s we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the finest handpicked, hand trimmed flower, creating an elevated smoking experience. We have been working diligently to bring new flavors to the industry so keep an eye out for “Truffle Runtz” and the delicious “Candy Apple Haze”.




Half lighter + half pipe = 100% Awesome. Ingenious design. Free-spirited style. Effortless and easygoing. Born from the cool summer breezes of Venice Beach, Solopipe combines a refillable, adjustable butane lighter and pipe. Coveted by trailblazers and connoisseurs, Solopipe simplifies everything and sets fire to your style. Ignite your life. Includes hard-shell case, carrying bag, cleaning tools, brush, screens, replaceable glass bowl insert. New Solopipe Elektra also available @

Caviar Gold

CAVIAR GOLD is the first & only patented cannabis brand in the world. Internationally known as the inventors of infused cannabis, available in over 2,000 stores nationwide and now in their 13th year in business has made the Cavi Cone & Caviar Moonrocks a household stoner name. Their XO Gold flower line is the best product available at any dispensary, and tests at over 50% THC. The XO Gold flagship product starts with the finest indoor flower they can find. Then they infuse those buds with 95% pure liquid THC distilled from that strain and dunk it in matching kief. Caviar proudly makes and distributes the exclusive ICE CUBE brands Fryday & Good Day Kush as well as the cannabis line from stoner icons “Jay & Silent Bob” who own a cannabis dispensary in the upcoming movie CLERKS 3.

Green Goddess Collective

Come visit us (In-store, Delivery), offering flower, prerolls, vape, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, baking products all on SUPER 420 SPECIAL. The Green Goddess Collective is a pioneer in the cannabis industry, one of the orginal retail locations in the Nation. Our vision is simple; the highest quality curated products delivered by the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. WHETHER YOU ARE A SEASONED SMOKER, OR A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER, WE TAILOR AN EXPERIENCE just for you to meet your specific needs. 

1716 Main Street, Venice Beach, CA 90291 / 844-420-8442

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