As we edge closer to the end of the year, the pandemic continues to rage—in fact, cases are only continuing to rise. Once again, people are flocking to big-name retailers like Amazon & Walmart only to find that N95 masks, specifically 3M masks, are still out of stock. As far as the eye can see there is only one company holding stock of coveted US-made N95 products: Clinical Supplies USA.

Here are some of their best-selling products in stock and available now:

  1. The American-Made 3M 9205+

The 9205+ is the most popular product available on the Clinical Supplies website. Built for the pandemic, the mask is optimized with virus killing technology that makes it comfortable and effective. Reviews often mention the 9205+ feeling like a “cloud” on their face and emphasize that the mask is the most comfortable ever made.

The supply of 9205+ masks is extremely limited, and Clinical Supplies USA is the only retailer with them in stock!

  1. The American-Made 3M 8210

The 3M 8210 is one of the company’s flagship products. The 8210 can be verified using 3M’s safeguard system for authenticity and is considered identical to the blue surgical 3M 1860 N95, with the exception of being treated against concentrated blood spray. These masks will protect against nearly any airborne particle, and are, according to the CDC, the best defense against COVID-19.

Clinical Supplies also maintains lowest-on-the-market prices for the 8210, making it one of the most attractive options on the site.

  1. The American-Made ASTM mask

This made-in-America ASTM Level 3 surgical grade disposable mask may not be an N95, but it has made its way to this list because it stands alone among disposable face masks. Their ASTM Level 3 surgical mask brings surgical grade protection to anyone who wears it, evidenced by the difficult-to-attain FDA authorization it received.

The ASTM Level 3 surgical mask is preferred by many medical professionals including dentists, pediatricians, and plastic surgeons.

  1. The American-made N95 8511

The 3M N95 8511 is a wonderful alternative for those with respiratory issues. The mask features an easy airflow valve, which makes it great for elderly folks who may struggle with traditional masks. As an N95, it filters 95% of particulates for the wearer.

This mask is also the preferred option by firefighters and those impacted by the recent wildfires. In fact, Clinical Supplies recently donated 4,000 masks to the San Diego Fire Department.

We should note that the valve means there is significantly less protection offered to those around the person wearing this mask than, for example, the 8210 masks.

  1. FDA Approved KN95

These masks are not American-made but are featured because they are FDA authorized and offer 99.2-99.4% filtration to the wearer. They are a significant step above the surgical disposables, while still being very affordable and comfortable.

Target, Walmart, Amazon and so many others remain out of stock of N95 and KN95 masks, highlighting the incredible importance of Clinical Supplies’ undertaking. For many Americans, seeing “out of stock” on Amazon can be devastating. Knowing that they are available online at Clinical Supplies can make a world of difference for those individuals.

It is also important to note that every mask is sourced ethically. This means that the N95’s are responsibly sourced to avoid redirecting resources away from healthcare workers or facilities.

Shopping with the BBB accredited business, Clinical Supplies, is also perhaps the best way to commit to giving back during the pandemic. Their warehouse is staffed exclusively by workers who were unemployed by COVID-19, and they take pride in paying not just a living wage, but a dignity wage. It is abundantly clear that the company prioritizes giving back and protecting Americans.

As a company Clinical Supplies shines bright in these dark times. If you are looking to find N95 masks, 3M N95 masks, and many others that are not available on Amazon, or elsewhere, you can visit the Clinical Supplies USA website here.


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