3 Vital Lessons to Learn from Nature and the Vast Outdoors, As Per Jason Rosander

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From nature we are born and to nature we shall return. In the short time between the two events, nature nurtures us and teaches us. It speaks to us in a thousand different ways, and Jason Rosander is here to listen.

Popularly known as ‘The Outdoor Goon,’ Jason Rosander has been called a ‘philosophical athlete.’ Humans spend lifetimes searching for answers to questions of philosophy, science, and other disciplines, which are in fact all around us; humans actually just need to ask. Rosander asks his questions to nature and, in turn, he has received valuable wisdom that has helped him achieve peace, passion, and greatness in life.

Three vital lessons have been imprinted on Rosander’s mind. They have allowed him to channel the amount of control his mind has over physical, mental, and spiritual awareness.

The first lesson is ‘what you do need not be perfect, it just has to get done.’ Consistency leads to growth, just like the greenery that blankets the rock. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The second important lesson is to only listen to those who are doing the work. Like the ants that don’t focus on anything or anyone other than those who are working toward their common goal, we should also focus only on those who are putting in the grunt-work and carry on undeterred.

The third and most important lesson is the shortest – Rest Later. The body and mind are more capable than we think. Only by pushing our limits beyond the horizon can we boost ourselves to greater heights. Like the great outdoors that have evolved over billions of years, we too can develop ourselves.

Questions, answers, wisdom, and peace surround us, all we need to do is take a walk. And we are already putting on our shoes to join Jason Rosander as he moves along the meandering path.

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