3 Dimensional Wealth’s Doug Andrew Changes Lives for the Better with His Unique Approach

Not only is Doug Andrew CEO and face of 3 Dimensional Wealth, he’s also an innovative financial strategist and multi-best-selling author. His financial planning strategies have changed the lives of thousands of families around the world and saved them millions of dollars.

It’s safe to say he’s an expert on building financial abundance and creating generational wealth. What his clients and fans like best about him is that he believes in treating money in a holistic way and always views financial strategy from a long-term point of view.

Andrew has worked in the financial services industry for over 50 years and seen many financial trends come and go. “I’ve seen so many money strategies rise and fall for a vast number of reasons. Some were built on bad theories or bunk science. But there are also lots of strategies that simply outlive their effectiveness and evolve or die away as the world changes,” he explained.

As part of his commitment to sharing his knowledge with as wide an audience as possible, Andrew makes his library of books available to all and has an ongoing calendar of public speaking dates where listeners can learn about his theories. He also makes his content available on his YouTube channel and as a radio show host.

Family First

Over the last five decades, Andrew has empowered thousands of clients with the useful information, advice, and assistance that leads to a bright financial future for themselves and their families.

That last part is important since Andrew, a strong proponent of building generational wealth, gets the most satisfaction from seeing that his clients and followers can utilize his vast knowledge to leave legacies that will positively impact their effect for decades to come.

Andrew is a doting husband, a father of six children, and a grandfather to over 20 grandchildren. And you can bet that each one of those lucky children and grandchildren grows up knowing their 401(k)s from their Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policies, thanks to the financial expert Andrew.

His Exclusive Strategies

Most of the lessons Andrew shares on his various channels and platforms are part of his wider system of strategies that make up the basis of 3 Dimensional Wealth.

Andrew spent years conducting exhaustive research and developing his strategies so that they work in a variety of ways for a wide variety of clients with differing goals and capital.

The result is a thoroughly holistic program that can work for individuals, families, or business owners looking to create abundance in what Andrew sees as the three dimensions of life.

“The way I look at it, the important parts of life can be categorized in three ways: Financial, Foundational, and Intellectual,” he said. “Foundational would include caring for your family or self, intellectual would include caring for your mind, and financial is, of course, learning to foster your finances in the way that they will best serve you and your loved ones.”

In the Books

Over the years, Andrew has become known as a respected financial influencer. Though today he appears on a variety of mediums from radio to video, he first became known for his books on money matters.

He is the author of more than 10 books and has been listed as a Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author.

Among his best-known titles are books on becoming a millionaire, taking advantage of opportunities, and books on beginning down the path to generational wealth.

The business section best-seller, Missed Fortune 101, advises clients on what not to do, while the best-seller, The Last Chance Millionaire, contains strategies for those that think they have left their financial planning until too late. One of his most-discussed titles is the groundbreaking tome on leading prosperous families, Entitlement Abolition.

To bring his ideas full circle, he has paired up with two of his sons, Emron and Aaron Andrew, who are also burgeoning financial experts, to pen his latest title, The LASER Fund.

The LASER Fund has already helped thousands of individuals and families save millions and find greater financial peace of mind by teaching them to leverage properly structured, maximum-funded Indexed Universal Life policies, which the eldest Andrew has dubbed IUL LASER Funds.

“One of the greatest joys of my life has been teaching my children and grandchildren how to build the financial future that will let them best enjoy life. To see my sons come on board, join the financial field, and write a book together has been fantastic,” shared Andrew.

Learning more about Andrew’s inspiring and innovative approaches to life and finances, it’s easy to see how taking care of your money now can lead to a more fulfilling and lower-stress lifestyle for you and your family down the line. 

About Doug Andrew

Doug Andrew, Founder & CEO of 3 Dimensional Wealth, provides a holistic program that helps individuals and families create financial, foundational, and intellectual abundance. He has more than five decades of experience in the financial sector and is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. The radio and television personality also has a high-performing YouTube channel. For more information please visit www.3dimensionalwealth.com

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