3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing Via DeFi According to PEAKDEFI

The goal of all investors is to attain the maximum returns on investment (ROI). With PEAKDEFI, this goal is not only possible but guaranteed. This is why PEAKDEFI, founded by Sergej Heck is considered a sure bet for wealth creation for investors and asset managers in the world of blockchain technology. With PEAKDEFI’s renown as one of the most reliable Fintech for wealth creation, they have identified inevitable typical mistakes that need to be avoided. These mistakes are explored with solutions below.

First, many investors are distracted by the immense possibilities that DeFi guarantees them. Consequently, they often resort to seeking which ETFs, which Futures (or whatever forms of assets) is right for them. At times, they scout for who can evaluate those assets. The former is not the work of an investor. An investor only needs to equip himself with enough knowledge or delegate the choice of the right asset to an expert asset manager. On the PEAKDEFI platform, however, “the only thing they have to do is to link their capital to the PEAKDEFI platform. And due to the decentralized nature of the fund, investors will always stay in control of their funds,” says the PEAKDEFI Whitepaper.

In DeFi (short for decentralized finance), an investor, especially a newbie investor, should make it crucial to safeguard his or her private keys. Sharing or disseminating one’s private keys may lead to infiltration of one’s data and, consequently, the siphoning of one’s money. Requests sent by individuals or fake companies asking for one’s private keys are usually phony and suspicious behavior. Thus, one of the mistakes to avoid is sharing your private keys.

An investor’s crypto wallet contains their most valuable asset – money. With PEAKDEFI, an investor can use an existing E-20 wallet if they already have one. If not, “there will be step-by-step instructions on the platform to create a wallet + purchase ETH or any other provided ERC-20 Token.”, says the PEAKDEFI Whitepaper.

If due process is followed and the above recommendations heeded, investors, no matter the level of expertise, can safely actualize their dreams of wealth creation.

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