21st Century Leadership The Moe Rock Interview

Moe Rock on the Holistic Approach to Business.

Today we are joined by the author of the upcoming book entitled the “Leadership Codes” to find out what it means to be a leader in today’s modern world. Known as a speaker and CEO of a national brand, Moe Rock has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the personal development industry and has earned a reputation for having a unique and holistic approach to corporate leadership. He sees things that few can see in the world of business while adding an esoteric element to his business practice.

After a storied career in the Entertainment Industry, he entered the investing world and hit strides. He also serves as the Business Outreach Chair for a branch of TIE which has had a global impact for decades and is responsible for the funding of well over ten thousand startups around the world. We hope to offer value to our readers with insights and find out why Forbes called Moe Rock the “Maverick of Media” with our exclusive below.

Q: Thank you for being with us. In addition to the responsibilities of most media agencies, you seem to have divisions that are prevalent in the Personal Development and Leadership space, which is unusual for a media company; what is the motivation for this pivot?

A: My pleasure. I believe the word news must be redefined. We live in a world in which that word brings up a lot of emotions and opinions. Our goal is to change the way people think of news. I often ask why it is that news must far too often be sombering,fearful and negative? What would the world look like if news was empowering? This is the essence of the direction we are taking.

Q: What are the most exciting things on the horizon for your organization?

A: Continuing to redefine media. We have recently partnered with Adora Evans Productions, to bring about the new Psychology of Winning Tour, which is themed around the work of Denis Waitley. We are bringing together icons and legends in the space of Personal and Business development and creating a moment in history with the likes of Bob Proctor and Les Brown.

Q: Regarding business success in today’s marketplace, what are some words of advice you can give aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners in today’s changing climate?

A: Although it may not sound practical at first, my advice is to remember the words of Socrates when he said If you are not growing, you are decaying. It is much more than a quote; it is a way of life and a way to move in business. If you are not learning something new about your industry everyday, believe me, a competitor somewhere is. And in today’s world you may not even know what city or country that potential competitor is in so all the more reason to focus on organizational growth and surround yourself with the right people. I only surround myself around heart-centered leaders that are focused on growth.

Q: We noticed you have a book called the “Leadership Codes” slated to be released next year. What can people expect from the book?

A: Universal principles that often can be traced back to thousands of years ago that are as important today as they were back then. My mission is to take these principles and help CEOs and leaders adapt to them and realize that as leaders of people they have a sacred responsibility.

Q: What makes an effective leader?

A: A true leader looks to create other leaders; a wannabe leader looks to create followers. It was Roy T. Bennett who said “Great Leaders Create More Leaders Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders create more leaders, not followers. Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.”

Q: Thank you for being with us, final question, what is the top book you would recommend to an aspiring leader?

A: My pleasure, thank you for having me. The Bible is the best personal development book of all time.

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