21-year-old Content Creator Mohamed Rashid, AKA Chatmo, Is Taking Space

There’s no doubt that YouTube can help you reach and engage with a wide range of people, but only if you do it correctly. In barely a decade, YouTube has grown into a reliable source of entertainment for people of all ages. Its popularity and reliability have captured the corporate world’s attention as brands seek to tap into a massive audience. Some globally recognized corporations such as Amazon and Disney, among others, have established YouTube channels.

However, major corporations aren’t the only ones using YouTube as a promotional tool. YouTube is being used by all kinds of businesses to broadcast their messages and boost their sales pitches. Individual creators have also taken up the challenge of creating content across various niches. Mohamed Rashid, notably known as Chatmo, is one of the content creators taking over the Netherlands YouTube space.

Chatmo has mastered the art of content creation, tapping into his profound passion for inspiring others. His unmatched creativity and authenticity have seen it grow into a massive platform via YouTube. The 21-year-old is a born philanthropist who believes in a better world for everyone. He has been creating inspirational content, which he shares across all his social media platforms. Chatmo is now recognized as one of the top creators in the Netherlands, putting the country on the map. Incredibly, the young creator has two channels with thousands of subscribers on each platform.

Chatmo’s influence and impact in the field are evident with the many nominations coming his way. He was nominated as the ‘Best Talent’ by Dutch StreamAwards in 2020. Though he did not clinch the award, Chatmo performed exceptionally and ended up in second place.

“Unfortunately, I just didn’t win, but I almost got my first award. Now, in 2022, I have been nominated as ‘Best Gamer’ by The Best Social Awards since I also have a second YouTube channel with more than 65,000 subscribers where I fully focus on gaming content,” says Chatmo.

Reflecting on his journey, Chatmo terms his success as a result of the hard and many sacrifices he makes. Social media is a fast-paced, constantly-evolving environment. Chatmo found it difficult to adapt to some of these hypes and trends. He had deep interests in what he liked, but he had to accommodate the industry’s trends. This caused him to enhance his content, attracting new target groups to his shows.

Chatmo now believes in creating content that interests everyone so that you appeal to a larger target group. “I have learned from other content creators who have more experience than I have that you should be active on as many social media platforms as possible. This way, you reach a wider audience, which will attract even more views and publicity. If you stick to one social media platform, you will not grow as fast,” says Chatmo.

As he continues to grow his audience, Chatmo is also looking to enrich his content. He aspires to achieve more within the coming years. He is also looking forward to engaging in bigger collaborations, including some of the personalities he grew up admiring.

YouTube: https://youtube.com/chatmo

Instagram: https://instagram.com/chatmo

Facebook: https://facebook.com/mohamedrashidchatmo

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