2023’s Authors on the Rise: 15 to Watch in the Coming Year

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Whether you’re an aspiring author looking for the guidance of more seasoned authors or you’re looking for your next read, today’s list of the top 15 author to watch in 2023 will serve you well. These professional and inspiring authors all tap into their own unique strengths and expertise to offer truly valuable books and services in their industries. 

From narrations that can ignite your imagination, books that offer practical advice, and stories that explore different perspectives and experiences, these authors know how to use words to leave a mark on the literary space. With profounds insights and admirable writing skills, the authors on our list bring something new to the table. 

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Antonia Bowring

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Antonia Bowring is an Executive Coach and Strategic Facilitator with a wealth of experience in early-stage and corporate settings. She specializes in challenging leaders to shift their awareness and change behaviors to thrive more. Antonia has created a strong reputation as a candid, objective coach for both executives and founders. 

Antonia’s work and outstanding skills are recognized by the industry and she has been featured on InfluenceDigest’s 2021 List of Top Coaches in New York and the American Reporter’s list of 10 Leadership Coaches to watch in 2022, to mention a couple. 

As an Executive ICF-Certified Coach, she prioritizes negotiation and persuasion models, leadership and communication frameworks, and adult learning best practices based on neuroscience research. She has a special passion for supporting neuro-diverse leaders to leverage their unique strengths and improve their productivity. 

Antonia also runs a vibrant strategic facilitation practice and she’s a frequent speaker on a variety of topics including ADHD in the workplace, mindfulness, critical conversations, and more. 

Additionally, in September 2023,  Antonia’s first book Coach Yourself! Increase Awareness, Change Behavior and Thrive will be published by Wiley & Sons. She shares her “go-to” coaching frameworks to democratize executive coaching! We can’t wait to see the actionable and valuable advice she will provide. The book is based on her wealth of experience as an executive coach and it strives to help readers reach a new level of awareness and growth while lightening their cognitive load.  To learn more about Antonia and her services, please visit the ABstrategies website.

Tom HegnaScreenshot 2023 07 28 at 3.43.57 PM

Tom Hegna is an economist, author, and retirement expert who has captivated audiences worldwide. With an impressive background as a former First Vice President at New York Life and a retired Lieutenant Colonel, Tom has dedicated his career to helping Baby Boomers and seniors retire in the “optimal” way.

Renowned for his signature Paychecks and Playchecks retirement approach, Tom has delivered over 5,000 seminars to eager audiences. His ability to simplify complex financial problems using easy-to-understand words, ideas, and stories sets him apart, and his contributions extend beyond the stage. 

Tom has also condensed a vast amount of his knowledge into five highly acclaimed books, and his bibliography will continue growing. Each of Tom’s books provides valuable guidance to individuals seeking financial security during their golden years. Paychecks and Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life stands out in his body of work and it has garnered worldwide recognition. 

Additionally, Retirement Income Masters: Secrets of the Pros compiles the most effective strategies from leading retirement experts. Recognizing the importance of tailored advice for different regions, Tom collaborated with esteemed Canadian financial advisors Steve Tate and Rob Gawthrop for Paycheques and Playcheques: Retirement Solutions for Canadians to unveil the math and science behind a successful retirement.

Tom Hegna is a beacon guiding individuals toward a secure and fulfilling retirement. His unwavering commitment to sharing his wisdom and expertise continues to transform lives and solidify his position as THE Retirement Income Expert. 

Randi Benator

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Randi Benator, MEd, is an accomplished award-winning author, career coach and life coach with over 25 years of experience in private practice. She is dedicated to helping individuals navigate career and life transitions, uncover their unique gifts and talents, and create meaningful and fulfilling lives.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling, Randi is a certified Life Purpose and Career Consultant and certified Life Coach. Her expertise and passion lie in supporting individuals as they discover their true calling and purpose, empowering them to make significant career and life changes.

As a sought-after speaker and workshop leader, Randi has shared her knowledge and insights on career change and life transitions with audiences nationwide. She has been a faculty member of the Creative Work/Life Transitions program at San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning for 15 years and continues to teach at adult education centers. 

Randi Benator’s book, Awaken to Your Calling: A Guide to Discovering Your Career Path and Life Direction, has garnered critical acclaim and recognition. It has won numerous awards, including first place in the CIBA Hearten Award for Uplifting and Inspiring Non-Fiction and first place in the Firebird Book Awards in both the Career and Self-Help categories.

In Awaken to Your Calling, readers will find invaluable guidance for making career and life changes, regardless of their stage in life. The book offers practical exercises, real-life stories from both the author and her clients, and insightful advice on overcoming obstacles that hinder personal growth. 

Devon Ervin

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Devon Ervin is a talented writer and certified life coach dedicated to ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. With a profound passion for healing through poetry and storytelling, Devon harnesses the power of words to forge connections, promote well-being, and ignite creativity. 

In her latest release, The Reluctant Caregiver: Reclaiming My Life After Caring for a Stroke Survivor, published by Highpoint Life on June 3, Devon offers a poignant collection of stories and poems chronicling her experiences following her husband’s brain injuries. This emotionally charged memoir unveils the often unspoken struggles of caregivers, guiding readers through a challenging journey as Devon rediscovers her own path and reclaims authorship of her life.

Unlike other books on caring for stroke survivors, The Reluctant Caregiver delves deeply into the caregiver’s emotional turmoil. It gives voice to their struggles and presents alternative perspectives on options for survivors and their caregivers. By placing equal emphasis on the well-being of both parties, this raw and heartfelt memoir encourages the creation of mutually fulfilling lives, even if they deviate from traditional norms.

Praised for its clarity, vulnerability, and heartwarming style, Devon’s book provides a safe haven for readers as they navigate the intense topic of caregiving. In one of many endorsements, Grace Kerina, author of Personal Boundaries for Highly Sensitive People, commends the memoir, stating, “The result is a gripping memoir about the advantages of choosing self-care, even when it rocks our closest relationships.” 

Marta Miranda-Straub

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Marta Miranda-Straub is not only an impactful and accomplished author, but she is also the Founder and Principal of Catapult Now LLC. Marta’s life’s work has been dedicated to fostering equity, inclusion, and sustainable systems change, with a strong focus on advancing social and economic justice for marginalized communities. 

As an Afro-Caribbean Latinx Queer woman, Marta lives and works at the intersection of identities, leveraging her deep understanding of place, ethnicity, race, gender, and sexuality to drive meaningful impact. With over 45 years of experience in organizational and clinical social work practice, Marta has held many roles, including tenured professor, social researcher, executive leader, fund development professional, former Community-Based Services Commissioner for the state of KY, psychotherapist, activist, coach, and more. 

Her diverse background has provided her with a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by individuals and organizations. In 2018, Marta founded Catapult Now LLC, an Organizational Development, Training, and Consulting Company. 

Catapult Now offers Leadership and Organizational Development Training and Coaching to both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. They deliver services encompassing organizational culture and systems change, diversity and equity training, strategic planning, fund development, board development, facilitation, team building, and coaching.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marta is a gifted orator, poet, and storyteller. Her bibliography includes her bilingual memoir Cradled by Skeletons, a Life in Poems and Essays, and the illustrated children’s book, Lullaby for Maddie, both worth checking out. As a writer, she captivates audiences with her compelling narratives and commitment to fostering growth and transformation.

Tessia Watson

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Tessia Watson is a multi-talented author, educator, and founder of Les Petits Bellots. Born in Paris and with Togolese and Caribbean heritage, Tessia has become a trusted pioneer in the field of childcare. With her debut book, Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids, she aims to empower mothers from all walks of life and help them thrive in their parenting journey.

As a single mother of two young boys, Tessia understands the challenges modern parents face. Striving to find the perfect balance between family life and personal well-being, she discovered the importance of self-care and rejuvenation. This realization led her to establish Les Petits Bellots, a bilingual childcare program or “mini-nursery” providing flexible and short-term childcare solutions in French and English for children aged 6 months to 4 years.

Les Petits Bellots not only offers a safe and nurturing environment for children but also provides mothers with the opportunity to enjoy some well-deserved “me time.” Tessia’s innovative approach enables her to support other moms, allowing them to recharge while their children socialize and learn. 

With Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids, Tessia shares her personal journey as a single parent and imparts valuable insights gained along the way. Focusing on the importance of self-care and balance, she challenges the traditional notion of motherhood-centered parenting books. 

Tessia firmly believes that when mothers prioritize their own well-being, they become optimal parents, ultimately fostering happiness and success in their children, and this is the focus of her inspired work. 

Krysta Maravilla

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Krysta Maravilla is an extraordinary author, wanderer, coach, creator, and perpetual optimist poised to captivate readers with her remarkable storytelling. An avid traveler, Krysta has resided in various corners of the US and the world, all the while embracing her passion for hiking and immersing herself in diverse cultures. Krysta uses this wanderlust to infuse her writing with an authentic sense of wonder and discovery.

Krysta’s love for fantasy, adventure, and romance fuels stories that transport readers to fantastical realms teeming with magic and thrilling action. Her Of Fire and Shadows series features a heroine navigating challenging circumstances and past traumas while exploring themes of healing, friendship, and loyalty.

Through her fast-paced narratives, Krysta weaves seeds of resilience and persistence around meticulous world-building, dynamic and complex characters, an intricate magic system, and an imperfect heroine.

Krysta invites you on a unique journey with the upcoming releases of Spark: Book One Of Fire and Shadows, on September 4th, and the companion novella, Spared, on November 8th, both are available for pre-order.

Maria C. PalmerScreenshot 2023 07 28 at 3.44.35 PM

Known for a passion for transforming lives and advocating for children’s well-being, Maria C. Palmer is an accomplished author and grant writer. Maria, along with her On The Rocks co-author Ruthie Robbins, her former A.P. English Teacher, have become beacons of hope, making a profound impact on individuals, families, and communities.

This highly anticipated book has earned a coveted spot on Amazon’s prestigious Top 100 Book List in its category, a testament to its cultural and historical significance. It recently became Amazon’s #1 New Release in the category of “Biographies & Memoirs of Chefs.”

What sets On the Rocks apart is its unique narrative style, written from the perspective of the protagonist by Maria and Ruthie themselves. This fresh approach allows readers to intimately experience the story through the eyes of the main character, creating a captivating reading experience.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of the 80s and 90s, On the Rocks immerses readers in a culturally transformative era, providing a rich and vivid context that enhances the narrative’s depth and resonance. With its unconventional narrative style, historical context, and the allure of a famous restaurant, On the Rocks disrupts the literary form and provides readers with a one-of-a-kind, engaging, and memorable experience. 

Overall, Maria C. Palmer’s contributions to the literary and non-profit communities are truly significant, as she continues to advocate for positive change through her words and actions. 

Darnell A. Morehand-Olufade

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Darnell A. Morehand-Olufade is a distinguished author and scholar known for her groundbreaking work in African American and Native American history. With a strong educational background and a focus on overlooked connections between these communities, she has become a respected authority in her field.

Darnell’s research and teaching have focused on exploring the unique relationship between African American and Native American history. Through extensive genealogical exploration and meticulous research, she uncovers remarkable stories of individuals who embody this connection. Her dedication to presenting accurate and well-documented information sets her apart from other authors in the genre.

A notable achievement for Darnell is her co-authorship of the book EagleEye: The Original Man of America with Robert Banks Cornelius Jr., a direct descendant of the renowned explorer Henry Hudson. This collaboration delves into Robert’s father’s lineage, unearthing captivating details about Native American tribes and their intertwining histories.

What truly distinguishes Darnell as an author is her unique approach to storytelling. She skillfully combines historical research with personal genealogical exploration, providing a fresh perspective on the subject matter. By breathing life into the stories of individuals who are still alive today, Darnell bridges the gap between past and present, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of our shared heritage.

Moreover, Darnell’s commitment to accuracy and authenticity is unparalleled. She engages in profound discussions, ensuring that her work reflects the truth and resonates with readers. Her upcoming autobiography will further showcase her techniques, tackling various aspects of her life and identity.

Danelle Wright

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Danelle Wright is a dedicated and multifaceted author and the founder of Uvelopment LLC, a community-focused organization dedicated to making a difference. As an esteemed author, speaker, and talk show host, Danelle’s mission goes beyond entertainment or personal success. She envisions a world where domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness, and personal development are addressed head-on.

Danelle’s remarkable journey, filled with personal triumphs over abuse, single-parenthood, and poverty, fuels her passion to inspire others. Through her powerful book, The House Without Doors, she shares her experiences to uplift those who may be struggling, offering a beacon of hope and transformation. Her unique storytelling approach, coupled with her unwavering commitment to communication, allows readers to experience a visual and emotional journey that profoundly resonates.

What truly sets Danelle apart is her compassionate genius. She recognizes her divine purpose in sharing her story and leverages her gift of writing to create a lasting impact. Unlike others in her field, she not only identifies challenges but delves deeper to uncover the underlying reasons and provide practical solutions. Her work evokes empathy, relatability, and sparks real, transformative change in the lives of readers.

Under Danelle’s visionary leadership, Uvelopment LLC serves as a catalyst for positive community transformation. By addressing critical social issues and promoting personal development, the organization strives to create a world where individuals can overcome adversity and thrive. With Danelle’s diverse skill set and unwavering commitment, Uvelopment LLC is poised to make a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Cath Lloyd

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Cath Lloyd, a renowned British TEDx Speaker, accomplished life coach, and author, is the driving force behind Make The Change. With her highly acclaimed book When Dad Became Joan and a second release on the horizon, Cath’s personal growth journey has been truly remarkable. From battling shyness and low confidence during her student years to emerging as a confident and empowered individual, Cath is determined to share her voice, ideas, thoughts, and emotions with the world.

Cath’s career began as a ceramics teacher in adult education, but it was her transformative experiences teaching within a male correctional facility for 14 years that shifted her perspective on life. The catalyst for further change came when her father made the courageous decision to undergo gender reassignment treatment. These events opened Cath’s eyes to the intricacies of life and family dynamics.

In 2017, Cath faced a life-altering challenge when her son suffered a devastating neck injury that left him quadriplegic. This experience led Cath to focus on supporting families in their journey toward restoring happiness after difficult change. Drawing from her own experiences, Cath’s compassionate approach helps families find solace, put an end to their sadness, and regain tranquility and confidence, enabling them to lead fulfilled lives.

Overall, Cath Lloyd offers unique insights through a compassionate approach that resonates with individuals and families seeking positive change. Through her writing, public speaking engagements, and media appearances, Cath empowers others to find happiness and confidence while emphasizing the significance of self-honesty and effective communication. 

Shawn Maravel

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Author Shawn Maravel is a master of character-driven romance that transcends typical love stories. Her novels possess a unique grittiness, aiming not just to make readers swoon but to provoke deep reflections on their personal journeys. Shawn’s storytelling has been likened to a warm hug, leaving an unexpected and lasting impact on her readers.

In Shawn, you’ll find a writer who wears her heart on her sleeve, a romantic dreamer, an over-thinker, and a tenacious spirit. Channeling all her emotions and creativity into her work, her novels become vessels for her dreams, personal experiences, and aspirations for a better world.

Her love stories are for everyone, both romantics and non-romantics alike. Designed to offer insights applicable to real-life situations and relationships, Shawn’s fiction resonates with readers on a profound level.

With a balanced approach to romance, Shawn’s books deliver a delightful blend of a slow burn, delectable angst, and witty banter. While not comedic, her well-rounded stories will take you on an emotional journey—guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and even blush with second-hand embarrassment.

Indulge in the heartwarming and thought-provoking world of Shawn Maravel’s romance novels, where love’s complexities and the beauty of human connections take center stage.

C. P. Rider

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Cheryl P. Rider is an urban fantasy romance author and creator of mesmerizing worlds driven by her own kaleidoscope of experiences. With a diverse background that includes painting murals, investigating nuclear power plants, and guiding fitness enthusiasts, Cheryl’s imagination knows no bounds, weaving tales of otherworldly romance like no other.

Hailing from the sun-drenched California desert southwest, Cheryl now splits her time between the enchanting landscapes of southern Arizona and the picturesque California coast. It’s no wonder her stories effortlessly blend the mystical with the mundane, infusing small-town desert settings with a tapestry of multicultural characters.

In Cheryl’s magical realm, paranormal beings and supernatural events dance through the fabric of everyday life, lending a tantalizing allure to her urban fantasy narratives. Yet, amidst the gripping tension and heart-pounding romance, she finds room for a touch of humor. Meet Dolores and Dottie, two lively elderly witches from The Sundance Series, who can’t resist a tipple of wine and a dash of mischief as they unleash the power of a dormant witch tower. With their half-baked advice and comedic antics, they add a delightful layer of levity to Cheryl’s enthralling tales.

So, if you crave romance that transcends the ordinary, venture into C. P. Rider’s world of urban fantasy, where passion, magic, and humor blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable reading experience. Lose yourself in the magic of her offbeat characters and get ready for a wild ride under the desert moon.

Gary J. Mihalik

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With a passion that ignited decades ago, Gary J. Mihalik honed his craft at the prestigious Istituto Culinario Italiano, where he mastered the art of gelato-making. He later returned as a revered instructor, sharing his knowledge with aspiring gelatieri, even spending invaluable time alongside Mirko Tognetti at the renowned Cremeria Opera in Lucca, which just two years after its opening, was recognized as one of Italy’s top gelato shops by Gambero Rosso magazine. 

Now, he shares his expertise in his book, Mastering Artisan Italian Gelato, a definitive guide containing over 75 meticulously balanced and tested gelato formulas, meeting the exacting standards of gelato professionals in Italy. Unlike other gelato books, Gary’s work unveils the Italian method of balancing gelato formulas, ensuring that every component is proportioned precisely as Italian gelatieri insist. Aimed at home cooks, gelato enthusiasts, caterers, chefs and restaurateurs, this beautifully illustrated guide provides all the knowledge needed to embark on a gelato-making journey. Gary doesn’t just provide recipes but delves into the basic science, empowering his readers to unleash their creativity and craft the perfect gelato.

Acclaimed by culinary experts, including Juan M Penzini Granier, the Academic Director of Artisan Culinary School SL, Altea, Spain, Mastering Artisan Italian Gelato has put Gary Mihalik on the “authors to watch” map as an unrivaled exploration of the art and science behind this cherished Italian delicacy. His next offering, Dispatches from  Calabria: Eating My Way through Culinary School in Italy, will be published this fall.

Kayla Davenport

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Kayla Davenport is a multi-talented author, editor, and book coach whose passion for storytelling is woven into every aspect of her life. From her earliest days, Kayla has been immersed in the world of literature, carrying around thick chapter books in elementary school and participating in writing contests. Her love for young adult dystopian novels with compelling characters and profound struggles led her to pen her own debut novel, Beyond the Gates, which has since become the first of a captivating four-book series.

As an experienced writer who has honed her craft over the years, Kayla’s expertise lies in crafting character-driven narratives that delve deep into the complexities of the human psyche. Her stories not only transport readers to imaginative worlds filled with action and external conflicts but also allow them to connect intimately with the characters’ inner struggles and growth. Mental health is a significant theme within her work, providing a realistic portrayal of how her characters grapple with unimaginable horrors.

Beyond her own writing pursuits, Kayla runs a thriving business, Kayla Davenport Books, dedicated to assisting aspiring authors in realizing their writing and publishing aspirations. With a full suite of services, ranging from conceptualizing story ideas to developmental editing and coaching through the revision process, Kayla empowers writers to elevate their tales from good to exceptional. 

Whether Kayla is engrossed in reading, crafting her own fictional worlds, or guiding other writers, she revels in the joy of immersing herself in the power of storytelling!

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