2022’s Top Ten Business Owners Making a Difference

In real life, successful business owners are always giving back and paving the way for the next generation of business owners. Successful people are a manifestation of what we want for ourselves. Besides being role models, successful people challenge us to go for the things we want, be they ideas, material things, or lifestyles.  Since entrepreneurship is about setting up businesses, running them, and taking financial risks, following successful entrepreneurs gives you a precedent to follow.

The personal stories and experiences of entrepreneurs can motivate you if you are unsure about executing an idea after reading stories of successful entrepreneurs. It’s true that some of them started with shaky ideas and others solid ones, some with capital and some without. Others had previous experience with business while others didn’t. In the end, it is their experiences that we learn from. There are so many successful entrepreneurs that are making a difference in the world, here are ten of the ones who’ve made the biggest impact.

#1 Colby Flood

Brighter Click is an eCommerce growth agency that specializes in creative strategy and paid media. Brighter Click saw 300% growth in 2021 and has managed over 20 million in ad spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Google PPC. Positive ROI is an expectation when working with an agency. At Brighter Click, we take pride in providing proactive, education-focused communication to keep our clients updated with how their ad accounts and business are doing.

Brighter Click’s Mission is to be Education First with all aspects they provide their team members with educational courses, webinars, conferences, subscriptions, and coaching sessions to continually grow in their roles. Colby also provides their clients with communication led by education to help grow their marketing knowledge and businesses.

#2 Wiz of Ecom

Wiz is the founder of Utopia, an online society of collective progression. Members work together to build profitable businesses for cash flow, use that cash flow to invest, and leverage the investments to build something that will fulfill us. Utopia is a one-month solution to all your business problems.

He started his online journey at 14 selling CPA affiliate offers and has since ran an Instagram marketing agency, and hosted shows for Tony Robbins. Some of his more recent accomplishments include creating Shopify apps, SaaS products with one being endorsed by Tony Robbins, eCom Stores, and managing 7 figure companies under his marketing ecosystem with a multi-million reach of traffic at the age of 23.

#3 Anthony Louis IV

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur, Anthony has developed several companies over the past 14 years that have produced over $120 million in revenue. His new app, Houzlet makes renting a home easy, their app is the “Airbnb for long-term” rentals. Landlords and Real Estate Agents will receive pre-qualified tenant screenings, accept payments, sign the lease, conduct virtual showings, and manage their properties all on Houzlet. Houzlet has grown to 19,000 properties in over 300 cities since its launch 90 days ago.

Anthony has 14 years of experience in property management and 7 years as a short-term rental expert and as a real estate investor. Anthony’s critical problem-solving ability allowed him to find opportunities and form strategic growth during some of the worst economic disasters in a century. Anthony’s colleagues consider him to be a true innovator, critical thinker, and problem solver with the ability to scale growth due to his out-of-the-box forward thinking.

#4 Matthew Shterenberg

Deeproots Partners is a digital agency focused on capturing revenue for cannabis dispensaries and deliveries. We’ve partnered with over 30 cannabis companies across the US like Grassdoor, Embarc, Body and Mind, The Artist Tree, and Tropicanna driving millions in yearly new revenue. If they see an opportunity to move you ahead of your competitors, their team becomes your trusted partners in providing well-researched SEO and SEM.

Matthew loves creating and building teams that work. In this case, a business that delivers a great product with great results (SEO), in a highly competitive market (cannabis.) As a founder, his job is to play a long-term game of chess, ensuring stability for my team and clients. They’ve taken multiple dispensaries and increased monthly revenue by an extra $100k a month.

#5 Sam Romain

Sam co-founded Romain Berg to help business owners improve their business exposure online with aggressive yet accessible digital marketing campaigns. He’s helped numerous businesses get their feet beneath them with marketing strategies previously unavailable to them. Sam believes his most significant professional accomplishment is building the fantastic team at Romain Berg.They combine their deep industry expertise and proven processes with innovative new marketing tactics like paid and owned media services, cross-channel measurement and strategy consulting that grow businesses of any size.

His affinity to digital marketing and his love of agriculture and the west define his nickname as the “Digital Cowboy.” While he’s not at work, you can find Sam outdoors, involved with local community politics, gaming, or spending time with his family. As a new father of 2 boys under 2, Sam is quickly learning the ins and outs of fatherhood.

#6 Rami Alcheikh

Emerge Digital serves as an all-in-one partner across content, data, and digital media in an ever-evolving combination of digital expertise. They stay at the forefront of Ad-tech and developments around the Web with partnerships with Google, Incubeta & e-CENS our capabilities, stem from thought leaders incorporating digital strategies that encompass privacy-centric first-party data solutions.

Rami Alcheikh’s career started by working on a non-profit community initiative now known as OnePath Network, being one of the founding members, starting back in 2015, which now is the most influential Islamic Video-first Publisher in the world. In 2017, OnePath Network won the award in the “media” category of Dubai’s Islamic Economy Awards. His notable accolades and passion for digital have inspired him to take a global presence setting up offices in Dubai & Sydney to serve enterprises & SMEs within EMEA & APAC.

#7 Nick Abraham

Nick Abraham, the founder of Leadbird, has a unique way of generating leads and appointments for his B2B clients. His company uses hyper-personalized cold emails to reach potential customers. More than 50 clients, ranging from unicorns to startups, have benefited from this approach. Over a thousand appointments are booked for Leadbird clients every quarter with companies like Johnson & Johnson, Bed Bath and Beyond, Cargill, and more.

While running Leadbird, Nick noticed that their current tech stack was underperforming. This led us to them creating Inboxy, Quicklines, Scrubby, Emy, and Inboxy. With Nick’s amazing team at Leadbird, his goal is to become the world’s biggest and best lead generation agency.

#8 Natalie Rose Demary

For Natalie Demary, breaking down the complexities of crypto and making it more accessible to women is a life mission. As a founder and CEO of CryptoFemme, a community of women of all experience levels in crypto, and future DAO (decentralized, autonomous organization) on the blockchain, Natalie is passionate about supporting the education and empowerment of women in crypto — Especially beginners and the crypto-curious who don’t know where or how to get started. Natalie and her co-founders aspire to bring crypto to one million women by 2030, and the organization’s very first milestone toward that goal will be met next month.

CryptoFemme’s entry-level crypto mentorship program launches its first beta cohort next month. Natalie guarantees that graduates of this seven-week program will be more knowledgeable, prepared, and confident in their crypto investing than 99% of beginner investors out there experimenting on their own. If you would like to apply for a spot in the upcoming cohort, or in a future iteration, join the community here to learn more about CryptoFemme and what it’s creating for women.

#9 Dani Konstantinovich

Dani runs Mediavinci Solutions, a Gen-Z, cutting-edge digital marketing agency for service-based businesses that want to expand their digital footprint and attract their ideal client on a predictable basis. His agency helps clients establish authority in their marketplace and grow their company with authentic and strategic marketing strategies that drive results.

He’s also Chief Marketing Officer at a large marketing company in Germany. The job of multi-tasking by building his marketing agency and ensuring that his client in Germany see fantastic results requires laser focus, a very tight schedule, and tremendous self-belief in his abilities. Dani enjoys the pressure and believes it’s key to becoming a high-performing entrepreneur.

#10 Alex Tchouangwa

Alex operates AccretionEngine, a Search Engine Marketing Agency that primarily focuses on serving B2C & B2B Companies. Over the course of the 2 years they’ve worked with law firms, engineering firms, engineering design Firms, managed IT service providers, pharmacies and various other industries and bringing them on average 200% more traffic from the time started.

They give back to the community by serving the homeless hot meals every other weekend in conjunction with their local soup kitchen. As a social enterprise, they pride themselves on giving back to the community because without their support AccretionEngine wouldn’t be where it is today.

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