Do you feel like advertisers are listening to your thoughts? 

Well, we have the proof right here: the Bindle Bottle

Have you ever found yourself out and about – on a hike, at the beach, or just trying to live – and gotten frustrated with the amount of sh*t you have with you? No one wants to deal with a sweaty backpack, cumbersome bag, or overfilled pockets. Forget trying to carry everything in your hand, as pandemic living dictates touching as little as possible. If you’re like me, you’re over the hassle, and want something to make at least one aspect of your life a little easier. 

Our collective groans of frustration have not gone unheard. Mind-readers Houston Max, Charlie Crisan, and Dane Chapin tapped into our thoughts and came up with a solution: the sip and stash Bindle Bottle. 

Founded locally in Southern California in 2017, this magical bottle was created with one goal in mind: keeping you hydrated and organized, all while cutting down on the consumption of single-use plastics in everyday life. Thanks to their simple solution, everything you need while on-the-go can be kept in one secure place – minimizing touch to keep your stuff sanitized and safe. 

As most everything has been shut down thanks to the ravages of 2020, one of Los Angeles’ favorite pastimes remains open: adventuring. Whether you’re on a beach walk, conquering a hike, or chasing after your kids, this bottle is a great way to keep yourself hydrated while keeping your essential items with you at all times. With car-break-ins on the rise in our area, especially in vulnerable areas like beach lots and trailhead parking, the Bindle Bottle will keep your mind at ease knowing you have your valuables on you at all times. 

For my family, walks on the beach are vital to our mental and physical health. Being active outdoors helps to fight off the quarantine blues rather effectively. The Bindle Bottle has allowed me to remain clutter free as I race my toddler to the water, making everyday adventures such as these even more accessible. 

Each bottle is built with lightweight yet durable stainless steel and features up to 24 oz. of vacuum-insulated liquid storage, so you’re ready to safely enjoy your favorite activities. Their hidden-in-plain-sight waterproof storage compartment lets you slyly stash your extra mask, ID, keys, cash, and for me, snacks! 

The newest addition to the athleisure category, the Bindle Bottle ensures you’ll always stay hydrated, organized, and discreet. It’s exactly what you knew you needed, but never knew existed. As my husband said when he opened the box, did these people read my mind?!

Join the #SipAndStash family and take advantage of this extra time outside with code LA20 – you’ll get 20% off your purchase and 100% peace of mind. For us, this bottle is an essential item for 2020 living. 



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